Vancouver Island in Photos

This past summer when Dalene and I returned from South America, we took a Vancouver Island road trip. Incredibly (and shamefully!), it was the first time we had ever been there. If we didn’t have other commitments, we might not have left. You can see why here.

Hiking around Rathtrevor Beach Provincial Park

Vancouver Island - Rathtrevor Provincial Park


Sunset from Rathtrevor Beach Provincial Park

Vancouver Island - Sunset Rathtrevor Provincial Park

The colors were amazing, and no photo processing has been done to these 2 sunset photos

Vancouver Island - Sunset from Rathtrevor Provincial Park


The tide was out on Qualicum Beach. The water can recede up to 1km in some places.

Vancouver Island - Qualicum Beach


The massive forest of Douglas Fir’s in Cathedral Grove

Vancouver Island - Cathedral Grove


A fallen Douglas Fir in Cathedral Grove

Vancouver Island - Cathedral Grove 2


Morning Dew – Cathedral Grove

Vancouver Island - Cathedral Grove 3


Surfers waiting around on Chesterman Beach

Vancouver Island - Surfers on Chesterman Beach


Chesterman Beach

Vancouver Island - Chesterman Beach


Vancouver Island - A lone bike on Chesterman Beach


Outside of Ucluelet, and part of the West Coast Trail.  It is 75 kilometres long and usually takes about 5-7 days to complete. The trail is open from May 1 – September 30, and hikers wanting to do this need to obtain a permit to do so.  You can find more information here.

Vancouver Island - Outside Ucluelet


Long Beach – one of the many beaches along the West Coast Trail

Vancouver Island - Long Beach


Vancouver Island - Long Beach


There are plenty of opportunities to kayak throughout the islands in Tofino.

Vancouver Island - Kayaking outside Tofino


The stunning views from Tofino at sunset

Vancouver Island - Tofino at sunset


If you are on outdoors enthustiast and nature lover, then add Vancouver Island to your “list”.   You can find out what else the island has to offer by Hello BC website.


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  • Beautiful! I went there to visit a friend for a weekend trip from Seattle. We ended up watching movies/eating tons of Indian food/drinking more than sight seeing (good ole college life) – ha. Definitely have to go back to catch up on what I’ve missed out on.
    jill- Jack and Jill Travel The World recently posted..The Lazy Hikers Guide to Valle de Cocora

    • May 20 2011

      We have to get back too, 10 days was not enough. There are MANY house sitting opportunities on the Islands, we will take on one of those someday…

  • May 20 2011

    I have a photo of myself standing in that exact fallen tree in Cathedral Grove. I was there two summers ago now and like you, am totally in love with the island. I’ve been three times now (twice when I was a kiddo though) and it never ceases to amaze me. I have some really great childhood memories from Telegraph Cove and pretending to be a sea-weed covered mermaid on Long Beach. Great photos!
    katie recently posted..Internet- The travel-planning road most travelled

    • May 21 2011

      Thanks Katie! Cathedral Grove was nothing short of magical, and I don’t use that word often! I really expected a Walt Disney prince to come around from behind one of the trees, complete with some cartoon birds and deer. It was just so surreal and unlike anything we had seen before. That Island is so amazing!

  • May 20 2011

    Looks amazing guys! Definitely adding that one to the list of places to see, though, the Northwest is getting a lot of places added to that list, as I haven’t been up in that neck of the country in 20 years.

    Great pictures!
    Justin Hamlin recently posted..Foto Friday – May 20- 2011

    • May 20 2011

      Months could be spent exploring the NW. One of these years…when Pete and I buy our Westfalia…we’re going to tour it all! 🙂

  • Bruce
    May 20 2011

    You obviously found my wife and I’s favorite West Coast Hideaway – Tofino. We spend at least two breaks there a year (the best year was 5 x) at Cox Bay, just south of the town of Tofino. There’s a spot in Tofino, the little park beside the Coast Guard station, overlooking the harbor that has to be the greatest place to relax. While your wife shops for knick knacks in the town, just sit on the park bench, drink in the majesty of the harbor, the forests, the marine activity & the mountain backdrop, & next minute you’re in the most peaceful snooze you’ll ever experience.

    I think I’m due for another Tofino break…

    • May 20 2011

      Is it much of a secret hideaway anymore? I read somewhere that it gets up to a million visitors every year! It still keeps it’s awesome charm though, we really loved it there.

  • May 21 2011

    I grew up in the Cowichan Valley and went to university in Victoria before I ran away and never came back to live (no jobs in the 1990s). After 17 years away, I still get homesick seeing photos like these. I’m going home in a month for three weeks and am very, very stoked to be reunited with those beaches and trees, at least temporarily. Shanghai (after 2.5 years so far) is an exciting city, sure, but the island is always going to be my home.

    Lovely photos.

    • Pete
      May 21 2011

      Thanks so much MaryAnne. Even though we never grew up here, it’s how I picture where I want to set roots (if we ever decide to). It’s such an enchanting island with so much to do and see. Enjoy your time back. Cheers!

  • Christine
    May 21 2011

    Gorgeous! Being from Seattle, I really appreciate (and now while living in Spain, miss) the landscapes of the pacific NW and B.C. Thanks for taking me to the beauty of my home via photo! 🙂

    • May 21 2011

      We heart Seattle!! And all the landscapes around the NW are so amazing.

  • May 22 2011

    Wow – beautiful! Thank you so much for this post. I’m planning a trip there and had no idea how gorgeous it is. Now I’m even more inspired.

  • May 22 2011

    Looks beautiful. Haven’t made it to the northwestern part of America yet, but it’s on my list.

    • May 23 2011

      Don’t forget to include Canada on your list… 🙂

  • May 23 2011

    Vancouver Island is one of my favorite places to get away. It is home to among the nicest people in an absolutely enchanting environment. Pete, you did it again with your lovely photos: the Morning Dew – Cathedral Grove is my favorite.
    Sherry recently posted..Cities that Will Give You a Food Lovers High

    • Pete
      May 23 2011

      Sherry, thank you for your kind words. For the morning dew shot, we got there early in the morning and pretty much had the forest to ourselves. It was beautiful.

  • Nicole
    May 23 2011

    I’ve only been to Victoria on Vancouver Island, but there’s so much more, obviously. 🙂 Gorgeous pics.

    • Pete
      May 23 2011

      We could have posted so many more photos, including Victoria. Dalene’s cousin lives there and we visited him for a few days and loved the vibe of the city. Thanks Nicole!

  • Gillian @OneGiantStep
    May 23 2011

    You can see why people look at us like we’re crazy when we tell them we just recently moved to Calgary from Victoria and the West Coast! It really is just that beautiful there!
    Gillian @OneGiantStep recently posted..A Letter From The Past

    • Pete
      May 24 2011

      Yes Gillian. After living in Calgary for 15ish years, we do think you are crazy. 😉

  • May 24 2011

    Oooh, gorgeous! So so so excited to get there!

    • Pete
      May 24 2011

      Thanks Candice. You will not be disappointed with what the island has to offer, hope you get a chance to see it. Stay tuned in a couple weeks we’ll be posting some of our pics through interior BC.

  • Steph
    May 25 2011

    I was there about 9 years ago and remember it being absolutely stunning. Vancouver is, after all, supposed to be one of the best places in the world to call home. 🙂

    • May 26 2011

      We have debated calling Vancouver Island our home as well. Maybe some day…. 🙂

  • May 28 2011

    Okay, sold. You have me convinced now and I’m officially psyched for TBEX next month! Gorgeous photo essay 🙂
    Shannon O’Donnell recently posted..A Little Video Memory…Turtles and Tranquility Underwater

    • Pete
      May 29 2011

      Thanks Shannon. I really wish we were heading to TBEX 🙁 Not only to meet everybody, but to see this part of Canada again. I hope you can get over to the island, but Vancouver has beautiful spots around it too.

  • May 29 2011

    Beautiful!! We were just in Victoria and Vancouver but didn’t have nearly enough time to see everything. I honestly didn’t realize there were such beautiful beaches there. Impossible to see everything, isn’t it? I guess that’s why we will have to go back!
    Jan Ross recently posted..Sushi Bar on Carnival Liberty

    • May 30 2011

      Before we went, we had no idea about the beaches either. But we sure enjoyed a couple of afternoons of picnicking and reading on them! Yes – you must go back then! 🙂

  • June 2 2011

    AHHH>… we aren’t staying in Vancouver long enough to make it to the island and I am so regretting it! Next time I guess!

    • June 2 2011

      A travesty! Next time for sure! Have fun at TBEX, we are a little envious… 🙂

  • June 2 2011

    We’ve only been in Seattle for less than a year, and have visited only Victoria so far on Vancouver Island. Looks fantastic! I love the Pac Northwest.

    We want to stay in the “sphere” tree houses on Vancouver Island – I’d love to hear if anyone has stayed in those. Their site is at freespiritspheres dot com.
    Don Faust recently posted..Cruising Carnival- Magic-style- Cruise Ship Excursion to Taormina

    • June 2 2011

      Oh wow – those look so cool! We stayed right near there but knew nothing about them! Be sure when you go next time to head to Tofino and Ucluelet, stopping in Cathedral Grove along the way. That has to be some of the coolest spots we’ve seen in Canada. Love it.

  • July 11 2011

    I have been to Vancouver but I didn’t know about Vancouver Island. Looks gorgeous! I especially like those photos of Chesterman beach.
    Travelogged recently posted..Short Stay Experiences in Paris

  • Leandra
    January 8 2017

    That’s my hometown, Ukee…
    I love this place, the walk to the lighthouse is a beautiful peaceful walk. I miss home, I’ve lived in Alberta for 9 years now. I have my favorite places to go, Coop to say hi, Gray Whale Deli for the kids to have ice cream, and a Americano for myself. Ucluelet Mini Aquarium a must see, love this place for little ones to touch and feel. The Crow’s Nest to buy little gifts for my kids. For food, omg Jiggers hands down. So many good places to go. Definitely Ukee Days for sure. Miss living the West Coast Life.

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