Stories of life, love, and travel
We are Dalene and Pete Heck, and these are our honest tales of the adversity of life, the resiliency of love, and the enduring journey of a lifetime.

The Human Experience

The Human Experience thumbnail

Raising towers and Catalonian pride.

The (Not So) Pro Travelers

The (Not So) Pro Travelers thumbnail

Just so many mistakes.

Finding a Housesitter

Finding a Housesitter thumbnail

Experience from the other side.

Joy and Pain

Joy and Pain thumbnail

Because having balance is boring.


Self-Improvement thumbnail

Not the "self" you may be expecting.

Hello, Goodbye

Hello, Goodbye thumbnail

Opening up to love and pain once again.

And So We Traveled, Part One

And So We Traveled, Part One thumbnail

We answer the number one question asked of us: Why do we travel?

A Love Story

A Love Story thumbnail

A little history on our relationship and our travels.

Travelers of the Year

Travelers of the Year thumbnail

Could anything else so wonderful happen in our weird little life?