Stories of life, love, and travel

We are Dalene and Pete Heck, and these are our honest tales of the adversity of life, the resiliency of love, and our journeys around the globe.

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Our evolution

From an idea born of grief, we gave up our cushy corporate lives in 2009 to travel nomadically for nearly 8 years.

We were eventually grounded by leukemia, remained rooted by COVID-19, and are now embarking on a new life in a new corner of our home country. We will explore it with fervour, while also venturing into the wider world. Along the way, we’ll continue to share stories and travel tips to help you also live your best travel life.

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Trip Chaser Travel Card Game

Our next chapter…

When COVID-19 hit, and work began to dry up, we turned our attention to an idea we’d been harbouring for ages. We made a card game!