Shots from Sighisoara

Words by Dalene Heck / Photography by Dalene & Pete Heck

Love comes with its share of problems.

It’s as true in travel as it is between humans. One particular problem I’ve had before is letting my love for one place distort my view of another. Leaving our beloved Turkey for a weekend in Greece, for example, I unintentionally arrived with slight prejudice and expected to not enjoy it. (I was proven wrong.)

It’s a human weakness, that of unjust comparison, and as much as I try not to consciously let it guide my feelings when exploring, it still happens. I’m not perfect. And I wonder, on reflection now, if my love and adoration of Brasov is what caused me to feel completely indifferent about our time in Sighisoara.

Sighisoara Street Life

It’s really incredibly pretty with colorful streets, uneven cobblestones to playfully manoeuver, a walled historic center, lofty towers and thousands of years of history.

Is Sighisoara too pretty? Too perfectly presented? (Is that a thing?)

My judgment was perhaps clouded by other loves, or maybe we spent too much time there and got a little bored.This, I realize now, is probably a classic case of it’s-not-you-it’s-me.

(So I’ll just shut up and let Pete take over the post showing you how gorgeous it really is.)

Sunrise in Sighisoara
Sighisoara From Above
Sighisoara Roof Top View

Sighisoara Night Life
Sighisoara Clock Tower at Night
Sighisoara Arch
Sighisoara Souvenirs
Streets of Sighisoara

Where We Stayed

We loved our stay at Pensiune Citadela Sighisoara, with a view of the famed clock tower out our window. Although I recommend anyone else staying there to ask for a room that is not on the top floor, as the slanted roof really cut down the space in the room. Also, we stayed for four nights, and as mentioned above, got a little bored. It is a tiny city, two nights there would have been plenty.
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  • I think that is what happened to me with New York but it was mainly overshadowed by expectations of what it would be like. It is somewhere I definitely want to return to, to see how I feel about it the second time around.
    Katie @ The World on my Necklace recently posted..Where to go to discover Australia’s hippy soul? Bellingen and Dorrigo!

    • August 8 2014

      Yep, expectations can be tough to deal with too. That is why we rarely read about a place before we go – keep our slate clean!

  • August 5 2014

    I LOVED Sighisoara. But, then again, I visited it *before* going to Brasov. So that could have made a difference!
    Amanda recently posted..23 Awesome Photos of the United Kingdom

    • August 8 2014

      There is lots to love about Sighisoara, I can see why. (I might be entirely alone in my assessment!)

  • Really pretty little place. I almost wish I could say that that had happened to me. I have not spent enough time in beautiful little places like that. 🙂
    Zoe @ Tales from over the Horizon recently posted..12 Things to do in Harbin that aren’t the Ice Festival

  • August 6 2014

    Sighisoara looks impossibly pretty! George was actually born in Romania. Janice has never visited. Maybe he should take her there to revisit his childhood home?
    Sand In My Suitcase recently posted..Ancient Petra: Lost city of wonder

    • August 8 2014

      Absolutely! A connection like that would make a visit even more special.

  • Jo
    August 6 2014

    It looks like an illustration from a children’s book! I tend to find places that look too pristine can be something of a letdown. Especially when all there really is to there is wander and admire. Gorgeous in photos, but they don’t really take hold in your heart like places that seem more lived in.

    I felt that way about Portofino, Italy. It was lovely, but it just felt too clean and perfect. It didn’t really feel like a town where people actually live. The huge number of tourists didn’t help, but other places have just as many tourists and still have that extra spark.

    • August 8 2014

      You are bang on about the children’s book! And I think you’re right – it just didn’t take hold like say, Sibiu, which we went to next and I adored. Part of it was that it was “lived in”.

  • August 7 2014

    I loved Sighisoara but probably because I was there only for a day and just before visiting Brasov. It was such a cute little place but I’m afraid staying there longer wouldn’t be such a great idea as it seemed there’s not much to do. How long have you been there?
    kami recently posted..Life in kibbutz

    • August 8 2014

      We stayed four days. The historic center is so tiny, we did all the exploring we wanted to do in just one afternoon!

  • Too pretty? Maybe. By the time we got there, we’d seen so much and been packed in an old Dacia for days together, so we took our day in Sighisoara to all explore on our own. Lovely place to get lost for a few hours!

  • Gorgeous photos!! You’ve found some lovely places in Romania! Thanks for sharing!
    Mary @ Green Global Travel recently posted..ECO NEWS: Cancun Cancels TBEX Dolphin Tours

  • Jade
    August 17 2014

    Beautiful! This is one place I missed out on when I was in Romania….

  • August 21 2014

    Oh! How quaint are those pictures! Sighisoara seems beautiful and untouched by the maddening crowds! Lovely captures 🙂
    Arti recently posted..Ancient Jogeshwari Shiva Caves in Mumbai during Shravan

  • Looks like a beautiful town! I haven’t heard of it before, but must add it to my list for my Eastern Europe trip next year! Thanks for sharing!
    Oksana from Drink Tea & Travel recently posted..Why You Don’t Have to Quit Your Job to Travel

  • Simina
    September 6 2014

    I’m from Romania and I was born in Sibiu. I never understood why people love Brașov so much. I’ve been there several times, it’s a beautiful city, but I always liked my hometown so much better. I guess it’s a matter of personal taste. On the other hand, if I find any other place in Romania charming, it would definitely be Sighișoara. I consider it a city lost in time thanks to its architecture and the way in which all was so well preserved. It’s like going back in time. And Sibiu also offers so many options of going back in time with its little backstreets. 🙂

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