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Postcards from Finland

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Words by Dalene Heck / Photography by Pete & Dalene Heck

In our grand tour of Finland, we clocked over 600km by air and nearly 2,000 behind the wheel. (This does not count our time behind a dog sledsnowmobile, reindeer sleigh or horse sled, or any other forms of transportation we enjoyed.)Some of the conditions were as expected for February in Finland – snow flying fast and fierce, the odd whiteout as a big truck passed, drifts that began to creep in from the shoulders – nothing these Canadians can’t handle. (And hat tip to the Finns for largely being courteous responsible drivers, we cursed much less at them then we have at our own countrymen in the past.)

We found ourselves delayed often, but surprisingly, the weather and roads weren’t the biggest factor.

As with every activity we did, the photo opportunities were just far too plentiful. And with the limited amount of daylight at our disposal, there was a point where we just had to cut it off.

“We’re going to be late. No more stops unless it’s REALLY spectacular.”

“Like, two Santas fighting spectacular.”

“No, two reindeers fist fighting with Santa refereeing.”

“No, two reindeers fighting with light sabres and elves…”

And so on.

(We stopped a few minutes later anyway.) And over and over again every day during our stay.

Postcards from Finland Pinterest
Lonely Tree
Finland Winter Roads
Åland Pier
Traditional Ice Fishing
Up Close Horse
Finland Winter Storage
Savonlinna Castle
Tampere Blues
Porvoo from Above
Porvoo Cathedral
Hetta Huskies
Finland Huskies
Cotton Candy Skies
Auroras over Hetta
Lapland Scenery
Kemi Snow Castle Dining Hall
Suomenlinna Coast
Helsinki Senate Square
Helsinki Harbour with Snow
Helsinki Cathedral by Night
Morning Commute Helsinki
Three Smiths Square - Helsinki
Finland Arrival

And for the first time ever, we’re also bringing you the best sights via “living” postcards, our journey across the country told via video…

But wait! There’s more. All of our excursions, best eats, viewpoints and more can be found in our Winter in Finland guide on Trover…Winter in Finland Guide – a photo list by Hecktic Travels

This post was produced by us, brought to you by Visit Finland.

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  1. I love the living postcard….great idea! It really captured the sense of place and made me want to go everywhere in Finland 🙂

  2. These postcards are stunning! Reminds me that I have so much more to see in this life! Each country and corner in Europe is so diverse. Nothing illustrates this more than your beautiful Finland photos!

  3. I really, really love the living postcards idea! What a beautiful way to represent the country. The still postcards are quite beautiful as well 🙂

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