Postcards from Croatia

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Words by Dalene Heck / Photo by Pete Heck

We’ve saved our best photos from Croatia and had some fun making them into postcards.



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  1. Your photography always amazes me guys. Stunning photos.

    If you had to choose one of the places or pictures as your favourite what would it be? I’d like to go to Croatia but it’s only be a very short hop on my way home to Australia. 🙂

    1. Thanks Nicole, One of my favorite photos is the top one from Dubrovnik which Dalene took. Love the composition of the building and the mountain in the background. In terms of favorite places, Zagreb and Plitvice Lakes were mine.

      Let us know if you have any questions if you decide to make a stop in Croatia. 🙂

    1. we’ve had to step up our game to compete with some serious photographers out there. Thanks Brian, we’re learning lots along the way and Croatia certainly is a great place to do it 🙂

    1. Thanks Alison. If you go during winter months there is hardly a tourist there, but we heard summer months is insane for people. We traded up the +40 weather for tranquility 😉

  2. I truly believe Croatia is one of the most photo-worthy destinations I have ever been to. I have hundreds of images from the country, and they all could be post cards! Great post.

    1. Thanks Mom 🙂 we miss it too, but there have so many new places that we have opportunity to make use of our camera 😉

  3. The Dubrovnik, steps down to the sea, shot is just amazing. You kids seem to continue the fun at will. Look forward to hearing more in due course.

    Besos as ever.

    N and M.


    1. Very kind words Nick. I’m sure you will hear from us very soon 😉 How’s the planning for our cycle tour coming along?

      Besos a sus tambien,
      P&D xx

    1. I never expected it to be so photogenic. We had a very tough time choosing these. Thanks for the comment Debbie 🙂

  4. Croatia is a beautiful part of the world isn’t it? Your photos have reminded me that we’d like to return (it has been 11 years since we were there).

    1. It truly is. We never were expecting it to be, and it made it all the more special. We have already started planning our return trip.

    1. Thanks Jeff, humbled coming from you. We hope to have some albums set up soon when we get settled in January and have some time. 🙂

    1. Thanks Stephanie. I wish we (and other bloggers) could market our photos for postcards. Most of the time I am disappointed with the images they actually use.

  5. WHOA! First of all, I never would have guessed that Croatia was so stunning. And your photos are breathtakingly amazing. Jaw hitting floor. xo

  6. Croatia is a place I have always really wanted to go to in Europe. Fab idea to make your pics into postcards I really like that! I like the postcard of the castle by the seacliff in Dubrovnik. Is it a castle?

  7. Great photos. I love your use of angle on the last photo of Split, Croatia.

    These all bring back memories from my time in these parts

    1. Thanks Christy. I swear picking the fonts was one of the most difficult parts of making these 🙂 Based on the comments, I need to find the twitter handle of a postcard company.

      1. I actually bought that e book! Now – to crack it open!! And then the hardest part – practice what I have read about! And somehow I have the fit that into working on the website (full time job), looking for a full time job (full time job), and my actual job (part time job) ahhh I need longer days and a home espresso maker!

    1. Thanks Leigh, that market was so much fun. The people and aimlessly wandering around. Keep your eye out for our postcard series coming up from Italy in a couple weeks!

    1. Well, we are always on a budget (sort of). We didn’t splurge for sure, and Croatia (except Dubrovnik) is cheaper then the rest of Europe.

  8. Wow, these are simply amazing! I bet you could even sell them to the Croatian tourist board and have them make actual postcards out of your photos 🙂
    Next time I’m in Croatia, I will definitely check out Dubrovnik and Split – they look gorgeous!

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