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Before arriving in Munich, we expected one thing –  good beer – and we were indeed not disappointed. Having the good fortune to also be house-sitting for a friend, we were afforded a bit more time to look beyond the boozy goodness and see what else the famous city of the south had to offer.

The city’s motto is “München mag Dich” which translates to “Munich likes you“. With a motto like that how can you feel nothing other than welcome!


Munich is considered a green city due to its extensive number of parks throughout. Walking through the Hofgarten and Englischer Garten you can see live music, have a coffee or beer, or just enjoy watching other people.

Munich Hofgarten


Munich Staatskanzlei State Chancellery


Munich Hofgarten Gazebo_800x533


Can you imagine – surfing in Munich? Not dismayed by their land-locked geography, the city houses the Eisbach which is a tiny man-made river, flowing through the Englischer Garten. In 1972 a standing man-made wave was created on one section and in 2010 surfing was officially allowed.

Surfing in Munich - Collage


A city with 9 different colleges and universities means that there are usually students hanging out studying or enjoying a weissbier wherever you may be.

Munich Just Hangin out_800x566


The national theater which was built in 1901 is an architectural masterpiece.

Munich National Theater_800x533


For the vehicle enthusiast, an afternoon at BMW Welt is a fun place to dream away and maybe take a test drive.





BMW Welt at Night


So, after learning a bit more about this small European city – Hey Munich, we like you too.


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  • September 7 2012

    beautiful shots, as always!

  • September 7 2012

    Looks gorgeous – the man-made river surfing is hilarious 🙂

    • September 9 2012

      Bah! Who needs an ocean? 🙂

  • Chrystal McKay
    September 7 2012

    That last one could so be their next advertisement. Look at that sparkle off the car! Love It!
    Chrystal McKay recently posted..A City at Sunrise

    • September 9 2012

      Yeah, Pete really showed off this time! 🙂 I love that one too!

  • September 7 2012

    Love all of these! I’m not sure how I still haven’t been to Germany yet…
    Amanda recently posted..Ljubljana’s Ironic Bridge of Love

    • September 9 2012

      I say the same thing for us, as we have barely even scratched the surface yet. Germany’s a place you can easily spend a lot of time!

  • Jeremy Branham
    September 7 2012

    Love these photos of Munich! I was only there for a few hours years ago but you definitely showed me a side of the city I haven’t seen. However, with all these university kids maybe I should go back and experience the college aspect side of life in Munich! 🙂

    • September 7 2012

      College life plus a bazillion beer gardens – how do these kids get any work done there? 🙂

  • September 7 2012

    We are headed here in a few days, from the Alps! I think we will love it, can’t wait!

    • September 9 2012

      I am sure you will Christina. Get thee to one of the many, many beer gardens to ensure your good time!

  • September 8 2012

    Absolutely gorgeous shots! Loved the 3rd one and one with 3 chaps sitting the most!!
    Arti recently posted..An Interview With BlogAdda and A Food Feature

    • September 9 2012

      Thanks Arti! I love both of those as well.

  • September 8 2012

    I think it’s so cool that there is a surfing section on the river. I’m not a surfer, but would love to watch. Although I’ve now been to several cities in Germany, I haven’t made it to Munich yet. Soon, I hope.

    • September 9 2012

      We spent ten days there and didn’t even get to a museum – SHAME! We must return too!

  • September 8 2012

    For some reason, I though I wouldn’t like Munich. While I loved the old town, I was blown away by the modern architecture, starting with the airport. Love these BMW building and car photos!
    Vera Marie Badertscher recently posted..Sailing In The Aegean

    • September 9 2012

      Thanks Vera! Munich’s architecture surprised me too – I think it could be an easy city to live in. So much happening, always.

  • September 9 2012

    I was waiting for the disclaimer at the bottom…”We were compensated by BMW for this post in the form of a 2012 M3 CRT” but I couldn’t find it. It would certainly be well deserved…your pictures are gorgeous.
    Steve recently posted..TripAdvisor’s Strangest Complaints

    • September 9 2012

      Haha! Oh, was I supposed to mention that?

  • Amer
    September 9 2012

    Beautiful photos! Need to visit Munich one day. I’ve heard it was one of the best places to live in the world 😉

  • September 9 2012

    Beyond the boozy goodness eh? Must remember that when I visit in a couple of months time…

    • September 11 2012

      The boozy goodness is GOODNESS, for sure, but there are a *few* more things to do. 🙂

  • September 9 2012

    As usual… amazing photos. Loved seeing this… brought back many memories of my few days in Munich.

    • September 11 2012

      Thanks Jaime! Munich is definitely diverse and beautiful city.

  • September 9 2012

    Beautiful! Love all the people shots, too.

  • A Montrealer Abroad (@amontrealer)
    September 10 2012

    LOVE the Englisher Garten! I wasn’t too taken by Munich – it’s a nice city, but a little too bourgeois-boring for my taste.

    • September 11 2012

      Interesting! I can see what you mean though, it does remind me a little of Calgary in that way too. 🙂

  • September 10 2012

    Yeah! So glad to hear that you liked Munich, especially after you were feeling a bit Europed out.

    • September 11 2012

      Really did. I think maybe we just developed an Austrian-aversion. I blame their giant mosquitos (along with the Mozart Balls).

      • September 21 2012

        OK, where can I hear more about these Mozart Balls? It sounds like they really freaked you out! lol!

  • September 12 2012

    Haven’t been to Munich and I already love it! I like the fact that they overcame their geographical limitation and build themselves a river. Love those surfing photos. Who would think that they were taken in a landlocked city? Love all the other photos as well.

  • September 12 2012

    Surfing in Munich? Who knew?!
    Cam @ Traveling Canucks recently posted..A Literary Tour of London, England

  • September 13 2012

    For 91 Days in Germany is on the list and Munich is probably one of the front runners where we would like to spend our 3 month. Love the photos
    For 91 Days in Idaho recently posted..The Pioneer Cemeteries of Idaho City and Grimes

  • September 13 2012

    Love the photos! 🙂 Would love to go there soon
    Zorica recently posted..Interview with Agness of

  • September 21 2012

    Great photos, as usual! My wife in another lifetime lived in southern Germany. She keeps saying she will take me to Munich at some point – I am ready to go whenever she is!

    One thing I have to say, though – while German beer continues to have the best reputation, my experience is that Belgian beer is better by far. Even American craft beer may be nudging the US ahead of Germany for best beer in the world, imho.

  • October 4 2012

    I only visited Munich for 4 days, but I LOVED it there. People were so friendly and interesting, the beer was great, it was very pedestrian friendly. My friend and I just spent our time walking around all day. I can’t wait to go back. Oh, and it’s where I first learned to really love beer.

    • October 5 2012

      I really began to love beer in Belgium and Germany. SO GOOD.

  • Pratibha
    May 15 2013

    Stumbled across your blog recently, loving your posts and had to comment on this one. That building on the right in the first photo of the English Garden, I used to work there. And for the time that I was there, some people (tourists) would wonder if they were missing something worth seeing every time I (Indian and all that) walked in and out 😉

    • May 16 2013

      We loved the English Garden!! Haha, that is hilarious!

  • Chanel @ La Viajera Morena
    April 19 2014

    I definitely did not expect to see surfing in the city of Munich. That is really interesting.

    Great photographs by the way 😀

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