Heat Up, Cool Down, Relax

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Words by Dalene Heck / Photography by Pete Heck

There was probably no better possible time for us to stop at a spa. Given the punishment we had given ourselves earlier in the day with physical activity in the nearby Valle Bras Du Nord (me especially), some good old standard pampering was what we needed.

Except that we could definitely have used more time for it. And the Siberia Spa was far from “standard”.

Photo courtesy of Siberia Spa.
Photo courtesy of Siberia Spa.

It is, without a doubt, the most unique set-up for a spa that we’ve ever seen – with numerous different spa stations to sample outdoors, in two hours we barely had enough time to try them all to find our favourite.

Our directions upon entering was to follow the prescribed Nordic method of hot-cold-relax. The benefits of the blast of cold we learned about in Finland – it is meant to energy, reinvigorate, and is the prescribed method to fight off colds, etc. After our first turn of hot in the Eucalyptus spa, we sauntered over to the cool waterfall and I gingerly dipped my toes in.

I took one step down the stairs, such that the cool water was up past my ankles. A shiver shot through me.

I turned around and promptly left. Pete tried to urge me back in.

Photo courtesy of Siberia Spa.
Photo courtesy of Siberia Spa.

“You can’t make me,” I asserted. I had proven my cold-weather prowess in Finland, not just once, but four times. I had nothing to prove here! And, after the harrowing and exhausting day I had just had, I was eager to get to the relax portion of our visit.<For two and a half hours we wandered the spa, taking in various different forms of heat, and then finding a cozy nook or chair to relax in. Into the infrared sauna, Finnish sauna, steam bath, and more. I did dip my toes in the cool pools again, and once even went so far as to step under the waterfall for the briefest of seconds, but was content to just enjoy the warmth that was permeating my body and soul.

Photo courtesy of Siberia Spa.
Photo courtesy of Siberia Spa.

After the long day we had just had, we pulled into the parking lot of the Siberia Spa with tired dread and kinda just wishing we could beeline back to the hotel. And after just a couple of hours there, we certainly wished we didn’t have to leave.


The Siberia Spa, just a short distance north of Québec City, is a very sublime (and economical) experience, we highly recommend it. All photos in this post are courtesy of Siberia Spa – we were too relaxed to pull out our own camera.

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Our journey in and around Québec City was courtesy of Québec Region Tourism and Tourism Québec. All opinions, as always, are our own.

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    1. It was fabulous Michelle 🙂 I wish we would have had the time to take advantage of the massage services, next time!

    1. I know that there is another in Montreal that is similar, but I’ve otherwise never experienced such a place! Loved it so much.

  1. Oh wow, this went in my bookmarks for a future visit to Quebec, even though we are not really planning a visit there anytime soon… And those mentions about Finnish sauna, ah, that’s the ONE single thing I really miss from my native Finland, even though I don’t live too far from home being based in Norway for the moment.

  2. That sounds fabulous. Although I’m more of a hot tub girl than a Nordic spa girl, to be honest. 😛

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