We are Tropical Zombies

To be fair, dear reader, it’s not really our fault.

YOU sent us here. You shunned the likes of Poland, France and Denmark and chose to ship us off to Malta. Made up of three tiny islands, just over 100 miles south of Sicily, it is where many Brits and French vacation, and for good reason. It is the perfect place to be seduced by the hot sun, to lounge poolside for days on end, eat good food and to just let any care or worry melt away.

Hotel view


And that is exactly what we did. After a whirlwind trip through Jordan, we were easy prey to the seduction, and for our first few days, we did a whole lotta relaxing. We shuffled around our resort like zombies, barely cognizant of where we were, what time it was, or what we needed to do.

Poolside lounging


Dalene lounging


When we weren’t soaking in the rays, we were swimming lazy laps in the pool, or retreating to our air conditioned room for cheap drinks while watching brilliant sunsets. We scoffed at the idea of museums, tours and the like.

Damnitall, we were on vacation.


(“Aren’t you always on vacation?” I can hear the collective groan! You try touring all day, and then: writing, editing posts, editing photos, editing video, responding to emails, tweeting, facebook-ing, etc…all after hours, and tell me how your vacation is! Not complaining, just telling.)

We took full advantage of our tropical location and succumbed to the zombiefication. And while we may blame you for our limited view of Malta that resulted, we also thank you, because it was just what we needed.

We may just let you make all our decisions for us from now on.



See that amazing view and pristine pool we had? This was all thanks to Hostelbookers.com and the beautiful Paradise Bay Resort Hotel near Mellieha. To read our full review of the property, please click here.


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  • July 13 2012

    Indeed, travel blogging isn’t a vacation- I tell people that all the time!

    • July 14 2012

      Far from it! But I wouldn’t trade it for any other job in the world! 🙂

  • Ali
    July 13 2012

    Malta is gorgeous! I was on Gozo for a friend’s wedding a few years ago, and I wish I could’ve spent more time there. Looks like you had a nice time relaxing!

    • July 14 2012

      Our first few days were *bliss*, just doing nothing for a change!

  • Looks like a nice break to me! We’re heading for Poland at the beginning of August, we’ll let you know how it is!
    http://www.travelwithkevinandruth.com recently posted..Korunas, Zlotys, and Forints

    • July 14 2012

      (We secretly kinda wanted Poland to win!) Looking forward to your posts on it!

  • Glad you’re enjoying Malta! Looks like you have a much swankier place than we did. 😉

    • July 14 2012

      The views at that place entirely made our stay. Could never get sick of looking out our window!

  • Andy
    July 13 2012

    Totally jealous! I’ve always wanted to go to Malta!! I think places that played such a pivotal role in history like that end up with so much culture and mystery.

    Thinking about a cruise next year (though not sure if that fit’s in with our eco-tourism pedigree….) and we’ll have to stop there for sure.


    • July 14 2012

      Malta’s history is quite incredibly…hmmm…twisted is a good word! So much happened on those wee little islands! 🙂

  • July 13 2012

    We had Malta on our radar for a whole and then opted to go to the Canary Islands instead. After, I wish we had stuck with the original plan and gone to Malta.

    • July 14 2012

      Hmmm…and I want to go to the Canary Islands…

  • I just went to Malta for the first time too. Yes, very easy to get lazy and loll away the day there!

    • July 14 2012

      It reminded us of our time as “corporate slaves” in Canada where we would run away to resorts in Mexico or somewhere once a year. We were total zombies then too – we haven’t behaved like that in a long time! Thank you Malta!

  • July 14 2012

    Don’t hear Malta thrown around too often, looks gorgeous!

  • July 14 2012

    Haha:) Nice post, by the way I was also the one who voted for Malta!!!
    Have a great time, wish you a happy weekend:)
    Arti recently posted..Where to Stay in Tokyo: Hotel Villa Fontaine Roppongi

    • July 14 2012

      So we now blame/thank you Arti! 🙂

  • Mom
    July 13 2012

    I’m JEALOUS !!!

  • July 14 2012

    I didn’t vote–I was on the ship! sorry! Internet was minimal!–but I would have chosen Malta myself…both for me, personally, and for you guys, too. Thanks for taking one for the team 😉

    • July 16 2012

      Haha! Well, it was tough, let me tell you… 🙂

  • I voted to ship you guys off to Malta too. 🙂
    Raymond @ Man On The Lam recently posted..44 Dioramas of Dead Gophers

    • July 16 2012

      Thanks. Thanks a lot. How dare you?

  • July 15 2012

    It looks really pretty, and really relaxing. I think most travelers can relate to needing a vacation from traveling at times – I’ve been going non-stop for nearly a month now, and I already feel like I need a break and a nice hotel with a pool to lounge by!
    Amanda recently posted..Euro Trip Week 3 Round-Up

    • July 16 2012

      Yup, I don’t even know if I could stand a full month like you are doing these days!

  • July 15 2012

    Malta is one of the places my local airport has flights to. I might have to make it there one of these days 😀
    Laurence recently posted..In photos: the 2012 Occitan Piégut Félibrée!

    • July 16 2012

      It’s good for a lazy vacation, that’s for sure!

  • I wish I had taken more zombie vacations like this during my travels. Travel blogging is hard work!

  • July 15 2012

    I just took a vacation too, sometimes it’s nice to travel and just laze around.
    Ayngelina recently posted..Food Friday: Jugo Verde

  • July 15 2012

    I love it! Malta is one of my favorite destinations in Europe! Have you tried eating rabbits yet?
    DJ Yabis recently posted..The xx Live at Hovefestivalen 2012

  • July 16 2012

    I love that photo of you, Dalene!

  • July 16 2012

    I agree, you’re totally entitled to a vacation! We were going to go to Malta in August, but decided on S. Africa instead, so it remains on my list.

    • July 17 2012

      I honestly think you made a good choice with S. Africa! But Malta definitely has it’s pluses too!

  • July 16 2012

    Looks nice. Malta is one our short-list for a possible Christmas getaway this year.
    And seriously, blogging is not an easy thing, especially while traveling. Only a small portion of it is the writing, the rest is what gets overwhelming. Sounds like you guys had a good vacation.
    Andrew recently posted..Testing German Stereotypes

    • July 17 2012

      We really needed it, so took full advantage of our situation! Although you’ll notice Pete still had a laptop by the pool…didn’t *entirely* disconnect this time.

  • July 17 2012

    I love Malta – the perfect place for a vacation. The view from the hotel looks phenomenal!
    Dani recently posted..What I Wonder When I Wander: How can I Get Healthy on the Road?

  • July 24 2012

    Glad you guys ended up going to the one i voted for. Great to see you guys enjoying the break from your demanding job(being jelaous) 🙂 catch you later!!!

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