It All Ends In Amalfi

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Words by Dalene Heck / Photography by Pete Heck

We clocked 2,400 miles.

We took 15 different trains and 4 buses.

We visited 11 cities in 3 countries.

All in 38 days.

Needless to say, we were thrilled with our experiences, but very tired. With one last long, 12 hour train and bus journey from Palermo to Amalfi, we kept ourselves enthusiastic with a single thought in mind:

Sweet, sweet, relaxation.

We decided to spoil ourselves with some extra comfort for our last few days. We dreamed of the dramatic Amalfi coastline that so many claim to be the best spot in Italy, and knew that there were two must-haves for our last few days: to wake up to the sound of ocean waves, and to have a view-to-beat-all-views.

We done good.

It was everything we dreamed it to be, and we sunk right in. We relaxed, we breathed deep the salty sea air, and ate some of the best food we’d had so far. We debated day trips to Capri and Sorrento, but finally decided against it. It would be impossible to see and do everything, and so we just did nothing.

It had been a long and adventurous 38 days and so we deserved to just enjoy sitting still. To eat, drink, and be sleepy.

Amalfi patio

Besides, why would we need to go anywhere when we had these incredible sights all around us?

Amalfi panoramic

View from Amalfi patio

Amalfi coastline

Amalfi is easily one of the most beautiful places we have ever been to, and a perfect end to our epic train journey. After just three days there, and a final short train ride to Naples to catch a flight to Spain, it was over.

Thank you Eurail

What a completely exhilarating, exhausting, life-changing, weight-gaining, friend-making, inspiring and crazy journey it was.

We are believers. Being only novice train-travelers prior to this experience, we are now completely sold on it being the best way to travel in Europe. We met people from all walks of life on the train, got lessons in Italian from one friendly passenger, and tried local Slovenian delicacies on another. Not to mention the incredible scenery, the time spent doing nothing, and the smile on our faces after each journey, no matter how long it was!

We owe and many others along the way so much thanks for making this trip one of the most eventful in our long traveling history!


We are so grateful to have worked with for their Blog Trail Program and must make a note that we were provided with complimentary Eurail Global Passes. With that said, we were completely free to write about the journey as we see fit and as always,all opinions are our own.

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  1. As always, beautiful photos and congratulations on the last segment of your train journey. I totally agree with you about being sold on the Europe train experience. This summer was my first time doing the rail experience (and in Europe in general) and now I can’t imagine using another mode of transportation when I go back to Europe.

    – Lily

    1. I hear ya Lily. We had only very minor train experience before, and we are totally sold. There is nothing like hearing the “clack” of the wheels while the gorgeous scenery cruises by!

  2. I am definitely a full supporter of train-travel being the best-travel.

    And that definitely looks like the perfect way to end 2400 miles of travel!

  3. Has it been 38 days already? That went by so fast! Definitely love the final location. Looks beautiful.
    Enjoy some rest guys. Looking forward to the next adventures.

  4. A wonderful experience for you two & it was so enjoyable to travel along with you via the sofa. The pics are beautiful. I don’t know why but I feel a sadness @ the end of this trail. But.. am looking forward to the next adventures to read about & of course beautiful pics that have now become expected. 🙂

  5. Completely agree on trains being the best way to explore Europe (and we only took two of them!)… looks like you two had an amazing time with Eurail, enjoy the relaxation and the upcoming adventures in NYC. 🙂

  6. Ahh… The Amalfi Coast is one of our favorite destinations… It truly is SO relaxing and the people are incredibly friendly. Not to mention the delicious Italian food… Did you get a chance to see Positano? That’s where we stayed and loved it!

    1. It was the perfect conclusion to the adventure. Highly recommended place for beautiful scenery and rest and relaxation.

  7. Amazing! I didn’t have that much energy when I had my Eurail pass when I backpacked after college… what a trip!

    1. When I look back, it’s crazy how much we did and how fast we did it. As much as we enjoyed it, it felt rushed and if we were to do it over, we would slow it down.

    1. It really is an inspiring place, we don’t normally say you have to go there, but it’s highly highly recommended. 🙂

  8. I LOVED traveling by train throughout Europe! I was never bored (if I have a book, I’m happy nearly anywhere on the planet), and there was so much to see as the train whisked me through the countryside of several European countries. Talking to fellow travelers was a bonus.

    I wish the US had a more robust train system – imagine how much more of this country people could see!

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