Ireland Photography Potpourri

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This is it.  Our last post from Ireland.  You may know by now that we left over a week ago, but two months in a country so vast and beautiful as Ireland definitely deserves a lot of attention.

We took close to 5,000 photos – needless to say we couldn’t have shown you everything. Here are the left-overs of our favorite Ireland photography that we haven’t shared with you yet.

We came across this VW Westfalia near the Cliffs of Heck

Ireland Photograpy - VW Westfalia

At Dunguaire Castle, we saw a crew filming an Irish dancing scene.  Pretty gorgeous backdrop for this.

Ireland Photography - On Set

We sat bundled in warm clothes and watched this elderly couple head out for a cold swim in the Atlantic along the Ring of Kerry.

Ireland Photography - Braving the Cold

A view of the Skellig Islands from the Cliffs of Kerry.

Ireland Photography - Cliffs of Kerry

Galway’s piers

Ireland Photography - Galway Pier

An open table at a pub in Galway

Ireland Photography - Galway Pub

We missed the races by one week, the flags were still up.

The races at Galway

Cork City

Cork City From Above

Dalene on the DART near Dublin, venturing out to Howth.

Reflections from the The Dublin DART

A calm night at the cemetery near our house sit.

An Irish Sunset

Olly, it was sure sad to leave Ireland and say goodbye to him.  Look at those eyes!


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  1. the islands looked like rocks to me! i recall a scottish fisherman telling me that the difference between a rock and an island is that an island can grow enough grass to support two sheep or one cow!

  2. your web site has been so helpful for us ,planning to see alot
    of what you both have seen,we watched you on Global the other
    evening and we to had a career break back in 1986-1987
    we had a year off work and travelled from Toronto to the
    caribean in our 34,foot sail boat.
    Great trip.

    1. So glad we could be of help! And if you ever need any advice, just fire us a note.

      That sounds like an epic career break! Would love to do something like that…perhaps learning to sail might be a good place to start… 🙂

  3. I think you are officially my favourite travel blog. I don’t read a lot of them, but I always look forward to all your posts and your beautiful photography. Doesn’t hurt that you are Canadian (as am I, an expat in the US)!

  4. This might be your last post on Ireland but what a fabulous round up you have given!!!
    Just loved them all, cant pick a favorite!
    Your blog is beautiful, I enjoyed it…
    Namaste from India:)

    1. Cheers Laura. It really was quite a diverse country, not entirely what I expected. But one thing for sure, it’s full of green.

    1. Thanks Angie! It was a beautiful country. I’ve been reading your posts on Greece lately and your pictures there look lovely as well. Hopefully we’ll be there sometime later this year 🙂

    1. I don’t think there is any doubt that we will be back. We had a little HDR fun with that Cork photo. It’s blown out quite a bit, but I liked how the colors turned out, especially the Firkin Crane. Got this shot atop Shanden Bells Tower

    1. I know, the 2 months absolutely blew by. We had a brief 2 days in Scotland, and are now settled for our 2 week sit in Brussels. Lovn’ this city life for a change.

  5. Lovely shots of Ireland. The ones with you bundled up and the elderly couple getting ready take a swim touches me as it’s gotten really cool here in the NE. The one with you on the DART captures your move forward and look back.

  6. You have really captured the essence of Ireland here in these photos, and show what it’s like to get out and explore new cities the nomads do, but with the insight of the time allowed by housesitting! Keep up the great posts!

  7. Hi, stumbled across your blog whilst doing research for a forthcoming trip to Honduras. Enjoyed reading your posts about my country (Ireland), very engaging, rings true, and you’ve pointed out a few places in Ireland I haven’t been to yet that are now on “the list”! Best of luck with your continuing travels.

  8. Fabulous photos guys – looks like you really enjoyed our beautiful country. I love it here- been here almost 5 years now from New York. Consider myself very lucky to live in such an idyllic place.

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