Scenes from Poland, Part Three

Words by Dalene Heck / Photography by Pete Heck

There is a big rivalry between Warsaw and Krakow, the two largest cities in Poland, which we heard about almost immediately upon visiting. And we heard it so often that we became nervous when locals asked which we liked better.

We had to be cagey – we either declared admiration for both or changed the subject for fear of hurting feelings.


Krakow Market Square

Now that we’ve left Poland and are hiding behind this here computer screen, we can safely acknowledge our preference, although will admit it is by a slim margin. The two cities are vastly different in appearance and vibe, and for whatever reason, we just felt more at home in Warsaw.

That is not to say that Krakow is unworthy of high praise. It is certainly beautiful, vibrant, and undeniably full of character.

You know what? We’ll let you see for yourself. Watch our “Scenes from Krakow” below, and if you missed our previous video on Warsaw, you can check it out here.

Krakow is beautiful, vibrant, and undeniably full of character.

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  • August 8 2013

    Love the video. Such a great overview and beautiful imagery of course. I never knew there was such a rivalry! Thanks for the heads up, ha.

    • August 21 2013

      Thanks Lauren! We are here to inform. 🙂

  • August 10 2013

    This brings back memories. I loved Warsaw when I was there almost 20 years ago. It actually doesn’t look that much different!
    Anne McKinnell recently posted..Duck Rock, Valley of Fire, Nevada

  • August 10 2013

    I know I’ve already said this on other posts of yours, but the more you write about Poland, there more I really really want to go.

    I’m seriously considering a week in Poland once I’m done in the Greek Islands next month… expect an e-mail from me once you get back from Greenland!
    Amanda recently posted..The Bohemian Side of Paris

    • August 21 2013

      Glad we may have convinced you! It will be a big change from the Greek Islands, but I think you will really like Poland!

  • Fantastic visual storytelling! I think that I just fell in love with Krakow! What a vibrant, vivacious and creative city – and so absolutely gorgeous! I feel as though my wanderlust has been both quenched and whetted!
    Mary @ Green Global Travel recently posted..PHOTO GALLERY: Patagonia Flora – The Flowers of Torres Del Paine

  • Scott
    August 10 2013

    This video is really great. My girlfriend and I are soon leaving on our own journey, can I ask what tools you guys use to make your videos?

    • August 21 2013

      We have mainly used our DSLR for our Poland videos, but do also use our Galaxy S3 and GoPro when the situation calls for it. I use Final Cut Pro X to edit.

  • Andrew Davison
    August 26 2013

    Just arrived today… lovely city… feels like a great sister city to the charms of Prague… I just wish the sun would come out!! :-p

    • August 27 2013

      We had such hot days when we were in Krakow! I hope the sun finds you!

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    September 28 2015

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