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Postcards from The Faroe Islands

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Words by Dalene Heck / Photography by Dalene & Pete Heck

Globalization means that we are rarely far from something familiar – a realization that hits us hard as frequent travelers when places begin to blur together. In our short years of traveling we can’t say that we’ve seen it all, but it does take more to impress us than it ever did. At times this can seem discouraging, but it also means we definitely know something special when we see it. So when we say that the Faroe Islands simply blew us away, understand that it is not a statement we give lightly.Northern territories and countries are on many top to-do lists as those elusive destinations that are big on scenery but small on tourists. We’re falling prey to that persuasion ourselves, as the north is kinda becoming our thing. As thick-skinned Canadians we can endure the cold and willfully spend hours in pursuit of a perfect shot or even just long minutes communing with solitude and nature. Take your beaches and your hot hot deserts, we’ll take a snowy field or a fruitless hike up a mountain any ol’ day.

Of all the northern places we’ve visited, the Faroes felt like our soul mate. Easy to travel in, truly unique and astounding beauty at every turn, a myriad of adventures to chose from, and endearing encounters with the community that just reminded me of home.

But the very best part is that we felt like we had it all to ourselves. (To share with thousands and thousands of sheep, that is.)


As usual, culling our hundreds of photos and video clips down into just a handful is always a daunting task, but a rewarding effort that we hope will give you an enticing taste of the best of our visit.

Our trip was courtesy of Visit Faroe Islands. As always, all opinions are our own.

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  1. Wow! Absolutely gorgeous. Thank you for sharing! I must admit I had to look up where the Faroe Islands were, now that I know they are on my travel list for sure 🙂 I just discovered your site last week and have spent many hours binge reading, what an incredible adventure you have been having. I can’t wait to see what’s next.

  2. That was incredible! I really loved the pictures and the video – such peaceful places and landscapes. I can only guess that this helicopter flight might have been amazing and unforgettable.

  3. Unreal scenery guys. This place will definitely make on my list of places to go when I get to Europe, regardless of cost. How much per day do you think it would cost for someone on a budget?

    1. Glad it’s on your list!

      Oh gosh James, we’re terrible at budgeting – ha! If you’ve been to Iceland, I think you could probably apply the same budget. The accommodations and car rental are not unreasonable, but food is definitely on the pricey side. I’ve seen hostels for around $50, and we had basic hotel rooms for $100. It’s not going to be your cheapest holiday, but it is going to be worth every single penny, I promise you that!

  4. I’ve wanted to go there for such a long time, even more so after visiting and loving Iceland. I am planning on visiting Finland, Norway, Sweden and the Faroes in a couple of years. I also love Northern territories and countries and I am in fact flying to Alaska tonight to spend 6 weeks there travelling solo – another dream of mine 🙂

  5. Well done as always. Am enjoying your videos as well! I’m sure they are a ton of work to edit and shoot, but good on you for giving it a go! And I love that you guys have the cold-weather market covered. It’s my favourite kind of snug on my couch reading 🙂

  6. I see a LOT of travel blogs, and I’m not easily impressed, but your blog and your photos and layout and content are all top-notch. You have a new fan! Can’t wait to see more…

  7. These pictures are all absolutely incredible! I’ve been loving the coverage of your time on the Faroe Islands and your posts have made me even more keen to visit than I was before. It really looks like an unbelievable place!

  8. Your pictures always make me want to go there. The video was amazing. I never heard of these islands so I looked them up. I really want to go there now. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Wow! Stunning photos. I must admit, we had never really considered the Faroe Islands before, but it looks like an incredible experience. Has been definitely added to our list! Thanks for the inspiration!

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