Edinburgh’s Camera Obscura – In Photos

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Besides haunted tales and killer concerts, Edinburgh has so much to offer. Β Our visit was much too short to take it all in, but one of our favorite things to do in Edinburgh was at the Camera Obscura exhibit.

From their website“Inside this mysterious Victorian rooftop chamber, you see live moving images of Edinburgh projected onto a viewing table through a giant periscope. Pick people up on your hands, squash them to a pulp and even make the traffic climb over paper bridges. “

Of course, Edinburgh being Edinburgh, you had to know there would be a spooky side to it.

Apart from the experience of viewing the cityscape from the actual camera obscura, all five floors contain fun displays that challenge visitor’s perspectives.

Inside the maze of mirrors. Β Which is the real Pete?


I’m not always this mean. Β I promise.


Trying to figure out what our kids would look like.


Okay, maybe I am mean. Β But hey, I’ve got no body.


Pete succumbed to his injuries.


There were also a lot of cool visual art and light displays.





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    1. hmmmm, if he/she can carry backpacks, make meals and be a multi-language translator then maybe a kid is appealing πŸ™‚

  1. And here I was hoping that hot on the heels of your Arcade Fire coup, that this would be about the Scottish BAND Camera Obscura. Once again, I walk away from your blog…disappointed. πŸ™

    (kidding of course) πŸ™‚

    1. I LOVE Camera Obscura! We have to stalk them too.

      (We’re working on seeing Bon Iver and Joy Formidable in London…plus will be working behind the scenes at the Reeperbahn festival in Hamburg…so will have lots to entertain you with!)

  2. Amazing photos guys! I wish I was at this display. It looked like you had a blast and I am loving your posts on Edinburgh. I had never thought much of going there before I started reading your blogs about it!

    1. Edinburgh is AWESOME. We just saw a housesitting opportunity up there for 6 weeks…although it’s in January…not sure about winter, but I would LOVE to spend more time in that city!

  3. I was last in there many years ago on a dull old day and they’ve really made it fun from what I see. It’s funny because we have one in Tavira in the Algarve, but it’s a totally different experience.

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