Connemara, Ireland In Photos

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Words by Dalene Heck / Photography by Pete Heck

When driving through certain pockets of Ireland, it’s easy to imagine being part of a marvelousΒ fairy tale. Β The county of Connemara is such a place – with it’s low stone walls, mirrored lakes and one picture-perfect Abbey – I found myself waiting for cartoon animals to pop out from behind trees and white stallions to run ahead and guide our way.

Low stone walls are used to separate fields – these can be seen throughout Ireland but are most common here (as far as we’ve seen).

Connemara Ireland - A Rock Fence

We embarked on our road trip early, got ahead of tour buses, and enjoyed the serenity of still waters.

Refelections of Connemara

A Lone House

The “Sky Road” near Clifden offers stunning views of the coastline.

The Road to the Sea in Connmeara, Ireland

These cows have the best view in all of Ireland.

Some cows enjoying the views

Founded in 1920, the Kylemore Abbey was for Benedictine nuns who fled Belgium during the first world war.

Kylemore Abbey, Ireland

Curraghs spot the water in many of the bays.

Connemara inlet

Hours could be spent along the coastline, watching the people brave enough to get in the chilly water.

The Beach

The kind folks at HDRSoft have given us a copy of the their Photomatix software.  The photos above are our first attempts at HDR and we are quite pleased with the results.  

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    1. I believe it. We were very lucky to get some sunshine, albeit it didn’t last long. Not 10 minutes after we took some photos the rains came.

  1. I remember when I was there my guide told me that most of the stone walls along the roads in Ireland were built by women who needed work during the potato famine. They’ve clearly done an excellent job since they’re still there!

    1. Thanks Natalie, we’ve still have a couple more posts about Ireland to go so we’ll see if we can make you a fan πŸ˜‰

    1. Thank you Tai. We were really pleased how these turned out. We’re fairly new to the HDR game, but we’re slowly learning…

  2. Oh my gosh — all of your posts have me craving to get back to Ireland! I loved Connemara. Kylemore Abbey is beautiful — had lunch at a lovely inn near there, but can’t remember the name of it.

    1. The similarities of landscapes, people, culture are very close to the Rock (of course minus the castles). I have a feeling you’d love it there.

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