A Prairie Sunset – In Photos


Shot gold, maroon and violet, dazzling silver, emerald, fawn,
The earth’s whole amplitude and Nature’s multiform power consign’d for once to colors;
The light, the general air possess’d by them–colors till now unknown,
No limit, confine–not the Western sky alone–the high meridian–
North, South, all,
Pure luminous color fighting the silent shadows to the last.

-Walt Whitman (1819-1892) – from the poem “A Prairie Sunset”


Alberta Sunsets-3_800x533


Alberta Sunset-2_533x800


Alberta Sunset-4_800x533




Alberta Sunset-5_800x533


Alberta Sunset-7_800x533


Alberta Sunset-6_800x533


Alberta Sunset-1_800x533


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  • October 12 2012

    There are no words beautiful enough to describe a sunset.

    I grew up in Seattle and from our house we could see the Olympic mountain range and Puget Sound. We had a perfect setting for sunsets. Now that I’m in Portland and not living in a part of town where you can see the sun set, I really miss it. The sunrise can be beautiful, but there’s just something special about the sunset.

    • October 13 2012

      What an AMAZING setting that would have been. I would miss that too!

  • October 12 2012

    Wow wow WOW! Those colors!!

    I especially love the fourth one, and the one with the dock. But they’re all so purdy!
    Amanda recently posted..The Two Sides of Alcatraz

    • October 13 2012

      Thanks Amanda – and these are just the ones we photographed – others we just sat and enjoyed. So many amazing sunsets!

  • October 12 2012

    Your photos and Whitman’s poem go together beautifully. I want to pick a favorite here, too — 4th one down. Awesome.

    • October 13 2012

      Thanks Cathy – we knew that any words we wrote would pale in comparison. So glad we found that poem!

  • Ter
    October 13 2012

    These are gorgeous. You missed a doozy in Lethbridge this morning!

    • October 13 2012

      There was another GORGEOUS sunset on our drive home from Banff, would have loved to stop and take some snaps if we weren’t in such a hurry!

  • October 13 2012

    What an absolute gorgeous set of captures!!! And the poem at the start of the post absolutely sets the mood for this wonderful post.
    Arti recently posted..Meiji Jingu Shrine In Tokyo: A Walk In Peace

  • October 13 2012

    This sounds really silly, but I didn’t even realise prairies still existed! For some reason I thought they were from the 1800s or whenever Little House on the Prairie was set!

    I’m a doofus, I know.

    I love the photos. And now I think I need to see a prairie for myself. πŸ™‚
    Barbara recently posted..Street Food Swoop: Bun Rieu

    • October 13 2012

      Haha! Where did you think all that wheat and stuff comes from? You’ve just totally discounted the entire province of Saskatchewan. πŸ™‚

  • Alouise
    October 14 2012

    Beautiful photos. I don’t love everything about Alberta, but I always love the sunsets.

    • October 16 2012

      Me too, Alouise. I had forgotten how beautiful they really are.

  • October 14 2012

    Wow, you don’t have to go to Santorini for golden sunsets after all! Look at those colors setting the sky ablaze!
    Jennifer recently posted..The Sacred Way to Bom Jesus do Monte

    • October 16 2012

      We’ve got a few tricks up our sleeve in Canada! πŸ™‚

  • October 14 2012

    All are amazing photos, but I especially love the one with the pier and the photo taken through the blades of wheat. I pinned both.
    Traveling Ted recently posted..Banana pancakes, coffee, fresh fruit, and twitter in Costa Rica

    • October 16 2012

      Hey – thanks so much Ted! Those are my two favourites as well.

  • Sunsets always make me go ah. Number five is my favourite
    Natalie – Turkish Travel Blog recently posted..The Gorgeous Ayder Plateau of North East Turkey

    • October 16 2012

      We’ve had some doozies while we’ve been here. Pete needs to walk around with the camera permanently around his neck.

  • October 15 2012

    Love the shot of the pier and the wheatfield in particular. I can shoot wheatfields all day πŸ˜‰
    Laurence recently posted..Taking some time to relax with @Naturaki in Costa Brava

    • October 16 2012

      My faves too! You need a trip to Saskatchewan for some serious wheat field action.

  • October 16 2012

    These are simply beautiful and leave me in awe. We’re from such a lovely country! I can’t wait to get back to Canada next month, although Toronto is not quite this pretty. πŸ˜‰

    • October 17 2012

      We definitely do have a gorgeous country! There are beautiful places *around* Toronto! πŸ™‚

  • Cipri@Travelocafe
    October 17 2012

    Sometimes I wonder how in the world you can take so beautiful photos.

  • October 18 2012

    These photos are so stunning, I love sunset shots. The one with the Jetty would have to be my favourite
    Adela @FourJandals recently posted..Facing my Fears: Afraid to Travel

  • Ali
    October 18 2012

    Gorgeous photos! I love sunsets, and these are some really amazing ones!
    Ali recently posted..Is a Fear of Getting Sick While Traveling Holding You Back?

  • October 19 2012

    Mmm sunsets. So many different colors based on essentially a simple act of sunlight through air and clouds.
    Andrew recently posted..Of Frites and a Belgian Waffle

  • November 6 2012

    Nice! The fourth one is my favorite πŸ™‚
    Reena @ Wanderplex recently posted..The world’s smallest camera tripod

  • December 4 2012

    Stumbled upon this page and all I can say is “Wow”. Photo #5 is my favourite. That golden hour always produces beautiful photos and you chose a great spot to take them.

    • December 6 2012

      Thanks so much Margaret!

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