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This Kind of Romance


We’d forgotten about this kind of romance.


Poolside, Ma'in Hot SpringsCrisp, yet soft, white sheets. A view outside our window we didn’t want to close our eyes to.

Gently trickling waterfalls, enjoyed by the comfort of a poolside bed built for two.

Massage. Gourmet meals. A natural cave sauna.

In our old lives we made time for this because we had to – stolen moments with each other outside of our busy work weeks were amped up to be enjoyed decadently when possible.

Nowadays, our life is simpler, and romance can be a little harder to navigate. We’ve sometimes had to replace public displays of affections with toe taps, or find ourselves in separate dorm beds listening to abusive snoring beside us.

We’ve made do with this new life of travel. We’ll often share a cheap bottle of wine to watch the sunset in a new place, and we share little gifts of appreciation with each other on more than just marked occasions. We’ve learned to spoil ourselves in other ways in our ten years of marriage, and have been very happy to do so.



Hot damn. We’d forgotten how special a truly romantic setting can be.

It felt like the Evason Ma’in Hot Springs was built just for us. Nestled in an impossibly green valley surrounded by red desert, we basked in lush flowering foliage, several sparkling waterfalls, and the silence of a completely remote setting.

Ma'in Hot Springs


Waterfall, Ma'in Hot Springs


Massages relieved sore muscles from all our activity. Our window opened to the sound of nothing but rushing water. A bowl of grapefruit sorbet was served up poolside.

We were relaxed. Pampered. Deliriously happy.

It was the kind of romance we’ve missed out on for a long time. (But you can bet we won’t forget about it again!)



Our visit to the Ma’in Hot Springs was courtesy of Visit Jordan. As always, the opinions we express are our own.

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  1. Wow, what a beautiful setting! An excellent pre-anniversary celebration, then :)

  2. This sounds and looks absolutely wonderful! We missed the hot springs on our trip through Jordan.

    Glad you found a bit of romance too! Sometimes it seems we’re so consumed with snapping photos and making notes that we miss out on those special little moments.
    Jennifer recently posted..Surrounded by Sunflowers in the South of France

  3. This looks amazing. Just the spot to relax and cuddle and enjoy life. Now I’m really missing my boy! Lol.
    Amanda recently posted..Euro Trip Week 2 Round-Up

  4. What beautiful setting and with massages and pamperings… Just Wow!!! Happy for you:)
    Arti recently posted..Planning for Japan: Visa, Flight Bookings, Hotel Reservations, etc.

  5. Congratulations on ten years guys! sounds like you had a beautiful time – what a gorgeous spot, and always good to ‘mix it up’! – nothing wrong with a bit of rustico and decadent fluctuations…big thanks for the other day – lets catch up again soon x

  6. This sounds like a fabulous place to reconnect and relax. What a great experience!

  7. Aww This looks incredible! You two DESERVE this – beautiful couple that you are! I showed your photos to the students I just took to Dominican Republic and they are all googly eyed at the waterfall and desert. AND SO AM I! Stunning!

  8. Aww, so lovely. There’s always room for a little more romance!! Maybe you should work towards bringing those stolen moments into to the travel life – bring back the date night! ;)
    Cherina recently posted..House Sitting in Australia: A House by the Sea

  9. Looks gorgeous, Dalene! I’m glad you were able to enjoy some romance and a little pampering on the road, sounds great!
    Ali recently posted..Weekly Photo – Bora Bora

  10. This place looks awesome! But who was behind the shot of you guys kissing? ;)

  11. What a beautiful place! I didn’t imagine a place like this in Jordan. However, this would be out the romantic in a lot people. Glad you got some time together, to slow down, and rekindle that spark. It’s a good reminder that we all need that.
    Jeremy Branham recently posted..9 life lessons I learned as a travel blogger – Travel Confessions Part III

  12. Gorgeous! Looks like a slice of paradise on earth, for sure. Lovely job on ten years of marriage, too.

  13. Just… AWWWWWWW. (Like Caanan)

  14. Very cool area. Glad you guys got a chance to spend time together in such a beautiful place.
    Andrew recently posted..German Breakfast Gripes

  15. Oh my gosh, we’re in planning now with Visit Jordan for our September trip there, and this just gives us one more place to add to our must-see list. Any other recommendations for us?

  16. Yep this is exactly why I was so lonely at the Dead Sea, Jordan is perfect for couples.
    Ayngelina recently posted..Food Friday: Jugo Verde

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