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It’s a Feeling

You know that first feeling when you walk into a hotel or a resort, those first few ahhhh inspiring moments? Maybe it’s caused by the stylish decor in their lobby, a friendly smile from a staff member, or the aroma from a fresh bouquet of flowers. You begin to relax.

The key to your room is given, and you float down the hall until you find your abode. You unpack, you begin to make plans for your time, you wander to explore the grounds.

Maybe, just maybe, you will float your entire time there. But more likely (as per many of our previous resort experiences have gone), you’ll enjoy it, and nothing more. You’ll just be another guest, mechanically shuffled through, with little attention paid to your personal needs and desires.

You want to float. You deserve to float.

You deserve this:

Taste-testing of a local liqueor, as a welcome drink.

Liqeur Tastings


Nitey Nights! Treats waiting for you in your fridge every night after dinner.

Nitey Night


Pure luxurious comfort and style that you will miss dearly when you go.

Ka'ana Belize Master Suite Bedroom


Front Deck Master Suite


Infinity Pool Ka'ana Belize Boutique Resort


A diverse menu that includes many organic ingredients grown on the property.

Ka'ana Belize Breakfast


For five days and nights, we were thoroughly spoiled at the Ka’ana Belize Boutique Resort near San Ignacio. For us, it wasn’t just a room in the jungle, an exquisite outdoor pool or a great introduction to Belizean culture.

It was a feeling.


It was pure bliss in delicious relaxation and comfort. It was having our needs attended to before we even knew what we needed, and the genuine attention by every single staff member. It was the meticulous care put into every tiny detail from the exquisite meals to setting the romantic ambiance by returning to a candlelit room every night.

Sunset in the Jungle


It was impossible for us to find fault with our stay. It wasn’t just a resort, it was a place to be pampered, to be adventurous, and to feel like we just made a whole hotel’s worth of new best friends.

(And did you know? “Jungle is the new beach.” You may think of Belize as a white-sands-only destination, but we have a few posts coming up this week with amazing experiences that will convince you otherwise.)

This was luxury like we had never known it before. We were floating.

And sometimes, we deserve it too.



For more details on our stay, including a full review of the property, click here.

And while we stayed as guests of Ka’ana Belize, as always, our opinions are our own, as was our plotting and scheming to lock ourselves in our room and never leave.


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  1. I love the treats and the “nitey night” message – too cute! It looks like a beautiful place.

  2. Looks spectacular. Far too expensive for our tastes though! We can’t justify $300 a night no matter how good it is. Just can’t.

  3. I’m firmly of the belief that we ALL need and deserve some pampering from time to time. Definitely something I’ve learned from traveling!

    Also, this place looks amazing! Now just to find someone special to go back to Belize with…
    Amanda recently posted..Film Friday: Glen Coe (Skyfall)

    • Agreed Amanda! And I had just written in our newsletter a week before this about how there is “pleasure in pain” while traveling. Then I wanted to redact that newsletter. We really really enjoyed being pampered! :)

  4. Wow, looks like a wonderful place to stay! So peaceful and relaxing. :)

  5. Looks like a beautiful resort to stay at! Our favorite hotel stays have been the ones with personal touches that truly make you feel like a guest in someone’s home rather than just another guest at another hotel.
    Jennifer recently posted..10 Must See Sights in Oslo on a Budget

  6. Whoa-what a gorgeous spot. Love the night time treats, such a cute idea. I love when hotels put extra thought into their rooms.

  7. Oh, I just love how the moments were captured here and the food? Bless me, its inviting to whet an appetite. I love the bedroom photo too.

  8. It does indeed look heavenly! As I was reading and looking at your pictures I became so relaxed, I think I’ll bookmark this and pull it out next time I’m stressed :)

  9. Oooh, it sounds lovely! We almost stayed here for our first anniversary. While I have no regrets about going to Hawaii instead, since that trip was also fabulous, you’re making me want to put Ka’ana back on the agenda for a future trip.

  10. After all the snow we have been getting here, this post allows me to daydream of beautiful places! And this is for sure a place I want to experience :)
    Becki Kremer recently posted..Bye Ferry… Now What?

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