Trim, Ireland in Photos

Upon arriving in Ireland we had done very little research as to what the country had to offer. Sure, we knew that there were some castles, famous cliffs and a stone we were supposed to kiss. But we had no idea what craic was, how narrow the roads would be, and we knew of few towns other than Dublin and Galway. We especially had not heard of Trim, Ireland.

Trim is a small town west of Dublin with some big history. It is thought to have been founded in between the 5th and 6th century by St. Patrick and is hometown to such noteable peeps as Jonathan Swift and the Duke of Wellington.  We were immediately won over by it’s colorful buildings and antiquated style.

Street View in Trim

Trim, Ireland Flowers on a Bridge

Trim Yellow Door


The town is most noted for its castle – known as both Trim Castle and King John’s Castle. Constructed in the 12th century after the Norman invasion of Ireland, it is Western Europe’s largest Norman castle . The castle was used in the production of the film “Braveheart” and many pubs in town have pictures of the filming experience, reminding you of their fame.

Trim Castle

Trim Castle Grounds

The Fortress at Trim Castle

Trim Iron Cross


The Yellow Steeple is the remaining bell tower of St. Mary’s abbey and is the tallest structure in town. It’s named is derived from the way sunrises and sunsets glow upon it.

The Yellow Steeple at Trim, Ireland


Just a little ways down the River Boyne is Newton Abbey, one of Ireland’s largest. The cemetery is still used by the town.

Newton Abbey Trim, Ireland


St. Patrick’s Church lies in ruins within the town. It is believed to be oldest Anglican church in Ireland. A magnificent cathedral has been built since to replace it.

St. Patrick's Church - TrimThe original St. Patrick’s Church

St. Patrick's CathedralThe new St. Patrick’s Cathedral


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  • July 22 2011

    Gorgeous photos you two! Makes me want to visit Ireland even more
    Justin Hamlin recently posted..Foto Friday – July 8, 2011

    • July 23 2011

      Thanks Justin! We are sure enjoying playing with our new camera here! Lots of photo ops.

  • Wow. These are gorgeous photos! I hope to make it to Ireland soon!
    Christy @ Ordinary Traveler recently posted..Around the World Interview Series Visits Scotland!

  • Patricia
    July 22 2011

    Wow!….beautiful! xo

  • July 22 2011

    Living vicariously through your trip right now as I prepare for my own trip to Ireland/U.K. next summer! How can you not love Trim?! I mean for the castle alone..Braveheart…Braveheart. I was a total nerd when I spent the day at Trim. Just a quaint town to. Some great pubs and a nice walking city.
    Spencer Spellman recently posted..14 Things I’ve learned in San Francisco

    • July 23 2011

      It is a really great town, and only 15 minutes from where we are staying, so it’s become a favorite to visit!

  • Mom
    July 22 2011

    Interesting lesson in history. Loooooooved the yellow door.

  • Jeremy Branham
    July 22 2011

    What a beautiful place to explore! Trim has so many old buildings and ruins. This is Ireland – love the church and castle photos.

    • July 23 2011

      Trim is really close to where we live, and we are surrounded with a lot of lesser known ruins and castles – Fore, Loughcrew, etc. we’ve had a lot of fun exploring!

  • July 23 2011

    so pretty! your photos and what’s in them. looks like a relaxing kind of fun 🙂
    Lorna – the roamantics recently posted..The Roamantics Turns 1- My 7 Links of the Year

  • July 24 2011

    Aren’t you getting a bit sick of ruins and old churches by now?

    Haha – KIDDING! =)

    Gorgeous photos – I love that yellow door. I love the combination of quaint towns with so many colourful buildings and all the gray historical sites. Such an awesome contrast!
    Andrea recently posted..Guest Post: Must See Marrakech Historical Landmarks and Sites

    • July 24 2011

      Haha, I am not sick of them yet, but I do wonder when readers will be!!

  • July 24 2011

    So pretty!! When I was in Ireland I was only there for 3 days and didn’t get to see enough! All of the shades of green are so pretty! 🙂
    Cailin recently posted..Top ten tips for surviving a road trip

    • July 24 2011

      3 days definitely isn’t enough! There’s so much to see!

  • July 24 2011

    How many St Patrick’s churches can Ireland have? Looks beautiful, I don’t think we ever made it to Trim

    • July 24 2011

      Haha – that is a VERY good question!! Trim really is an awesome town, I’m glad we live so close.

  • July 25 2011

    Lovely town, I haven’t been to Trim, looks like a great place to go wild with the camera 🙂

  • Emily in Chile
    July 25 2011

    One thing I love about England is how even small, relatively unimportant towns can have such gorgeous old buildings and history. Looks like the same is true of Ireland.

    • July 25 2011

      I’m excited to explore all of the UK for that reason as well. We just love all the small towns here, they have so much charm and history to them!

  • July 25 2011

    Beautiful 🙂
    Eurotrip Tips recently posted..Top 5 Destinations to Propose in Europe

  • Some great pics guys!

    • Pete
      July 26 2011

      Cheers Cam. Great little town, outstanding pubs too 🙂

  • July 26 2011

    i love the archictecture there in Ireland
    Zablon recently posted..Documenting Your Volunteer Abroad Experience

  • July 26 2011

    You guys are soooo killing me with these photos. Next time, take me with me! I’m clean and stuff.
    Candice Walsh recently posted..Cougar Coins & Lumberjacks: Reasons Why HI-Canada Hostels Rock

  • July 26 2011

    I have always believed that Ireland was beautiful and these photos just confirm my thoughts. Great photos!
    Bob Crunch recently posted..Tips for Buying a Homesite

  • Faith
    July 27 2011

    such gorgeous shots, such pretty colors!

    You did the clue photoshoot, I think you’re missing your change for some braveheart poses here

  • August 8 2011

    Love the pictures! Great colors.

  • November 11 2014

    I am a sucker for colorful doors, so obviously I love the shot with the bright yellow door. Lovely pictures!
    Molly @Green Global Travel recently posted..GREECE: Ancestors & Expectations at the Acropolis of Athens

  • May 13 2015

    Brilliant picturesof my locality! Especially like the color and points of view used in all the shots.

    Just to correct text and photos – sorry if anyone is annoyed. The Church of Ireland (Anglican)cathedral in Trim is shown as the picture
    ‘The original St. Patrick’s Church’. The current cathedral was built in 1803, replacing a structure dating back to the 15th century. A ruined section predates this with first construction attributed to St Loman in the 5th century.

    ‘The new St. Patrick’s Cathedral’ picture is actually a Roman Catholic church built in between 1890-1905.

    Sorry again for correction.

    • May 14 2015

      No apologies necessary, we welcome corrections! Thank you! And you have such a lovely town. 🙂

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