Guest Post: Things to Do in Toronto

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When talking about Canada it’s impossible not to mention the city of Toronto. It offers tourists various attractions including festivals and even small beaches. It’s an ideal city for lovers of the outdoors, foodies and those simply looking to escape or dive inside. Here’s my top list of things to do in Toronto if you’re a traveler, expat or you simply live in Toronto.

Visit The CN Tower

The CN Tower is a classic attraction for anyone who wants to hit the heights. It’s a place you’ll probably want to see only during your first visit, but it’s still impressive. At 1,815 feet, the CN Tower has lost its title as the tallest free standing structure in the world, but still attracts millions of tourists, especially because of its glass floor. A nice way to avoid the entrance fee is simply by making a reservation at the restaurant on the top.

CN Tower by Flickr CC SanGatiche

Photo by: SanGatiche

Spend a day on Toronto Island

Lots of Torontonians head to Toronto island on weekends for a brief escape. The place offers picnic space, parks and even a nude beach. You can also rent a bike to enjoy the treasures of the island.

Go shopping at one of the malls

Eaton Center is one of the biggest malls in Toronto, featuring more than 300 shops and restaurants for any budget. Eaton Center is also interesting architecturally with its huge Canadian mobile geese, Flight Stop, designed by Michael Snow. To find some bargains check out some coupon codes from Flipit to help you get the most out of your shopping experience.

Royal Ontario Museum

Even if you’re not an art lover you should at least take a look inside the ROM. It’s worth checking out just from the outside because of its bizarre glass architecture. Inside, more than 40 different galleries and temporary exhibitions satisfy visitors of all kinds.

Chinese Culture in Spadina

To escape of the busy vibe of Toronto you should poke around Spadina – one of the biggest Chinatowns in North America. it is filled with exotic food, clothing and jewelery. While it is home to many Chinese restaurants, it also has Vietnamese and Japanese cuisine.

Visit The Distillery District

The Historic Distillery District is definitely one of the best places to hang out as either a local or tourist. You can spend a few hours there and not step into any big fast food chains. The Distillery features a wellness center, bars, restaurants and plenty of local art. All of it is accessible only on foot.

Dance and drink with the locals

Tourists usually head for drinks in downtown Toronto and end up at some expensive bars, while missing out on some good spots. To party like a local you should visit The Dance Cave nightclub or drink at some bars on College Street and in the King West Village area.

Toronto by Flickr CC Thomas
Photo by: Thomas

Enjoy one of Toronto’s festivals

Toronto hosts many festivals, especially during the summer. The largest festival is TheEx in late August offering fun for everyone of all ages. The famous Caribbana festival shows the beauty and fun of Caribbean Culture, including an amazing parade.

See some street performers

With so may festivals and events happening in Toronto, there is no shortage of street performers, ranging from clowns to stand-up comedians. Take a stroll downtown and you’ll quickly encounter many of them.

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