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Postcards from Finland

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Words by Dalene Heck / Photo by Pete Heck

Finland was a challenge.

Not only were we tested when it came to our adventurous spirit and the size of our cajones our bravery, but it was an artistic and personal challenge as well. The majority of our time in Finland was spent in a remote setting near the Russian border, surrounded by mounds of snow and tall, still alpine forests. The task of trying to capture the pure elegance of the repeating scenes of white and grey was an ambitious one.

And then there was the capital Helsinki, which was an entire other world in comparison. The city felt too cool, too hip, too chic – we felt quite shy and undeserving while in its core, stumbling along in our backpacker clothes and with runny noses. It was intimidating, yet lovely, as the people were friendly and the scenery so appealing. It is a city where we could spend days just watching the world go by from the comfort of a cafe (as long as no one judged us by our un-chic footwear).

The essence of a country is hard to capture in just a weeks time, but this is how beautiful Finland was to us…

Finland Postcards - Red Cabin

Finland Postcards - Icy Cold River

Finland Postcards - Helsinki Tram

Finland Postcards - Snow Covered Trees

Finland Postcards - Kuhmo Center for Arts

Finland Postcards - Kuhmo Church

Finland Postcards - Helsinki Church

Finland Postcards - Helsinki Train Station

Finland Postcards - Lone Cabin

Finland Postcards - Chapel of Silence

Finland Postcards - Dog Sledding Excitement


Our trip to Finland was courtesy of Visit Finland and Wild Taiga. As always, all opinions are our own.

While we were in Helsinki we were invited as guests to the very chic Sokos Hotel Albert. Click here for a full review.

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  1. Your postcards are amazing. Very impressive. Do I understand this correctly? You were invited rather than accepting a house sit. That must have been rewarding for you. Thank you for taking us along.

    1. Hi Janet, yes you are correct. Visit Finland invited us and four other travel blogs to their beautiful country and it was incredible. And we would also love to take a house-sit there if the opportunity came up.

  2. That is such a cool post (pun intended). After visiting Norway and Sweden, I’m a huge fan of Scandinavia and even though I know Finland isn’t officially part of this region I think it’s probably fairly similar, and I would love to visit too. Especially in the winter!

    1. It’s certainly a magical place in the winter. And we’ve never been to any other Nordic country, so hopefully that changes as well 🙂

    2. Actually Finland is part of Fennoscandinavia. Up in Lapland there is a spot where Sweden, Norway and Finland share the very same border pole. We have common values. Sweden ruled Finns from the 10th century.1809 Russia took over. 1917 onwards an independent state. Finnish-Russia border is the longest than in any other EU -country. Today we have good relations with Russia too.

    1. It is Jeff. It is the Chapel of Silence and its a place where you can go just to get some quiet time. A beautiful structure indeed.

    1. Thanks so much Lesley. The street car was my favorite shot of the bunch. But I’m a sucker for street scenes 🙂

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