A Taste of Hamburg

A Taste of Hamburg – In Photos

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Words by Dalene Heck / Photography by Pete Heck

When we weren’t working hard atΒ Canada HouseΒ for the Reeperbahn festival,Β we were eating hamburgers and exploring Hamburg. We were lucky to have two great friends to serve as our tour guides and show us the interesting sights of Germany’s second largest city.

The port in here is the most significant economic unit of the city.  It is the third biggest in Europe and stretches for kilometers along the River Elbe.

Hamburg Port in Action

The Mighty Hanjin Freighter

A Cyclists Perspective

An old German WWII U-Boat now serves as a museum on the River Elbe

U-Boat Museum

Canals wind through the downtown buildings

The Canals

St. Nikolai Cathedral in the Autumn

The Cathedral of St. Nikolai

A sunset view on the TV tower from the Skybar Hotel

Skyline at Sunset - Hamburg, Germany

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  1. Amazing pics, Hamburg seems like a beautiful place. Loved the first pic and that tilted one in particular.
    Thanks for this taste, it will linger in my mouth for long!
    Have a wonderful weekend Pete:)

  2. Wow. I love that none of the photos reveal what season it is. I can’t tell if it’s freezing or baking hot. Love the canal pic.

  3. I’ve never been to Hamburg – maybe next time. I like the photo of the imposing cloud right over the barge. The next one of the bike in front of another barge has a nice perspective.

  4. I read the title wrong and was totally expecting to see all kinds of photos of yummy hamburgers! I’m slightly disappointed now…. hahaha
    Looks wonderful! I’ve never been πŸ™‚

    1. I thought about that too, and wondered if anyone would comment about that. Actually thinking about it, that probably would have been a great post too πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks James. Actually seeing the U-Boat kind of took me by surprise. My Grandfather told me a story many times how he was attacked by the German U-boats when he fought for the British Navy and his ship sunk, luckily he survived. To see one reminded me of him and his stories.

  5. Nice photos!! I was in Hamburg in the winter and didn’t get the best impression of the city – but that was mostly due to the weather. Enjoy your time in Germany!! I just love Berlin!

  6. dear god- stop it with the amazing photos. I’m serious, I can’t look at your site without being totally jealous! (but for real- love them, guys!)

  7. I really love the pictures, but my experience in Hamburg wasn’t so good. I remember it as very grey and sad. It must have been because I went there as a school exchange program!

  8. I’m so excited that someone would capture my home town so beautifully!! Stunning pictures. But then again it’s a GREAT motif πŸ˜€ thanks for this!

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