Romance in the Rain

Words by Dalene Heck / Photography by Pete Heck
The day started as the last couple had, a bit dreary and cloudy, we felt a few spots of rain as we made our way to the vehicle that would take us on our last adventure as guests of Ka’ana Belize. We had done our first activities separately – Pete explored the ATM caves and I took the lazier pursuit of floating in a tube down a river – we were excited to do this last one together and for it to be an adventure designed for pure romance.

An hour drive on muddy roads and we arrived at the remote Mountain Pine Ridge Reserve. A quick (but steep) climb down a slight hill put us at the base of our destination, a small but fast moving river, fed by the loud and stunning 150-foot Big Rock Falls.

We were excited to do this last activity together and for it to be an adventure designed for pure romance.

Ka'ana Belize Waterfall Picnic

We took off our shoes such that we could walk on the wet rocks with a little steadier foot, and bee-lined for the basin. While our guides set up for lunch, we headed straight for the water.

Pete and Dalene swimming near the falls

Pete and I took turns balancing on the rocks at the mouth of the upper basin, sometimes splashing frantically as we fell forward into the deep water but usually were able to catch each other. We felt foolish and playful, with no one to hear our childish screams as the drone of the waterfalls would easily damper it.

Without the sun to warm us however, our carousing came to an early end and we headed back to shore. We were met with the purely romantic part of our itinerary – layers of blankets, over-stuffed pillows, prosecco and a gourmet lunch for two with a gorgeous view.

Ka'ana Belize Waterfall Picnic Location


And then, as our luck would have it on this day, it started to rain.

At first just slight drizzles, but then it got harder and showed no signs of stopping. We covered up what we could, snuck delicious homemade tortillas out from under cover, and shared one soggy sandwich while securing the other for later.

Picnic in the Rain

Rain Infused Prosecco

We were NOT dismayed. How often do we really get to just enjoy each others company at the base of a gorgeous waterfall? We even convinced ourselves that “prosecco infused with pure Belizean rainwater” would probably be worth more in the store anyways.

So we just gave into the water, and had some more fun.

Dalene and the waterfall

And wouldn’t you know it? With lunch forgotten and our return to swimming, the rain stopped, and even patches of blue sky could be seen.

Still, no complaining. With a cycle of work and travel such that we forget about stopping to enjoy this kind of romance, we’ll take it when we can get it.

We were guests of Ka’ana Belize for this excursion but as always, all opinions are our own. To read all about our stay there, please click here.

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  • February 25 2013

    Aww…that’s so lovely and romantic and you guys look so relaxed. It was great you made the most out the rain. This reminds me of the anonymous quote I read and Iove – “Whoever said that sunshine was happiness has never played in the rain.”
    Marisol recently posted..Vietnam: Trekking in the Off-The-Beaten-Path Hilltribe Villages – Day 1

    • February 27 2013

      Love that quote Marisol! Very appropriate here. 🙂

  • February 25 2013

    I absolutely love your story telling. Every time I read one of your posts I am transported to that destination without leaving the couch!

    And as always, great photos that make me want to jump up and go there right now!
    Nicole @ Suitcase Stories recently posted..Our Life List (Bucket List) with awesome photos!

    • February 27 2013

      Thanks Nicole! Stories in Guatemala and Belize are pretty easy to tell. 🙂

  • February 26 2013

    Awwww seriously SO romantic, I love it!

    • February 27 2013

      It truly was! Rain and all!

  • February 26 2013

    Romance is worth the effort. The falls look like a lovely place for a romantic picnic.

    • February 27 2013

      Our guides talked about the desire to have a platform built for the picnics, but we loved it just as it was, right in nature. The perfect place!

  • February 26 2013

    Absolutely FABULOUS pics – sooo romantic!

    Do tell – this cozy little tropical rendezvous didn’t perhaps… take place on February 14th by any chance, did it?

    • February 27 2013

      Sigh, it didn’t. The 1st of February, I do believe, a couple of weeks short! But, no matter, to restrict romance to one day is a ridiculous notion anyways. 🙂

      • February 27 2013

        I agree. I hereby decree that February 15 – 13 (all 364 days) shall be World Romance Day!

  • February 26 2013

    You two have such a positive attitude! very romantic. I’d love to spend an afternoon like this. 🙂

    • February 27 2013

      It would take a pretty special circumstance for us NOT to have a good time in a place like this.

  • February 27 2013

    That moment when you are in the right place with the right people should always be remembered. We don’t get enough occasions like that in life
    Natalie recently posted..The Pool of Abraham : Balikli Göl in Sanliurfa

    • February 27 2013

      Perfectly said Natalie. These occasions are rarer than I’d like, we need to do something about that. 🙂

  • March 6 2016

    Thanks for the heads up this waterfall, my wife and I are heading to Belize in July, and I probably wouldn’t have even had this on my radar of things to do. We are there for our anniversary, so it looks like a romantic getaway with relative solitude. Great write-up and pictures!

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