The Paris Cliché

Words by Dalene Heck / Photography by Pete Heck

Spending three weeks in Paris afforded us the time to see the city in an entirely different way. Our neighborhood on the outskirts reminded us a bit of Harlem; we frequented Chinatown often, which isn’t a place most tourists get to. And then there were Pete’s photography walkabouts where he spent hours poking around in new corners.

But let’s be honest here – touristy places have touristy parts that are touristy for a very good reason. Paris is adored for its massive landmarks, the stretch of banks along the river Seine, and the architecture with flair at every corner of the core. All the things that make up the cliché of Paris are what makes it one of the most enchanting cities in the world. And we couldn’t complete our chronicling of our time there without a collection of photos that reminds us of that.

Want even more cliché? We bring them in black and white…

Road to Triomphe


On the Seine

Full Moon Arc

Bridge Across the Seine

Paris Cafe

Eiffel Tower

Bibliothèque Mazarine


Moulin Rouge

Tour Eiffel

Trumpet Practice

Paris Wedding

Sacre Coeur

Sacre Coeur at Night

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  • October 8 2014

    Three weeks in Paris what a treat. Love the B+W images…you have inspired me. I land in Istanbul this weekend and I will do some B+W of my own. Just spent a couple of weeks with Barbara Weible in Russia but she had to cut the trip short…her father had a stroke so she flew home. Hope all is well with you two.

    • October 12 2014

      Thank you Larry! Enjoy Istanbul, one of our favourite cities.

  • October 8 2014

    These photos are ah-mazing. Cannot stop staring. And so true about Paris – I generally prefer more “offbeat” places, but there’s a good reason Paris is so popular.
    Silvia recently posted..A Journey Through Buddhist Hell in Singapore

  • October 8 2014

    Beautiful photos! I love the Moulin Rouge shot.
    Ashley | Ashley Wanders recently posted..Alternative Destinations on Australia’s East Coast

    • October 12 2014

      I think that’s my favourite too. Thanks Ashley!

  • October 8 2014

    You know what? As holiday season and whatnot approaches here in Guatemala, we find ourselves reminiscing on our days and nights by the Seine. We miss Paris immensely – and this gorgeous post is not helping! Paris is and will always be one of my favorite cities in our extraordinary world. Lovely to revisit it through your lens 🙂 Bonne chance!
    Lunaguava recently posted..The Brief Luscious Life of William Benjamin

    • October 12 2014

      We miss Paris too. It is a hard city to get out of your system! Thanks!

  • October 9 2014

    Oooo. Love. I don’t care if it’s cliche and touristy – these parts of Paris are still gorgeous!
    Amanda recently posted..Photo of the Week: Moody Oxford

  • October 9 2014

    C’est magnifique! These shots are breathtaking and, like you say, classic for a reason. Are you familiar with the work of Gilberte Brassai? I have a black and white print of her Montmartre staircase photograph hanging in my apartment.
    Heather recently posted..Sigulda, Latvia: Medieval Castles Amid Autumn Leaves

    • October 12 2014

      No, we’re not familiar! We’ll have to look her up!

  • October 9 2014

    Beautiful photos. It’s difficult to take a bad photo in France.
    Jimmy Dau recently posted..The best of France – Photos.

  • Clare Laming
    October 9 2014

    I live in Paris and wish I could take photographs of Paris of this calibre. I would buy prints of these! Just discovered your blog and so glad I did 😀

    • October 12 2014

      Thanks so much Clare! If you are really interested, drop us a note!

      • Clare Laming
        October 29 2014


  • October 10 2014

    Beautiful shots. Having the photos in black and white adds such a timeless element to them.

  • October 21 2014

    Lovely photography and the black and white makes it even more interesting.
    Nancy D. Brown recently posted..Molokai, Hawaii Mule Ride

  • October 23 2014

    Even if it’s cliché, these are great artsy photos in black and white! Thanks for taking them!
    Mary @ Green Global Travel recently posted..Top 5 Ecotourism Attractions In Sabah, Borneo

  • You make cliche look beautiful.
    Stephanie – The Travel Chica recently posted..Portland’s Bridges at Night

  • Kara
    October 25 2014

    Cliched, perhaps – but still beautiful photos! As you said, cliché for a reason.

  • October 31 2014

    Lovely shots, Pete. The black white portrays a whole new beauty to an already beautiful city.
    Dean recently posted..Spicing it up at the Fremantle Chilli Festival

  • Meenakshi
    November 5 2014

    Just stunning! – thank you!

  • November 12 2014

    Beautiful pictures. I agree that while going to Paris is such a cliche, it’s still completely worth it! It’s a dream trip for a reason.
    Anna // The Blonde Banana recently posted..Learning to Boulder at Brooklyn Boulders in Somerville

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