A View from Central Park

Central Park – In Photos

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Amongst the millions of people, the subways, the taxis, the skyscrapers, the shouting, the honking, the electricity that is New Yorkis Central Park.

Some quick facts about the park:

– The park is 2.5 miles long by 0.5 mile wide
– 58 miles of pedestrian paths
– Over 6,000 benches
– Inside the park is a zoo, the Metropolitan Museum, 2 skating rinks, a 1.5 mile track around theΒ reservoir, and over 20 playgrounds

It is surreal to find such tranquility in a city that is as busy as New York. We have already been there numerous times but each time we walk a new path, and marvel at the improbable silence.

A View from Central Park


Central Park


The Sun Peeks Through in Central Park


Imagine - a tribute to John Lennon


Ice Skating in Central Park


Literary Walk - Central Park


Reflections in Central Park


The sun sets in Central Park

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  1. Have you been by the Dairy bar? According to Paxton’s book it has been around for 100 years. Started as a place for kids to get a glass of milk in the city.

    1. Have not been by the Dairy Bar. But if it’s in Paxton’s book, then we have to do it. Can we take the Q train πŸ˜‰

  2. I love Central Park. Like so much of New York, it’s a place you feel you already know intimately before you’ve even visited, as it has featured in so many films πŸ™‚ Lovely photos!

    1. Thanks Laurence. Exactly my thoughts. I keep thinking back to films and references even on tv and can now say I’ve been there, or I know what they are talking about when they say Uptown or Upper West Side πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks Caanan. This city is so freakin’ photogenic. I think it will win the competition for the place where we’ve taken the most pics.

    1. Thanks Maria. As much as we’d love to visit Central Park in another season, it is kinda pretty and romantic to have much of it to ourselves at this time of year.

    1. Thanks Christy. I think NYC in B&W is going to be a common theme over the next few weeks. At least you’ve had a taste of Central Park, I’m sure it won’t be your last time there… πŸ™‚

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