Central Park – In Photos

Amongst the millions of people, the subways, the taxis, the skyscrapers, the shouting, the honking, the electricity that is New Yorkis Central Park.

Some quick facts about the park:

– The park is 2.5 miles long by 0.5 mile wide
– 58 miles of pedestrian paths
– Over 6,000 benches
– Inside the park is a zoo, the Metropolitan Museum, 2 skating rinks, a 1.5 mile track around theΒ reservoir, and over 20 playgrounds

It is surreal to find such tranquility in a city that is as busy as New York. We have already been there numerous times but each time we walk a new path, and marvel at the improbable silence.

A View from Central Park


Central Park


The Sun Peeks Through in Central Park


Imagine - a tribute to John Lennon


Ice Skating in Central Park


Literary Walk - Central Park


Reflections in Central Park


The sun sets in Central Park

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  • February 10 2012

    Great shots…I make sure to visit Strawberry Fields any time I’m in the city…
    D.J. – The World of Deej recently posted..The President Made Me Late For Lunch

    • Pete
      February 11 2012

      Thanks so much D.J. Agreed, a very beautiful part

  • February 10 2012

    These photos are amazing!
    Tash recently posted..My A to Z of Travel

    • Pete
      February 11 2012

      Thanks Tash!!

  • Leah
    February 10 2012

    Have you been by the Dairy bar? According to Paxton’s book it has been around for 100 years. Started as a place for kids to get a glass of milk in the city.

    • Pete
      February 11 2012

      Have not been by the Dairy Bar. But if it’s in Paxton’s book, then we have to do it. Can we take the Q train πŸ˜‰

  • Gary
    February 10 2012

    Great shots Pete…the ones I took were black and white too…but only because everywhere was covered in snow!!

    • Pete
      February 11 2012

      Thanks Gary. I’ve been shooting a lot in B&W here, it just seems the thing to do…

  • February 10 2012

    Beautiful photos Pete!
    Teri recently posted..OK – Sometimes My Job Can Be Funny

    • Pete
      February 11 2012

      Thanks Teri!!!

  • jan
    February 11 2012

    You must return to Central Park in Spring!
    jan recently posted..FROM A TUSCAN DIARY

    • Pete
      February 11 2012

      Absolutely we must. And to see it in the fall must be brilliant as well πŸ™‚

  • February 11 2012

    I love Central Park. Like so much of New York, it’s a place you feel you already know intimately before you’ve even visited, as it has featured in so many films πŸ™‚ Lovely photos!
    Laurence recently posted..In photos: Kings Canyon, Australia

    • Pete
      February 11 2012

      Thanks Laurence. Exactly my thoughts. I keep thinking back to films and references even on tv and can now say I’ve been there, or I know what they are talking about when they say Uptown or Upper West Side πŸ™‚

  • Love the effect on those shots. Seems like just the right “feel” for photos of New York.

    • Pete
      February 11 2012

      Thanks Caanan. This city is so freakin’ photogenic. I think it will win the competition for the place where we’ve taken the most pics.

  • Ali
    February 12 2012

    Great pictures! I love NYC, although I haven’t seen nearly enough of it.

    • February 13 2012

      At the end we’ll have been here for six weeks, and we won’t have seen enough of it either. πŸ™

  • February 13 2012

    these are really simple, romantic photos! i love them.
    Maria D. recently posted..10 Free Things to do in Hong Kong

    • February 13 2012

      Thanks Maria. As much as we’d love to visit Central Park in another season, it is kinda pretty and romantic to have much of it to ourselves at this time of year.

  • February 13 2012

    Great photos of Central Park! As a New Yorker I enjoy going to the park in all seasons– it’s such a peaceful spot πŸ™‚
    Leslie (Downtown Traveler) recently posted..Valentine’s Day Q+A: Expert tips for traveling as a couple

    • February 13 2012

      I wish we were here during all the other seasons as well…another time…I hope!

  • February 13 2012

    I love that you did so many of these in black and white!!

  • February 14 2012

    I’ve never really seen photos of Central Park in B&W, but I like the moodiness it adds. We’ve only spent two hours there (sad, I know), but hopefully that can be remedied. πŸ˜›

    • Pete
      February 14 2012

      Thanks Christy. I think NYC in B&W is going to be a common theme over the next few weeks. At least you’ve had a taste of Central Park, I’m sure it won’t be your last time there… πŸ™‚

  • February 15 2012

    Pretty pictures! When I visited the park I loved it and I would visit different places next time.
    rashmi recently posted..Why You Should Take a Vacation

    • February 16 2012

      That is the beauty of the park, there are so many corners to be explored. One could spend days in there!

  • February 18 2012

    Nice photos essay here. I’ve always dreamed of skating around Central Park at night.
    Nomadic Samuel recently posted..Break Time | Sundra Kelapa Harbour | Jakarta, Indonesia

  • February 23 2012

    Beautiful! I love NYC and Central Park especially, like most people. It’s hard to believe this green oasis is in the middle of one of the busiest places on Earth!

    • February 23 2012

      I wish we were here when it is green…guess we’ll have to come back again! πŸ™‚

  • February 24 2012

    Central Park is one of my favorite places in the world!! Such lovely photos guys. Takes me breath away and brings back such fond memories.

    • February 25 2012

      Prior to visiting, I didn’t have a clue as to how special a place it really was. Love Central Park!

  • February 29 2012

    Gorgeous photos! I specially like the last one, such beautiful light. Thanks for bringing NYC to me, I was supposed to be there now but had to stay in Montreal due to a sprained knee!
    Bianca @ nomadbiba recently posted..Track Of The Week – Skanky Panky by Kid Koala

  • April 27 2013

    Ahhh!!! The black and whites are striking.
    Maria recently posted..Wordless Wednesday – Park Guell

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