Bled In Fog

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Words by Dalene Heck / Photography by Pete Heck

There are some massive advantages to traveling in the off-season. We’ve saved money on accommodations because prices are typically lower and we sometimes have had trains all to ourselves. Even at the most popular attractions, we haven’t run screaming from hordes of tourists, or had to wait our turn to take a picture. We have enjoyed serene moments where we’ve made intense connections with our surroundings and each other, reminding us of everything that is great about this fancy-free and nomadic life path that we’ve chosen. I’m not sure that we could replicate those moments in busy-tourist-season.

But then, thanks to the off-season weather, we sometimes get this…

Lake Bled

That’s me, at one of Slovenia’s most popular tourist attractions, Lake Bled. Behind me you should see ducks gliding gently in still water, their wet feathers glistening off the warm sun. On a nice day you would be dazzled by lush foliage and bright blue skies. We would have loved to show you Bled Castle up on a rocky hill, or the tiny island with a famous neo-gothic church that sits on an island near the far shore.

We’ve seen some gorgeous pictures of Lake Bled previously, and were so anxious to experience it for ourselves. We wanted to take this picture:

And this one:

But instead we got this:

And this:

And, froze our butts off while we did it.

Just when we thought it was hopeless, and the cathedral would remain completely out of our sight for this wintery visit, there was a small break in the fog. There it was, visible for only a few seconds. We stopped pinching our legs for circulation just long enough to lift the camera and snap this shot that we love…

So the trip wasn’t entirely for nought, we got a little lucky. And, it just gives us one more reason to come back (like we even need another)!

Many thanks to Steph at for her pretty pictures of Lake Bled!

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  1. Hi guys!

    Love the last two photographs by the way. Very romantic and fairytale like.

    Yes, Slovenia’s weather has been a tad off for a while now and we’re never known when the next “blue skies – grab your camera moment” is going to arrive.

    Keep up the good work with this blog as it’s a pleasure to read!


    1. Thanks so much Sean!! We are excited to come back sometime in summer to see it again – we heard about some sort of festival where they float candles in the water in July? Would love to see that!

  2. We love exploring Europe in the off-season too. But, yeah, the weather can sometimes be a pain in the butt. Like when we visited Venice in a freezing deluge in March… not so romantic. On the up-side I think you get to experience the real character of the places you visit. I love to moody foggy photo you guys took and it’s a photo that not a lot of other visitors will have πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks Alison – we got so lucky with a couple of photos, that the fog just broke briefly. I do love that one, but still wish we could have seen more of it! Venice when so cold would make a big difference in being able to enjoy it!

  3. Umm, well, call me crazy, but I love that last foggy photo of yours!!! LOVE it. I’ve seen plenty of sunny photos of Lake Bled, but never one like that.

  4. Traveling during the off-season can be tricky, but your photos are still very pretty! Really enjoying your posts πŸ™‚ Keep ’em coming!

  5. Love this! Reminds me of my visit to Olkhon Island in Lake Baikal in November. The day started off clear and sunny and by the time we reached the north tip of the island – the part with the best views, we were in the middle of a snowstorm with near white-out conditions. My pictures of Lake Baikal didn’t exactly turn out as planned either… πŸ™‚

  6. I like your photos better. I can totally commiserate with the not-fun part of freezing your asses off, but I’d have to say it was worth it for those last two photos. Beautiful and unique!

  7. I actually really, really love the fog photos! Maybe it’s because I live in the desert where it’s sunny approximately 364 1/2 days a year.

  8. Although the weather didn’t allow you to get the photos you wanted I think the ones you got were still pretty awesome. Love the snowy trees and the ducks.

  9. This just totally happened to me in September at the Point Reyes Lighthouse outside San Francisco. It looks like you guys handled it well. (There is not a picture in my collection of me flipping off the fog….)

  10. Goodness, all bundled up – what a difference from when I first (digitally) “met” you two back in the tropical sunshine of Honduras.

    Absolutely fabulous pics! The foggy faaaaaarrrrr more interesting than the clear.

  11. I find the two shots you took (except the one of a total wall of fog, of course) to be much more beautiful than the ones you showed where it’s nice weather. They tell more of a story.

    1. Did you get to see it through the fog? That place is so hit and miss, hey? We never actually made it there when in South America, it was all closed due to rain washouts.

  12. Wow, that last photo was definitely worth the wait! I’ve got some of my own that look similar to the rest of yours, although mine are from a trip to Rio…you’d never know I’d trekked up to the giant Christ statue from the completely grey backdrop behind me. Makes the good photos and good weather days just that much better.

  13. Just love that last photograph. So unique. It is different from the hundreds of samey images you get of Lake Bled, even the snow scenes. How fortunate the boat (pletna I think is the correct word) was there.

    Some of my best photographs are in “bad” weather when most people don’t venture out

    1. Cheers, sometimes things just work out, even when you don’t think they will. Agreed, that you certainly get a different perspective when the weather is not optimal.

  14. Wow, that’s insane! I was there in August this year and it was beautiful! I still like the misty look of it now in winter though, although it’s a shame you didn’t get to see it in all its glory!

  15. Haunting and inspiring pics! When I was there last year, I had a total fiasco rowing my boat and can only imagine what would have happened had it been foggy. No one on shore would have been safe.

  16. This problem is not unique to Europe. I have a similar mental image, if not a picture, of myself on top of Table Mountain, in CAPE TOWN, of all places.

  17. Ahhhh…the table cloth as the cloud cover veil on Table Mountain is affectionately called I believe. Perhaps I should know for sure having been born there and visited since!!

    The mysterious pics are far superior to the claer day shots anyway so there is always a reason for every situation.. great shots.

    1. Thanks Gary! We are happy with how our pictures turned out but do wish we could have seen Bled in better weather, especially because of our frozen body parts!

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