Postcards from Europe

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How do you summarize an entire continent in a few hundred words?

You can’t, really. Especially Europe, because as a visiting North American, the sheer grandeur and antiquity is incomprehensible until faced with it. At times, it stopped our hearts from beating, our feet in our tracks, and halted the flow of words from our mouths.

And then there were those damn infuriating Mozart Balls. And touted tourist meccas that we found disappointing (London). And some curt Germans who put us in our place.

But really, we loved it. Every minute of it. How could we not?

In lieu of words that will most certainly fall short, we want to pay tribute in the best way we know how, a collection of our favorite photos.


We started our exploration by house-sitting for two months in Ireland. We took care of a 10th century manor, and enjoyed roaming the countryside when we could.

Dark Hedges Ireland


Connemara Ireland


Another house-sitting gig took us to Belgium for a brief visit.

Gent Belgium


The Netherlands was a country that surprised us a bit – we didn’t expect to like it as much as we did!

Amsterdam Netherlands


We made a couple of visits to the UK, and even though we didn’t love London, it sure is pretty sometimes.

Edinburgh UK


London Tower Bridge England


From London we flew south to begin our Blog Trail – visiting Croatia, Slovenia and a big chunk of Italy.

Dubrovnik Croatia


Plitvice Croatia


Lake Bled Slovenia


Amalfi Italy


The nation of Malta is tiny, tiny, tiny, and it was also hot, hot, hot.

Azure Window Malta


We skirted the top of Germany with a stop in Hamburg, and then the bottom by spending a week exploring the area around Munich. We need much more time there.

Hamburg Germany


Adios Europe! We will see you again soon.

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    1. Thanks so much Kate 🙂 It was pretty difficult to narrow down the photos to our favorites. We probably had 5-6 from each country.

  1. It’s hard to pick a favourite but I’m choosing Ireland, just because it’s not one my list of places I want to go and the photo makes me feel like I may be missing out.

    1. It’s funny how Ireland has this special place with us. We loved it, but when we left it was easy to go. Now we seem to both be reflecting back how beautiful it was and how we want to return.

    1. Thanks Marisol, I’m glad. We had to leave some photos out otherwise it would have taken me weeks to get all the photos done.

    1. Thanks Kent. I would love to spend a lot more time exploring what else Croatia has to offer (along with the rest of the Balkans)

    1. I figured somebody would ask 🙂 Sorry, they didn’t make our cut, but I used some of our best shots in our Salzburg in Photos post.

    1. That has to be my favorite photo as well. It was our first trip to Bled. It was so cold Dalene decided to go back to a cafe for a cappuccino and I thought I would take a stroll around the lake. I’m so happy I did as the fog broke and I got this shot.

  2. Gorgeous postcards from Europe. Lake Bled shrouded in fog is one of my favorites. And the Tower Bridge almost appears as if sparkling diamonds are glittering on it.

  3. Awesome photos! Hard to pick which one I like the best but the one from Northern Ireland is beautiful (and maybe because Ireland is on my mind too!)

    1. Thanks Juno!! If you make it to Ireland, bring lots of digital memory, you will take a LOT of photos. It is definitely photo friendly 🙂

    1. Thanks Tom, it is one of my favorite shots. Not only for the outcome, but the memory in getting it. It was freezing cold that day and you couldn’t see anything through the fog, but I thought I would chance it. I’m glad I did…

    1. You are right Laura, it truly was like being in a fairytale. It was a little difficult to find, but once we did there was not a soul around. We spent a good amount of time here enjoying the serenity.

    1. I was shocked too. When I first thought of Ireland, I just thought of green rolling fields and rocky cliffs on the shoreline. How wrong I was.

  4. Incredible photos. I always find curating a best of to be a challenge, and you guys have such epic photos to choose from, but you appear to have risen to said challenge magnificently! Great work 😀

  5. gorgeous postcards! And I must admit, I feel happy that someone else shares my “meh” feeling for London…

    I mean, I’m sure London has its charms, but even after being there 4 times, I don’t find it particularly interesting or amazing… meh

    – Maria Alexandra

  6. Breathtaking postcards. You really have the eye of a photographer, excellent framing and stunning colors. Great work!
    However, I cannot imagine a summary of postcards from Europe without Greece in it 😉

  7. Great collection! And great to get a sense of what you have seen/where you have been in Europe. Of course I have to ask – what was your favorite?

    And I am reminded that you spent some time in Belgium – I just got back from my second trip to Belgium. I will have to look at your individual posts on Belgium and give you my take on what we saw there.

    Thanks for sharing with us as you always do!

  8. Stunning shots…all of those… very difficult to pick the best one…. while scrolling through these pics, seems like Europe is calling….incredible work with the camera….

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