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Skittles for Trolls

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While the sun was still shining and temperatures moderate during our trip to Menomonie, we were eager to explore some of the outdoor attractions in the area.

A quick look at pictures online for the nearby “Devil’s Punchbowl” assured us it was worth a visit, and then we found this article, which intrigued us even more.

Unusual phenomenon have been reported but are unexplained – water that stays colder than normal and clearer than normal (despite the proven presence of bacteria). There have also been fairy sightings! Ghosts! And even trolls.

Vengeful trolls with a sweet tooth, to be precise. For the website also states that the mystical creatures enjoy the candy Skittles, and that visitors who fail to bring such a gift have reported problems with their cars upon leaving.


We decided not to take any chances.

We entered the Punchbowl via very shallow steps, perfect for little troll legs, we supposed.

Devils Punchbowl - 3 - 533x800


We searched for footprints to no avail, possible tracks on surrounding trails were covered by thick layers of fallen leaves and twigs.

Devils Punchbowl - 4 - 800x597


The Punchbowl itself is quite an interesting formation. It has the appearance of a crater that has been sunken for centuries, with layered striations of sandstone, and green moss covering sections of the inner wall. The area is quite botanically rich, and despite the road that runs just overhead, is peaceful.

Devils Punchbowl - 533x800


Our vehicle started when we returned. Our simple offering must have pleased the trolls.

Devils Punchbowl-2 - 800x533


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  1. very interesting. being born and raised in the philippines, we hear all sorts of mystical things such as this all the time. one just can’t help but pay attention to them.

  2. Very wise decision. Trolls are ferocious and not to be trifled with. A couple years back I was living in Norway working as a trek leader for hiking trips and we ran into a band of trolls deep in the forests. Sorry to the families of those who didn’t make it back, but that’s why we make you sign a waiver…

  3. Wisconsin is full of surprises. More, please.

    Skittles for Trolls should be the interweb’s newest meme. Got a troll? Send ’em a photo of Skittles, a la the Rickroll. Perhaps it would melt the heart of a cold troll or two.

    Also? Would be an excellent band name 🙂

    1. AHHH! Now I have to start a band, just to have that name, because you are SO right. (I suppose learning an instrument would help too.) Drat, sounds like work.

  4. Very serene appearance to the landscape – seems too much so for trolls.

    What type of trolls?
    Monty Python Holy Grail type or the little plastic toys we had as kids?

    Which color/flavor skittle do you think they like most?

    *raises brow* *tilts head*

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