Canada House In Germany

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We’ve been casual observers.  We’ve been stage-side and furiously shot pictures of famous rock stars.

It was time.  Time to get ourselves behind the scenes.

And so when our good friend in Hamburg invited us to work alongside him for the Canadian Blast group at the Reeperbahn Music Festival, we were all over it.

Besides, we haven’t spent much time at home lately.  It would give us a good opportunity to practice speaking Canadian, eh?

Reeperbahn Music Festival

Ah…the glamorous work of a volunteer at a music event.  We set up chairs and tables, we took down chairs and tables.  We made coffee, procured snacks, and hauled bottled water across town.  All for the love of the music.

We did have some totally bad-ass rock star moments. Like when we waltzed into a local bakery on the first morning of the event, looked at the waitress and boldly said:Alles.”

You heard me.  I want ALL of your sandwiches. We have rock stars to feed.

We also made countless new friends at the front door of our venue wooing would-be patrons to enter and listen to the up-and-coming Canadian bands.  The phrase “freibier!” was rattled off to anyone within earshot.  The Switzerland venue next to us was serving fondue and chocolate.  Idiots.  We have free beer.

Good looking dudes and free beer.  What else do you need?

It was a long two days of playing gopher and front door bouncer, but it was totally worth it. Not only did we get to see some really great new Canadian bands and chat with some of the musicians, but we used whatever energy we had left at the end of the day to sneak in a few other shows as well.

These are bands I REALLY encourage you to check out.

Photo courtesy of Canadian Blast

Hot Panda

Yes, Catherine Hiltz is playing a trumpet and the bass at the same time. This is just one of the crazy talents that these band members have. They put on an amazingly energetic show with many standout tunes that turned the place inside out.  (And they just happen to hail from Edmonton, Pete’s hometown!)

The Wilderness of Manitoba

Killer vocals and big melodies define this band (who is actually from Toronto). A really nice group of people and worthy of some big space on your iPod.


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  1. While we are in Nova Scotia next week, there is a Halifax Music Festival. No Hot Panda, but The Town Heros and Ben & his Casual Smokers will be playing. (As well as Stars! but that’s the night of the wedding, damn!) Are they worth tracking down?

    1. Pete really liked The Town Heroes (I never saw them), and Ben never got to play because he showed up late (big OOPS!) But I hear he would be worth seeing as well…

  2. Hot Panda used to play here in Kelowna all the time. I haven’t seen them around lately though. They must have progressed on to the international music festival scene!
    Just curious though…What kind of free beer is given out at Canada House? Kokanee?

  3. I love living vicariously through your posts. Thanks for sharing your lifestyle! I would like to buy a couple songs of the two bands you recommended on iTunes. Do you have any recommendations?

    1. For Hot Panda, check out: “1995”, “Evil By Nature” and “Mindlessnesslessness”

      For Wilderness of Manitoba, check out: “Orono Park” and “November”. Two VERY different bands, I hope you enjoy both!

  4. Free beer – that just makes me proud to be Canadian. I’ve never heard of Hot Panda, and I’m from Edmonton. I’ll have to check them out.

  5. I feel like we´ve really missed out on the music scene since we left home. I guess there´s no reason not to be checking out some live music on the road though. Seeing some Canadian bands at a Canadian themed festival in Guatemala would be awesome.

    1. Europe is so dangerous for us in that respect – we are live music junkies, and there are constantly opportunities to see great bands everywhere! We could easily spend our life (and all our money) running around Europe to see different shows.

      1. I can believe that. Home was starting to feel that way for us a bit. In the past, Saskatchewan had been the wasteland with hardly a show coming to town. Somehow that’s changed in the last few years, just since we’ve left home we missed Pearl Jam, Sheep Dogs, Kings of Leon, and William Shatner, all of which we would have gone to see. Expensive, but fun.

        1. Yeah, somehow it became cool for bands to tour all the Canadian provinces! Which is, cool. Although they get a lot fewer of the more up-and-coming bands which I love to go see!

    1. Yay! I hope we have similar tastes! Which reminds me, we haven’t posted a playlist for awhile on our “what we love” page…will have to work on that!

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