Brussels In Photos

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Belgium, you are definitely cool.  You’ve convinced us.

And we have some photographic proof from our stay in your beautiful capital city.

Enjoy our photos from Brussels!


The Royal Galleries 

Brussels The Royal Galleries


La Maison du Roi – The Grand Place

Brussels La Maison du Roi


A lazy afternoon in la Parque du Cinquantenaire

Brussels La Parque du Cinquantenaire


The Saturday market near Porte de Hal

Brussels Saturday Market


“Mannekin Pis” – it literally translates as “Little Man Pee”.  Many stories exist as to why this statue (created in 1619) exists, and most of them have to do with little boys saving the city by either peeing on a fire or of one sticking his “privates” into a appropriately sized hole to stop the city from flooding.

Mannekin Pis


The magnificent Palais de Justice

Brussels Palais de Justice


Rue de la Loi at night

Brussels Rue de la Loi


Street Art – near the Recyclart Galleries


An inner-city skatepark where the older kids would teach the younger ones how to skate


The Sunday market at Midi Station

Brussels Sunday Market


Maison des Brasseurs – The Grand Place

Brussels Maison des Brasseurs


A typical street scene


If you are interested in seeing more wonderful photos of Brussels be sure to check out the Beautiful Belgium Keepsake Photography book published by our friends at CheeseWeb.


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    1. Thanks so much. I love that shot too. I took a ton of street art shots and decided just to include my favorite.

  1. Pete, great pictures! Seems you all had the exact same gray skies that plagued us all through August. Luckily now it seems we all get to enjoy some sun for a bit.

    Thank you for inspiring me and my photos!

    1. Thanks Warren, yes it was dreary gray the whole time in Brussels, minus a couple moments where the sun peeked out. We are most definitely enjoying the sunshine now. Enjoy Brussels again 🙂 PS you should come up to Amsterdam for Mexican next week and we can finally meet!! 😉

    1. Thanks Christy, that was a difficult shot as the skies were really crappy that day. But I’m pretty happy with the final result.

  2. Love these! I can’t say I’ve read much about Brussels before, so your posts about it have been very welcome! It does indeed look like a pretty cool city!

    1. Cheers Michael, I put a lot of time into these ones and am pretty happy with them.

      Settings on the night shot – F11 Shutter – 13 seconds ISO 100 Focal length 55mm

  3. Thanks for the trip down memory lane! I love Belgium… although Brussels is my least favorite part… Ghent and Antwerp are the best… basically all of Flemish Belgium! haha

  4. These are beautiful pics, cant choose any one favorite!! All of them are eye catching with amazing details…
    Have a fabulous Sunday:)

  5. Wonderful photos. You have really brought Belgium to life. I think it is high on my list of countries to visit in Europe, where before I might of skipped it.

  6. amazing pictures Pete… the “Little Man Pee”s stories got me laughing 🙂 … the street art pic is my fave 🙂

  7. Amazing photos Pete! I called Brussels my home for 2 years and that city really surprised me! Particularly the comic drawings they have on the walls, did you spot any?

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