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28 of the Best Travel Games for at Home and Abroad

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Written by Dalene Heck

We have always loved games – board games, card games, Nintendo 64 – you name it, we probably tried it at least once. And in all of our nomadic travels, we were never without one. We always had a pack of basic cards with us, for sure, but more often than not, we also travelled with a game like Exploding Kittens or Bohnanza stuffed somewhere in our luggage. Basically, we didn’t travel without a travel game!

Maybe you aren’t surprised that we then created our own travel game, because, why not? We had so much fun designing and infusing it with memories from the road. And we specifically made it small enough so that travellers like us could take it on the road.

But, why stop there? We may think of our own game as the absolute best (we admit to being totally biased), but we also wanted to create a unique list of travel-themed games and portable games so that you can share in the fun. From epic board-top adventures to exciting pocket-sized escapades, these games are your passport to endless fun on the go.

Travel-Themed Games

Trip Chaser

Details: 2-6 players | 60 minutes

Trip Chaser (this is our travel game!) is the ultimate armchair travel card game for competitive people. Get ready for a globe-trotting experience without the hassle of airport security, faster than you can say “upgrade to first class”.

Prove who’s the most travel-savvy by buying, bartering, and gambling your way to various destinations. The more challenging a destination is to get to from North America, the more points it’s worth! Whoever has the most points at the end of the game wins humble bragging rights for life.

Trip Chaser - the best card travel game

You’ll traverse the world from the comfort of your living room — just remember to budget wisely because even in this game, money talks when it comes to jet-setting. Expect a blend of challenges and familiar on-the-road encounters that’ll keep you on your toes and itching for more.

It’s like travelling without jet lag, but with all the fun!

Fun fact: Place an order, plant a tree! One tree will be planted for every game purchased to help offset carbon emissions.

Shotgun! The Card Game for Road Trips

Details: 2+ players | 30 – 480 minutes

Say goodbye to road trip boredom and hello to endless laughter with this family card game designed to turn your drives into unforgettable adventures.

Whether you’re belting out tunes, tackling trivia, or taking on hilarious challenges, Shotgun! guarantees non-stop entertainment for the entire journey.

Shotgun-RoadTrip - a travel game

With over 200 cards packed with dares, questions, and more, no two games are ever alike – meaning the fun never stops, mile after mile.

Fun fact: This game came from the creators of the hilarious “What Do You Meme”.

Ticket to Ride

Details: 2-5 players | 30-60 minutes

All aboard for a journey through time and tracks with this board game that’s a hit among train enthusiasts and history buffs alike!

Ticket to Ride is a travel game which requires you to outdo your opponents by constructing the most epic train route across turn-of-the-century North America. From coast to coast, you’ll be charting a course to coveted destinations while navigating the twists and turns of railroad history. (The phone app version of this game is also very good and one that we play often.)

Ticket to Ride and box - build train routes across America with this travel game.

Fun fact: The creator said that the idea for Ticket to Ride came to him during a morning walk along the Atlantic shore in Beverly, Massachusetts, in 2003, when he struggled with a concept for a different train-themed game.

Around the World in 80 Days

Details: 2-6 players | 45-60 minutes

Around the World in 80 Days, derived from the Jules Verne classic, challenges players to travel the Earth in 80 days, facing obstacles and adventures as they go.

The first player to return to London wins, but there’s a twist! You left the city under suspicion of theft from Her Majesty’s bank; you must return without any Rumor cards and £10 or less to prove your innocence. Be careful, though – moving too fast drains your wallet.

Around the World in 80 Days Travel Board Game

Winning requires alternating between cautious and ambitious moves, waiting for the perfect moment to return to the city. It’s one of the most fun travel games out there!

Fun fact: Based on the classic novel by Jules Verne.

Discover: Lands Unknown

Details: 1-4 players | 60-120 minutes

In the unforgiving wilderness, survival is a team effort – but with a healthy dose of competition thrown in. In Discover: Lands Unknown, work together to scavenge for water, food, and tools crucial for staying alive.

Just remember, the wilderness isn’t giving up its secrets that easily.

Discover: Lands Unknown

Think: Choose your own adventure.

Fun fact: Every copy of this board game is unique, with randomly selected components creating a different land for players to explore.

The World Game

Details: 2-5 players | 30-60 minutes

Think you know your world geography? The World Game is a card game that will test that knowledge about different countries and facts about each. It’s one of the travel games that is easy to learn and simple to play. Plus, it’s a fantastic way for anyone to learn about countries around the globe. There is also a World Game board game edition where players race around the world to discover famous landmarks along the way!

The World Game - a travel theme card game that tests world geography knowledge

Fun fact: Did you know that Ljubljana is the capital of Slovenia? We did because we’ve been there and we love that city. But if you didn’t, perhaps it’s time to brush up on your world geography.

Lost Cities

Details: 2 players | 30 minutes

Lost Cities is a two-player card game in which players embark on adventures to remote locations worldwide, seeking to uncover ancient treasures and artifacts. By mounting profitable archaeological expeditions to the different sites represented by the coloured suits of cards, players gain points to beat their opponents.

Lost Cities Travel Card  Game

It’s a simple yet engaging travel game of risk and reward.

Fun fact: The game’s designer drew inspiration from his love for history and exploration.

Passport To Culture Travel Edition

Details: 2-5 players | 30-90 minutes

In Passport to Culture, players jet-set around the globe on a quest to fill their passports with stamps—it’s like a whirlwind vacation without the jet lag. Here’s the catch: to earn those stamps, you’ve got to flex your cultural muscles and answer questions about the diverse peoples and places you encounter.

Passport to Culture - Travel Edition Game

Fun fact: The game includes more than 1,000 new and unique questions.

Lewis & Clark – The Expedition

Details: 1-5 players | 120 minutes

Explorers race from Missouri to Oregon, asking local Indigenous tribes for help. Set in the early 19th century, players of Lewis & Clark lead expeditions through the uncharted territories of North America. They face challenges along the way and make important strategic decisions to progress in a matter of hours, instead of months.

Lewis and Clark board game

This travel game offers a rich historical theme and immersive gameplay.

Fun fact: On November 30, 1803, the United States purchased Louisiana from Napoleon. President Thomas Jefferson decided to send two explorers – Meriwether Lewis and William Clark – to discover it.

Backpacker: The Ultimate Travel Game

Details: 2-6 players | 60 minutes

Travel the continents, taking photos in different countries. To win at Backpacker, this travel game requires you to outwit your opponents to be the player who has returned home with the most photos.

Play your cards wisely as you globe-trot through continents, dodging sick days and missed flights like a pro. With bonuses, advice (both good and bad), and the occasional curveball from fellow travellers, it’s a backpacker’s dream – or nightmare.

Backpacker Travel Game

Pack your patience, plot your path, and brace yourself for a journey where anything can happen – and usually does.

Fun fact: Founded by two avid travellers who wanted to capture the excitement and challenges of globetrotting in a tabletop game.

Monopoly Here & Now: World Edition

Details: 2-4 players | 60 minutes

Like the classic board game, Monopoly Here & Now: World Edition throws in a global twist!

One of the most popular travel games sees competitors buy famous landmarks from cities worldwide, from the Eiffel Tower to the Sydney Opera House.

Monopoly Here and Now World Edition Travel Board Game

Roll the dice, make deals, and watch out for surprises along the way. It’s Monopoly on a worldwide scale – get ready to wheel and deal your way to victory.

Fun fact: A public online vote chose the iconic landmarks featured in the board game.

Flags Around the World

Details: 2-6 players | 45-60 minutes

Ready to show off your flag-recognition skills and become a globe-trotting trivia master? In Flags Around the World, you’ll spot flags, tackle country-themed questions, and rack up points.

Flags Around the World

Whoever ends up with the most points reigns supreme – it’s like winning the World Cup of trivia!

Fun fact: This is one of the travel games that holds the Guinness World Record for being the most widely played educational card game in history!

TABLETOPICS – Destination Anywhere

Details: unlimited players | unlimited minutes

Destination Anywhere isn’t about earning points, but it is the perfect addition if you want an excuse to talk about your travels (not that you need one)!

Whether you’re a globe-trotting wanderer or a weekend warrior, chances are you’ve racked up some seriously epic tales. This clever collection of icebreakers will have everyone swapping stories about their jaw-dropping escapades and wild getaways. Just no snooze-inducing slideshows are allowed.

Table Topics - Destination Anywhere

Fun fact: No rules – just great conversation.

This That And Everything Canada

Details: 4+ players | 20 – 100+ minutes

As proud Canadians, we had to throw in a travel game that keeps us close to home! This That and Everything Canada is a perfect travel game for fellow Canucks and Canuck-curious comrades.

The concept is simple: where you and your team race against the clock to conjure up clues faster than a Mountie on horseback. From iconic Canadian landmarks to quirky cultural cuisine (think: ketchup chips), no topic is off-limits in this patriotic pursuit of guessing glory.

This That and Everything Canada travel game

With each round lasting a mere 30 seconds, it’s a rapid-fire frenzy of descriptions, guesses, and inevitable fits of laughter. Can you paint a vivid enough picture of poutine or the elusive “double-double” to lead your teammates to victory? There’s only one way to find out!

So gather your toques, sharpen your wit, and prepare for a Canadian-themed showdown like no other.

Fun fact: Sorry, there’s no apologizing for the puns.

Other Games Made For Travelling

Settlers of Catan – Dice Edition

Details: 3-4 players | 60-120 minutes

Settlers of Catan is like the Olympics of board games, where players compete to build the most epic empire on the island of Catan. And being one of the planet’s most popular games, it’s awesome that it’s available in a dice version, also making it a great travel game.

With resource management skills that’d impress even the shrewdest CEOs and negotiation tactics sharper than a cat’s claw, you’ll trade, build, and strategize your way to victory. Collect sheep, wood, rock, brick and wheat, but always remember that every resource is a golden ticket to expanding your territory and outsmarting your rivals.

Settlers of Catan

Plus, don’t forget to watch out for the robber – he’s like the neighbourhood cat who always knows where the treats are hidden and is out to get your resource cards! Seeing it’s one of our favourites, we’re pumped that it’s available in a travel games edition.

Fun fact: This popular game won many awards and became the first German board game to sell outside of Europe. There are also many expansions, so the game will never become dull.

Scrabble To Go

Details: 2-4 players | unlimited minutes

Scrabble To Go is tailored for the adventurous soul – whether you’re a frequent flier, a railway rover, or simply enjoy day trips, this game is your perfect travel companion. It makes the hours fly by, when you’re flying.

With its portable case compact design, the letter tiles securely lock into the plastic grid game board, ensuring they stay put even during bumpy rides. Say goodbye to tile turbulence and hello to uninterrupted wordplay on the go.

Scrabble to Go - a fun travel game

Fun fact: Scrabble was originally called “Lexico” and later named “Criss Cross Words” before gaining its permanent moniker.

Exploding Kittens

Details: 2-5 players | 15 minutes

Prepare for a purr-fectly chaotic game night with Exploding Kittens – it’s like Russian Roulette, but with a hilarious feline twist.

Players take turns drawing cards, praying they don’t stumble upon the explosive kitty that spells doom. With cards to dodge disaster by peeking ahead, making opponents draw extra cards, or shuffling the deck, the tension mounts with every draw.

Exploding Kittens

As the deck thins, the risk of encountering the explosive furball grows, leading to a climax of catastrophic kitty chaos. Perfect for the whole family, it’s a game as unpredictable as a cat on catnip and fits perfectly in a backpack.

Fun fact: Exploding Kittens is the #1 most-backed project in Kickstarter history and has sold over 11 million games.

Travel Cribbage

Details: 2-6 players | 30 minutes

A game where counting cards is encouraged, all wrapped up in a portable folding board with some tiny pegs. Your goal? Outscore your opponent by creating card combinations and racing around the board faster than a squirrel up a tree. And you definitely don’t want to get skunked!

Travel Crib

With its mix of luck and strategy, cribbage is the perfect blend of brains and banter – just don’t get too confident when you’re ahead, or you might find yourself pegged back to square one.

Fun fact: Cribbage has been around since the 1600s. English Poet Sir John Suckling first popularized it.

Pass The Pigs

Details: 2-10 players | 30 minutes

Get ready for some oink-tastic fun with this portable beer and pretzels game! In Pass the Pigs, these aren’t your ordinary dice – they’re adorable mini pig with a dot on their right flanks, ready to roll into action.

Pass the Pigs Card Game

The goal? Score 100 points before your opponents using these porcine pals as your dice. With each turn, you’ll toss the pigs and cross your fingers for a lucky landing in one of the scoring positions – from a “snouter” to a “leaning jowler,” there’s a whole barnyard of points waiting to be won (or squealed over).

Fun fact: This game was inspired while the creator was on vacation. See? travel pays off.

Travel Yahtzee

Details: 2-10 players | 30 minutes

Like regular Yahtzee, Travel Yahtzee has an adventurous twist – perfect for road trips, flights, or even waiting for your next connection. Throw it in a small pouch or backpack for easy access.

Roll the dice, score big, and aim for that elusive Yahtzee while you navigate the ups and downs of travel. With its compact design and portable dice cup, you can roll for victory wherever your wanderlust takes you.


Shout “Yahtzee!” from the top of the Eiffel Tower or the depths of the Grand Canyon – the world is your game board!

Fun fact: A fun fact about Yahtzee is that it was originally called “Yacht” and was created by a wealthy Canadian couple, who developed the game during their yacht trips in the 1950s.

Mad Libs

Details: 10+ players | 10+ minutes

This game takes us back to our youth! You fill in the blanks of a pre-written story with random words, and voila – instant comedy gold. Whether you’re concocting a zany adventure or crafting a ridiculous love letter, Mad Libs is guaranteed to bring the laughs.

Mad Libs

This word game provides hours of fun, especially on a long airport layover.

Fun fact: The creators were brainstorming ideas for a new game when they realized they needed a quick and easy way to fill in the blanks in a story they were writing. They created a prototype by simply asking friends for random words to complete the story, and the hilarious results sparked the idea for Mad Libs.

Travel Boggle

Details: 6+ players | 10 minutes

Play the classic board game Boggle in miniature size. Another of our go-to travel games, Travel Boggle, tasks players to outplay their opponents in a set amount of time. Players write down as many words as they can find on the grid before time is up! Find the most words to win.

Travel Boggle

It’s typically meant for two or more players, but it’s also a perfect grab-and-go for one player to play a quick game alone to fend off a little boredom.

Fun fact: There are plenty of different versions of the travel boggle game, but this one is the world’s tiniest. And, cutest.

Trailblazers (Super Travel Edition)

Details: 2-8 players | 30 minutes

A travel game that’s all about flexing those brain muscles with a side of daring risk-taking! Trailblazers is the ultimate adventure for those who love pure spatial puzzling and thrive on push-your-luck route building.

It’s like being the Indiana Jones of the great outdoors, except with imaginary hiking boots or a trusty river paddle as your tools of choice.


With straightforward and highly approachable rules, this is one of our favourite travel games and is perfect for both on-the-go novice adventurers and seasoned trailblazers alike.

Fun fact: Inspired by real-life outdoor adventures and the thrill of exploring untamed wilderness.

Card games

We never leave home without a pack of cards, and if you see us delayed in an airport, this will be exactly what we’re doing! What’s toughest is finding good games for two players, but below you’ll find some of our faves.


It’s like hitting the links without the sunscreen and golf carts.

Your goal? To have the lowest score possible by swapping out high-value cards for lower ones, just like trying to improve your handicap.

But watch out for those pesky “sand traps” and “water hazards” – in this card game, they’re just sneaky ways to rack up points faster than you can say “fore”!

Play with a standard deck of cards.


It’s like solitaire on steroids, with a side of chaos and a dash of competitive spirit. This is a game that I have been playing with my family since I was wee – it works as a 2-player game but also with as many players as you can get. (More players = ULTIMATE chaos.)

Your goal? To get rid of your cards faster than your opponents while shouting “Nerts!” at the top of your lungs.

It’s a race against time, luck, and your own sanity as you frantically stack, slap, and swap cards to come out on top.

Play with a standard deck of cards.


The goal of this card game is to be the first to discard all your cards by playing them onto shared piles in ascending or descending order.

It’s a frenzied frenzy of flinging cards and frantic finger-work as you race against your opponent to claim victory.

Play with a standard deck of cards.

Tabletop Crib

It’s like the classic card game, but with a twist—instead of a traditional board, you play on any flat surface.

Your goal? To outsmart your opponents by scoring points with clever card combinations, all while keeping one eye on your hand and the other on the gravy boat.

It’s a card game of wit, luck, and culinary prowess, where every play is as satisfying as a perfectly timed forkful of pie.

Play with a standard deck of cards.

Card Games

Dice Game


It’s like rolling the dice in life, except in this game, you get to control the chaos (kind of).

Your goal? Roll winning combinations and rack up points faster than your opponents, all while crossing your fingers for that elusive lucky streak.

It’s a rollercoaster of highs and lows, twists and turns, with every roll bringing a new twist to the tale.

So grab those dice, roll the bones, and let the good times roll in the unpredictable world of Dice!


Play with a standard set of dice.

Games Accessories

Bits Bins

If you’re anything like us, we’ve worn out original game boxes and the storage bags for the meeples, dice and other bits. Or we can never get the original game and pieces to fit back in the box the way it came. Thankfully, we found Bits Bins.

Bits-Bins - a storage solution for your travel games

They have a big selection of game-piece storage solutions for cards, game pieces and other accessories. They have a large selection of high-quality choices in different designs and sizes, and they even have a small selection of bins made specifically for select games. Finally there’s an answer for us who want to keep our best travel games organized.

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