Postcards from Mexico, Again

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Words by Dalene Heck / Photography by Dalene & Pete Heck

We should instead call this post “Postcards from Our Second Home”, because that’s what Mexico is beginning to feel like. Over seven months in total we have spent in the country now, dividing our time between eight of the thirty-one states. If we include the visits during our pre-nomad days, we’ve been there more than any other country besides our own. It’s a place whose language we know best (even though we still have a long way to go there), the place where we have continually feel the most welcomed, and the place that we are immediately longing for whenever we see a single photo of a taco.

Yet there is still so much that we have yet to discover. Which is why, even though we routinely tout having “no plans”, we’re already strategizing on which part of Mexico we’ll return to explore next winter. By then we’ll surely be deeply homesick.

Dancing San Cristobal
Sumidero Canyon
Christmas Tree Waterfall
Chiapas Textiles
Blue Corn Tortillas
San Cristobal Reflections
Semana Santa San Cristobal
San Miguel Sunset
San Miguel Mirador
Guanajuato Panoramic View
Guanajuato Church
Querétaro Sunset
Querétaro Streak
Oaxaca from Above
Oaxaca Street Art
St. Agustin Etla Reflection
Merida Streets
Yucatan Sunset
Yucatan Cenote

This is the second set of postcards we’ve created for Mexico. You can find our first set here, from our extended visit two years ago.

Also, many of the above photos are colorable! Click through to check out our Mexico adult coloring book.

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  1. I love it! I sort of asked this before but now that you’ve experienced a few new spots in Mexico, what one or two towns would you recommend for a couple of budget-conscious digital nomads who want to spend January and February living in Mexico?

    1. I’ve a friend (American) who is living for a year in Cancun to save money. I’m not sure about the cost of living there, but she loves it and it seems there is a fair number of expats there as well.

    2. Hey Michelle! Do you prefer bigger or smaller cities? For bigger cities, I’d definitely consider Oaxaca. We spent most of our time in a small town outside the city but many stay there and love it! For smaller cities, I’d say Guanajuato (the most GORGEOUS stop in Mexico). Also San Cristobal is lovely, and a little cheaper as well. Oh! But if you like hotter weather (all of the above are cold, which is what we prefer), then look into the Yucatan!

  2. I’d never thought seriously about going to Mexico (even when I spent four years in Southern California, just a few hours drive from the border), but your photography and blog posts are beginning to convince me of my own silliness on that count. I’ll have to start thinking of when I can go and visit…

    1. Funny, I lived in SoCal (Orange County and in San Diego) for about 10 years and Mexico was never on my radar, either. But between Pete and Dalene and another blogger friend of ours, I’m also reconsidering it. Also, a friend is living in Cancun for year, so I feel it’s almost mandatory to visit!

  3. Awesome photos!

    I have two trips to Mexico booked this year – a long weekend in Mexico City for my September birthday, and a week kayaking in Baja between Christmas and New Years. SMA and Oaxaca will have to wait another year, though….

  4. Love the photos!
    I’m actually going to Mexico this Sunday, specifically to Cozumel. I can only hope to get pictures as good as these.

  5. I always become so excited when I see another ‘Postcards’ post from you.
    The photographs are stunning and make me feel like I am there snapping photos as well.
    Photography has never been a strong point for me, so I love how your photos tell so much in just one shot.

    I really want to explore Mexico now!

  6. Spectacular photos! We are going to be hitting Mexico in a few weeks time and the more I read the longer I think we will be there. Was it easy to get around? We had considered buying a van to travel around in and sleep in.
    Great blogs, enjoying all your sharing!

    1. That would work! I’d love to see Mexico that way. But the bus system is also top notch – inexpensive and very comfortable.

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