Postcards from Italy (Again)

Words by Dalene Heck / Photography by Pete Heck

This isn’t the first time we’ve put together a set of postcards for Italy, and I don’t think it will be our last.

For our most recent month there, we were blessed with two completely different experiences: carting our nephew around to see mostly familiar sights, and then a couple of weeks of exploring a brand new area. It was rushed but fulfilling, and never once dull. Most importantly, it reminded us of the diversity in each region – we came away more curious then ever of the corners we haven’t gotten to yet in our three previous visits.

Italy is one of those countries with infinite magnetism: the food, the people, the wine, the coastline, the countryside, the food, the food, and oh! The food. (They just need to work on their accommodations and wifi and we might never leave.)

Spello Car
Todi Streets
Castellucio Fields

Civita Doors

Assisi Artist
Assisi steps
Spello Kitty
Spello Nights

Cinque Terre Life
Vernaza from Above
Monterosso al Mare

Roma Pantheon

Roma Church Roof
Roma Chestnuts
Peace Roma

Modena Square
Modena Colours
Florence Ponte du Vechio

Florence Streets
Florence Pizzeria

Florence Duomo
Venice Canal
Venice Love

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