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Postcards from Poland, Part Two

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Postcards from Poland, Part Two

Words by Dalene Heck / Photography by Pete Heck

On our first day in the country, we were picked up at the Gdansk airport by our highly accommodating apartment rental hosts.

They, like some others we met in the country, were quite interested in questioning us on our decision to visit Poland, especially the far north. “Our country is often neglected,” they said.

And in our five weeks roaming the country, we met a few like us, but not many.

Where are all the tourists?

(And don’t they know that this is where all the good pierogies are?)


I can understand the rush to more popular places in Europe – we love Italy, Germany and the Netherlands as much as everyone else – but those who commit to straying a little farther and exploring this oft-forgotten country will surely not be disappointed.

(Unless you hate beautiful mountain scenery, loath delicious and inexpensive food, or have no sense of humor, that is. Then maybe Poland wouldn’t be for you.)

We had so much love for Poland that we couldn’t fit all of its goodness into one post.

Here are our own postcards, part two…





Warsaw Market Square




Warsaw Steps




Krakow Wawel

Many thanks to the Poland Tourism Board for their assistance during various parts of our stay.

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    1. Cheers Jeff, I’m really working hard on my composition and understanding of light lately. Your comment means a lot 🙂

    1. Maria, this is one of the best comments I could receive, so thank you. I feel honoured that you say my photographs can do this.

  1. Enjoyed reading this a lot, Poland is actually one of my favorite countries in Europe for traveling 🙂 shame people neglect it however not seeing many foreign tourists makes it even better!

    1. The Polish Tourism Board will love reading comments like this. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did when you do make it there Andi!

    1. I think we’ve convinced a few people to head there Janine. I’m happy it had a good impact on you, it’s such a wonderful place.

  2. Your second postcard took my breath away, as did the image of the Tatra Mountains! So beautiful! Your photography is impressive to say the least and I so appreciate that you are trying to promote this stunning beautiful and under-visited country!

  3. GORGEOUS images. Man, now I really want to go to Poland. Post #1 of the postcards was almost enough to convince me, now I am 100% sold.

    Well done you two.

  4. Love your shots of Poland. It was like reliving my trip there (Krakow, Gdansk & Warsaw). I agree it is a wonderful country to visit. I can’t wait to return. Warsaw was quite a surprise! My research online did not seem to recommend it. I had to switch trains there and thought I’d spend a few days there anyway. SO glad I did. I thought it was very enjoyable. If you’d like to check out my pics they are at: travel-shotz(dot)com.

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