The Beauty of Istanbul

Words by Dalene Heck / Photography by Pete Heck

“If one had but a single glance to give the world, one should gaze on Istanbul.”

~ Alphonse de Lamartine, French Poet

Let’s not forget, lost in the headlines of protest and unrest, the beauty of this incredible city.





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  • June 6 2013

    Beautiful pictures! I miss this city immensely.
    Kirsten recently posted..The Stars & Stripes

    • Pete
      June 9 2013

      I miss it to, especially when I went back and edited these photos. Thanks Kirsten!

  • June 7 2013

    It really is such an amazing city. I hope the recent events don’t deter travelers from visiting.

    • Pete
      June 9 2013

      I hope for the same thing Candice.

  • June 7 2013

    Your captures of Instanbul are amazing.

    • Pete
      June 9 2013

      Thanks so much Hannes!

  • June 7 2013

    I really like your “something in the foreground with something fancy in the background” shots. For a long time I only ever took photos for myself, so I didn’t care if they looked cool or not, just that they kept the memories in place. Never again!

    • Pete
      June 9 2013

      Composition is something I am really working hard on right now. One of my favorite photographers is Sherry Ott from

  • Paul
    June 8 2013

    I’m digging all the Turkey posts lately. Reminds me of the beautiful parts of Turkey while I sit at home to avoid all the protests 😉

  • Charlie
    June 8 2013

    Wow, these photos are amazing! I love the architecture. I’ve never really thought about visiting Istanbul. Clearly I should be though!

    • Pete
      June 9 2013

      It’s an incredible city. I’ve been there on three separate occasions, and already I want to go back.

  • June 9 2013

    Such lovely photos! Amazingly, I just won a free ticket on Turkish Airlines and am thinking of going to Istanbul in spite of the current unrest. Turkey has been on my list for a long while and I feel like it’s finally time to go.
    Heather recently posted..Discovering Kowloon Through Food

  • June 9 2013

    Beautiful photos! I’ve been there 2 weeks ago and absolutely fell in love with this city as you guys did. I hope I could go back some time soon for a bit longer than just 5 days.

  • June 12 2013

    Wow. The pictures are so beautiful. It makes me sad that those of us who haven’t made it to Turkey yet may have to wait some time for the unrest to settle. I guess I’ll just have to enjoy your insight into that lovely country for now.

  • Dan
    June 20 2013

    Wow these photos are fantastic
    Dan recently posted..Australia – West MacDonnell Ranges

  • June 21 2013

    Beautiful photos! I do want to go back and visit Istanbul properly. We only visited on a long layover on our way back from Jordan.
    Jennifer recently posted..5 Summer Festivals Not to Miss in Northern Italy

  • Murat
    November 20 2013

    What a city, wonderful pictures, i am really aching for istanbul
    Many Thanks for the blog,
    almost for two hours, i have been reading your reviews, i took many notes where to go and what i have missed in the past while visiting same places
    I think you have also missed a place in turkey
    I am in love “mardin”, where is an ancient city in the southern turkey
    Whole city is like an open air museum, in my opinion it is as unique as cappadocia
    And if you visit there, i highly suggest to visit “harran” and “halfeti” as well

  • behzad
    May 31 2015

    istanbul is very beautiful> this city is not just a city. istanbul is legendly and majical land

  • Cathy
    September 8 2016

    Oh beautiful, beautiful Istanbul! Having been to Turkey the last three years, I am so sad for the instability now due to Erdogan.
    What lovely people, fabulous food, incredible history and architecture…..May she return to stability soon!

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