The Guard

The Untraditional Changing of the Guards

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London feels familiar. It is one of the biggest, busiest cities that we have ever been to, but at the same time, it feels like somewhere we have been over and over again. The culture and personality can be felt in far-flung places all around the globe – in the similar shops, the food, the language, the style. In our first few days there, nothing struck us as compellingly unique or interesting.

We wanted to change that and experience something emphatically British – something that couldn’t be replicated and is a significant part of the London experience.

Changing of the Guard in London

Rightly or wrongly, we chose to do this by heading to Buckingham Palace to witness the changing of the guard. On second thought, we should have probably considered ferries to France instead.

It started out as expected. I was impressed with the flawless ensembles of the guards that included daggers strapped around waists, and I wondered about the weight of the large fluffy hats each of them wore. After parking ourselves behind the gates of the new-guard staging area at Wellington Barracks, we watched the meticulous inspection of uniforms and listened to the many commands being barked and feet being stamped. There were peculiar processions of several guards at a time walking away to nowhere in particular, and then returning immediately from whence they came, with no discernible purpose for their quick jaunt.

The brass band came into view and started to get themselves organized. I set the camera to video and was excited for all pieces to erupt into a traditional marching or battle song, something uproarious to set the tone for the significant occasion.

That isn’t quite what happened. Instead, we got this…

And then, this…

And finally…

Really? Our foray into something that is supposed to be exclusively British is marred with popular American songs and show tunes?

We laughed and rolled our eyes at the remarkably tacky turn the event took, but continued to follow the procession as the guards made their way from the barracks to Buckingham Palace to orchestrate the “change”.

Too many touristsWe didn’t get very far. Piles of tourists, falling over each other to get pictures, blocked our chance of even getting a glimpse beyond the gates of the palace. We stood by as the procession moved beyond our view, only able to experience the rest of it through sound. We heard more barking, more foot stamping, and more popular tunes (at least this time they stuck with a British band and played the Beatles hit “Hey Jude“). The auditory of the actual event was interrupted constantly with outbursts from the police, yelling at overflowing tourists to get back off the streets and move impossibly closer together.

The GuardWe waited for it all to end (rather impatiently, on my part), took a couple pictures of the guards and palace once the crowds cleared, and left. It’s a mircale, in all honesty, that I was able to repress my clausterphobic rage enough not to storm away from the mess of people with elbows flying to clear the way.

As we walked away I commented on how the whole experience had peaked at listening to the hilarious opening song by Journey, as cheesy as it was. Not exactly the British experience we were looking for.

We’re still looking.


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  1. LOL, OK that’s funny. I haven’t seen the changing of the guards in over 20 years, and boy is it different. Sadly, from what I remember it wasn’t all that interesting the first time I saw it (although it was just as crowded). I guess they’re trying to jazz it up a little, but I don’t think you’re missing out on a time honored tradition. It’s just moved from boring to cheesy.

    1. So disappointing! They have the opportunity to really make something significantly appealing for all the tourists. But, they get the tourists anyways I guess…

  2. Ah London, never quite what you except it to be ๐Ÿ™‚ The only properly London experience is the pub I think ๐Ÿ˜‰

      1. Head up to St Albans then. It’s outside of London proper, but has the most pubs per square mile of anywhere in the UK, if not Europe. It also has England’s oldest continuously-operating pub and lots of real ale. There are many good pubs in London, but very few with strange local pints that only move a few miles from the brewery.

  3. How bizarre! It’s been years since I’ve seen Changing of the Guard – and I don’t remember this! Maybe I’ll drag my brother to see it in a few weeks when we’re back… or maybe not!

  4. That is quite bizarre! I haven’t witnessed the changing of the guards for a long time and didn’t realise that it had progressed to this!

    If you want a true British experience, escape London for a couple of days! Visit a historic National Trust property and tuck into a delicious Sunday Roast at a village pub afterwards ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. The fact that they played Journey cracks me up! We avoided this while in London; part of me wanted to experience the mayhem, but an even bigger part of me knew that this would have exceeded my threshold for annoyance. Also, I’m too short to see a damn thing at stuff like this.

  6. I never went to the changing of the guard in London. I had no idea they played the Mission Impossible theme or any of the other songs you mentioned. I mean if their gonna do that, they might as well start dancing too.

  7. hahaha OMG that is so unfortunate! I first saw the changing of the guards in 2007, I can’t say I remember music like that… not sure though haha

    When I was there just a couple of weeks ago Kelley Ferro and I went for “high tea” at a fancy hotel, thats extremely British you guys should of done that! Now you have to go back ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. My grandmother took me to see the Changing of the Guards when I was seven. I found it kinda dull then. So I think Journey’s probably preferable. Not that I’m taking the nipper to do it any time soon…

    1. Well, if it wasn’t for Journey, I don’t think I would have gotten a blog post out of the experience. So at least that is good. ๐Ÿ™‚

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