Postcards From New York City – Part 1

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Six weeks is a lotta time to take a lotta photos.


And so our postcard series, which includes our favorite photos from Croatia, Italy and Morocco, had to be done in two parts for New York City. There were just too many to choose from!


We’ve got mad love for Central Park.

Spring Day in Central Park


Sunset on Central Park


The USS Intrepid is one of the most successful ships in US history and is now a museum.

Intrepid Museum, New York


A thoughtful moment at the Hudson River.

Looking Out on the Hudson


The High Line Park is built on an old, raised train track. It’s the perfect place to get unique views of the city just below.

Life Below the Highline Park, New York


Watching You, High Line Park, New York City


We loved the street art in Brooklyn.

Kink, Brooklyn street art


New York transportation, the subway and yellow cabs, are iconic symbols of the city itself.

NYC Subway


NYC Taxi


The Museum of Modern Art is world-class and worth more than the two measly hours we gave it (sigh).

Museum of Modern Art, New York


Lady Liberty stands proud before Ellis Island (but is much smaller than both of us expected).

Lady Liberty


The photo-worthy General Grant National Monument.

General Grant National Memorial


Love you? Okay, we do….

Love Me, New York



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  1. Wow, these are some of the best shots of NYC I’ve ever seen! Through these photos I can really see how much you loved the Big Apple. 🙂

    1. Thanks Giulia! We certainly did love the Big Apple and it’s hard to believe but 6 weeks was not enough time.

  2. So beautiful! You guys are very talented, I’m more impressed every time! How do you get the taxi clear and the background so blurry?

    1. Thank you for such kind words 🙂 To get the taxi clear and the blurred background this technique is called panning. Basically your feet are planted and and you focus on an object and follow it along while snapping the photo. It takes A LOT of practice, to get settings and speed right, but the effects turn out pretty cool sometimes. I applied the same technique on the subway shot to get the flag clear, but the rest of the subway blurred…

  3. Wow that person in the second-to-last shot has a really nice bum!

    But seriously, awesome photos guys 🙂

    1. Thanks for modeling! I really love this shot. I can send you a copy of this processing I did if you like 🙂

  4. That photo of the sunset literally took my breath away. Aaaand, I would love to have a large photo of Kink in my living room…that one is a true classic.

    1. We love the Kink shot as well. We’re just negotiating our printers to start selling our photography. Maybe you’ll have it arrive one day in your post box 😉

    1. Thanks Alouise. Yes, that High Line shot was quite unique and there is no photoshop action going on here. Just a unique piece of street art with a gorgeous backdrop.

  5. Stunning photos! You’ll never, never run of out of things to see, do, and photograph in NYC. You’ve captured all of my favourite places in the city!

  6. All those postcards bring out the best of New York. That street art in Brooklyn was pretty awesome especially the way you made it into a postcard and I would totally buy one.

  7. I think this is the best of your postcard series so far! All this talk (and photos) of New York has made me so nostalgic for the Big Apple. Looking forward to seeing Part 2!

  8. Wow! I found your name surprisngly through a blog on Ireland but fell in love with these images of NY! Well done! One thing though: you’ve gotte me in trouble haha! Now I really wanna go back to New York but sadly enough don’t have the budget yet. I guess a job well done by you guys 😉 Keep it up!

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