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Words by Dalene Heck / Photography by Pete Heck

I cannot explain why, but I never for one second expected to be taken aback by seeing the mighty Mississip’. It wasn’t on my “list of things to do” while in Wisconsin. I never actively sought it out, and we only made a specific stop because someone had commented that we were near a scenic look-out.

Upon seeing it spread out below while perched on a bluff’s edge, the iconicity of it hit me with force. Not only because it is the second largest river in the country at over 2,500 miles, or of it’s importance in shaping American history, but because of it’s place in my own life and memories.

My sentimental reaction arose from ‘that little trip we took in 1814‘. And Huck Finn. And the song ‘Mississippi Queen‘ that rolled around in my head for a couple of days afterwards.

And, well, the ravishing beauty that greeted us in our panoramic view.


The build-up: our walk to the bluff’s edge, framed by snaky tree branches and along a thin stone path.

Mississippi River Wisconsin - 7 - 800x602


In all it’s glory.

Mississippi River Wisconsin - 6 - Panoramic


Mississippi River Wisconsin - 3 - 800x533


Another vantage point, from the magnificent river’s edge.

Mississippi River Wisconsin - 1 - 533x800


Mississippi River Wisconsin - 2 - 800x533


Mississippi River Wisconsin - 5 - 800x598


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      1. Love those bluffs and river views.. going to have to find that spot! We live in WY now– but have a cabin about 20 miles from Hayward! Near Moose Lake….. It’s a beautiful area up there!!! Wisconsin heads up – if you like cheese…. watch for little cheese factories, stop in and see if they make fresh cheese curds…. get them fresh that day, they are still warm and squeeky! Delish! When you start heading south – if you travel near Rudolph, WI — I can recommend Dairy State Cheese there (that’s where I grew up) and I sure miss those cheese curds!!!!

  1. Oh, such beautiful photos. I grew up on the Mississippi river so it’s always been a sort of backdrop to my life.

    If you are ever in St. Louis there is a park where the Mississippi and Missouri meet, it’s a lovely place to spend a quiet afternoon.

  2. Ohhh that cover photo is perfection. Those reflections and colours are brilliant! Great photos – It may just become my new background!

  3. Beautiful photos! We’re planning a US road trip next year and will be driving over the ‘MMR’ – hopefully somewhere we can veer off for a half decent pic or two.

    1. I don’t think too many people would know what topography in Wisconsin looks like, other than a bread basket. We have definitely been surprised at what we have found. Thanks Leigh!

  4. Taking a break from my digital detox for this post. Awesome photos you two – hopefully ours will be good enough to match some day 🙂 Okay, back to the detox and on to the beaches!! 😀

    1. I have to say we feel kinda honored that you would visit our site on your digital detox 🙂 Now get back to the beach, tip back some fruity drinks for us, and enjoy the sunshine while the snow keeps dumping down here. We’re almost at a foot deep now!!

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