Cashel and Cahir, Ireland – In Photos

When in Ireland it is impossible not to be captured by the beauty of castles and ruins, that are magnificently spread across the country.  Two of our favorites sites we stopped at along our road trip to Cork.

The Rock of Cashel


The reputed seat of ancient kings, this immense clump of buildings dates back to the 12th century and houses some of the best collections of medieval architecture and Celtic art in all of Europe.

Cashel, Ireland

The Fortress Wall

The Fortress

Rock of Cashel, Ireland

Inside the Fortress at Cashel

Mosaics inside Cashel


Cahir Castle

Built in 1142 by the Prince of Thomond, Cahir is a well preserved castle that is now situated in Cahir town center. The castle is surrounded by a river and beautiful park to enjoy a picnic lunch in.

Cahir Castle, Ireland

Cahir Castle Walls

The Majestic Cahir Castle

A Park Next to Cahir Castle


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  • August 5 2011

    These are beautiful shots!!!

  • The color in these shots is fantastic! Of course, Ireland is known for its lovely green… 🙂
    Christy @ Technosyncratic recently posted..Housesitting in London: Check out our Crib

    • August 6 2011

      It’s true…there are a million shades of green here!

  • August 5 2011

    We just got back from there, yet I am jealous seeing these pictures. Go figure.
    Elijah recently posted..Hitchhiking.

  • Mom
    August 5 2011

    Magnificent pics. Do you get to go inside these castles & explore?

    • August 6 2011

      We did in the Rock of Cashel (the picture of the big arch and the painting was on the inside), but not at Cahir (we were too cheap!)

  • Love the pop of blue behind all these castles!

    • Pete
      August 6 2011

      Thanks Ant! the sky was amazingly blue, the sun was on our side that day 🙂

  • August 6 2011

    I love the different perspective you’ve taken with these shots!

    • August 7 2011

      Thanks Samuel! We really had a lot of fun playing with the camera at both of these spots.

  • Will
    August 6 2011

    Ireland through your lens is beautiful!

    • August 7 2011

      Ireland is beautiful through any lens…but thank you!! 🙂

  • August 6 2011

    Gotta love Ireland for the incredibly beautiful mixture of greenery and ruins/ancient buildings, as well as the history!

  • August 8 2011

    Beautiful shots. Have you hit the “Not another AFC!” yet.
    That is (another F***ing Castle)
    Caz Makepeace recently posted..7 Things to do in The Rocks, Sydney

    • August 8 2011

      Haha – not quite yet…but we are looking forward to heading up to the Giant’s Causeway this week…at least just for the change in scenery! 🙂

  • August 8 2011

    I’ve never really had an interest in going to Ireland until I saw these pictures. Absolutely stunning!
    Sheryll recently posted..Being Selfish Doesn’t Always Mean You’re an Asshole

  • Liz | CornwellWriting
    August 8 2011

    Beautiful photos that made my urge to visit Ireland uncontrollable!

  • August 9 2011

    great pix as always!

  • August 9 2011

    We really enjoyed the Rock of Cashel tour – it’s so old. Thought it was interesting how only six more people can be buried in the cemetery there because you had to be born before a certain date.

    • August 9 2011

      I did not know that interesting fact!

  • August 14 2011

    Seeing great pictures like that makes me wonder how life was for people in those days. We sometimes think we have it hard now but wow, it must have been harder then
    Natalie recently posted..Crime in Turkey – Comparing It With The UK

  • August 15 2011

    Beautiful pictures, that huge steeple is amazing!
    Mark Wiens recently posted..Photo Favorite: The Devil’s Mouth, Iguazu Falls, Argentina

  • jim
    August 16 2011

    Loved this Dalene…inspiring with those great photos. May be spending a lot of time based in UK from next year on so Ireland here we come!
    jim recently posted..Magnificent Monday: I love…

    • August 16 2011

      Oh yes, a trip over to the Emerald Isle is a must!

  • September 12 2011

    Beautiful shots!!

    And now I’ve got another photo blog to add to my growing collection… 🙂
    robmercier00 recently posted..Azalea

  • NLM
    October 26 2011

    Love your photos (as usual)! Keep having fun!
    NLM recently posted..Read Around the World

  • Lezlie
    November 3 2014

    Just found out yesterday my great, great, great grandmother was born in Cahir. Looked it up and found your photos. Lovely shots.
    Now planning a trip to go there. Thanks.

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