The Keepers of Ephesus

On our return visit to Ephesus, we came prepared.

We stocked up on crackers and extra water, not to appease the gods and goddesses that were worshipped there centuries ago, but as nourishment for the current keepers.

Their numbers are staggering. They sit atop marble relics as if on guard, perched to protect the ancient city from whatever evil may befall it.


Looking Out


Angelic Kitty


They look out for each other. When I left a pile of crushed crackers for one, instead of devouring it immediately, he hovered and lifted his head to meow loudly. Within seconds others arrived seemingly out of nowhere, leaving the caller to enjoy his treat, and looking up at me with eyes wide, begging for sustenance of their own. Of course I obliged, and found shallow divots in the marble to leave pools of water as well.

A Little Snack for the Kitty

And then we were onto the next section of Ephesus, and the next set of furry custodians.


Watchya Got?


Royal Kitty


Cat Just Hanging Out


So maybe most of them didn’t look like fierce protectors, but instead lazy sunbathers, enjoying the cool marble stones while the hot sun beat down. They also didn’t mind all the love showered on them by myself and other tourists.


Want Love


Yes Pet Me


I think that this, our second visit to Ephesus, should probably be named our last. Another return would surely see me become the crazy cat lady who would adopt them all and live in a shanty nearby to keep them loved and safe.

It’s not my most terrible idea – there are worse things to be.


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  • May 6 2013

    Aww, delightful!

  • May 7 2013

    I remember the same at Ephesus, Delos…many islands in Greece…there didn’t seem to be any “older” cats…like you, I wished I could have whisked them all home! Thank MEW for this lovely post…

    • May 8 2013

      These cats all seemed to be so young! I want them all.

  • May 7 2013

    Have a friend who has a cat that looks similar to one of your photos here – he often goes on “walkabout” and we wonder where he’s been. Think we’ve got an idea now *grin, wink*

    Beautiful shots – of everything there.

  • So cute! I also came across some cats when I visited one of the lesser known temples of Angkor. Not a bad place to hang out. 😉
    Audrey | That Backpacker recently posted..Beach Towns or Colonial Cities?

    • May 8 2013

      I spent more time hanging with the cats then checking out the ruins on this visit. Maybe I need to plan two visits to all cat-infused places!

  • May 7 2013

    Ahhhh they’re all so cuuute!
    Amanda recently posted..Postcards from Eastern Europe

    May 7 2013


  • Carmel
    May 7 2013

    Those kitties look pretty healthy. The ones I saw on the Alhambra in Granada were always missing eyes and look pretty beat up.

    Oh, I just love the kitties!! (As you can see, I’m on my way to crazy cat-lady-dom myself…)

    • May 8 2013

      I think these cats are well taken care of. So many tourists go through there daily!

  • May 8 2013

    I am from Selçuk and aour old historical place and it’s cats are very famous.

    • May 9 2013

      We stayed in Selçuk, what a lovely town you are from! Love all the cats! 🙂

  • May 10 2013

    Aww! And you sound like Tim. He wants to adopt every stray cat and dog we come across.
    Jennifer recently posted..A Monumental Moment

    • May 11 2013

      Hee! It’s probably a good thing that my Mom and I don’t travel together ALL the time, or we would become cat ladies together somewhere, FOR SURE. Then Tim could join us.

  • May 12 2013

    Cats are such WHORES. Adorable, furry whores. 🙂

    • May 14 2013

      Haha! That would be two posts in a row that the word “WHORE” has somehow made it on the page. #Winning

  • May 20 2013

    What gorgeous pics! I always love and remember a place more when there are lots of cats! Thanks for sharing.
    Doreen Pendgracs recently posted..exploring chocolate in Vancouver

    • May 21 2013

      They really should use them in tourism campaigns. 🙂

  • May 22 2013

    Lovely! I did a similar photo shoot when I went to Petra…cats rule!

  • Jana
    June 14 2013

    I loved the cats at Ephesus when I went last year. Too bad that I am allergic. They were delightful though.

  • November 2 2014

    So beautiful 🙂

  • June 1 2017

    Is that also an ancient cat :))

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