30 Postcards from Nova Scotia

Words by Dalene Heck / Photography by Pete Heck
Our wrap-up photo posts are always so much fun for us to put together. It gives us a chance to relive the highlights of our trips and savour the beautiful experiences we had along the way.Although it happens sometimes that certain experiences don’t make the cut. Not that they aren’t worthy compared to the others, but only because they haven’t given us that “postcard perfect” image. And you know what? Sometimes that is just a real shame. Because sometimes an experience may not warrant an entire blog post for itself, yet doesn’t get a mention in the final postcards-post because it wasn’t quite “pretty” enough.

This time, we’re changing that.

On the morning after our tidal bore rafting excursion in Maitland, Nova Scotia, we made a stop at the Frieze and Roy General Store. It was the perfect spot for us – not only did we dine on a large home-cooked breakfast, but we were able to dry our clothes at the laundromat at the back of the store. Oh, and pick up snacks on the way out. Not only is it the most general of General Stores we’ve ever been to, but it is actually celebrated as Canada’s oldest continuously-run general store (dating back to 1839). Its decor is simple with all kinds of goods squeezed into every nook. There aren’t many tables to eat at – maybe ten – and we were lucky we got there when we did. It was filled up shortly after we arrived.

Three of our table-neighbours were having an interesting discussion that we quickly became a part of. We soon learned that every weekend they gather for breakfast, and Albert brings a relic in for inspection. He has loads of antiques in his garage – most of them had belonged to his grandmother – and the purpose of many of the items is difficult to determine. We all passed it around – all over the restaurant – and made our guesses. Some were close, but none of us got it exactly right.

We left later than we should have that morning, drawn into the warm conversation with our new friends and other members of the community. It was a genuine highlight of Nova Scotia for us – we felt lucky that we were there at the right moment with our stomachs grumbling and a load of laundry to do. Yet this experience, inside a brightly lit and crowded store/restaurant/laundromat, is not one that you would find on a typical postcard. But this time we have decided to make one exception.

(The first photo below is of the antique that Albert brought in for inspection. Any guesses as to what it is?)

This experience is not one that you would find on a typical postcard. But this time we have decided to make an exception.

Frieze and Roy General Store - Maitland, Nova Scotia

Lunenburg Harbour - Nova Scotia

Thomas Raddall Provncial Park Aerial

Stonehurst - Nova Scotia

Digby Harbour - Nova Scotia

Cape Forchu - Nova Scotia

Halifax at Night

Lahave Islands - Nova Scotia

Peggys Cove Lighthouse

Shelburne Night - Nova Scotia

The Hawk - Cape Sable Island

Tusket Islands - Nova Scotia

Kejimkujik National Park - Nova Scotia

Blue Rocks - Nova Scotia

Gilberts Cove - Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia Cottage

Nova Scotia Sunrise

Shelburne - Nova Scotia

Peggys Cove - Nova Scotia

Thomas Raddall Provincial Park - Nova Scotia

Shelburne Sunset - Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia Lobster

Milky Way - Nova Scotia

Mahone Bay - Nova Scotia

Digby Sunrise - Nova Scotia

Sandy Point - Nova Scotia

Blue Rocks in Fog - Nova Scotia

Cape Blomidon - Nova Scotia

Lunenburg Golden Hour

Nova Scotia Sunset

where we stayed

Southern Nova Scotia offers plenty of options for accommodations and we stayed in cottages on our two week road trip.DigbyAdmiral Digby Inns and Cottages – Nestled on the outskirts of Digby the hotel and cottages offer beautiful views of the bay. Make a stop at Ed’s Take-Out if you’re looking for a quick good bite and don’t forget to grab some famous Digby scallops.

ShelburneRoseway River Cottages – Experience the tranquility and sounds of the cottages along the Roseway River. We couldn’t have asked for a more tranquil spot.

Lunenburg and Mahone Bay – Prince’s Inlet Retreat – The retreat is a perfect spot when visiting Nova Scotia’s south shore. This gorgeous location for a seaside getaway offers a stunning view of the Lunenburg yacht club and a beautiful vista of Prince’s Inlet.

This post was produced by us, brought to you by Tourism Nova Scotia.

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  • October 24 2016

    Wow! I love these postcard collections, they’re always so beautiful. Nova Scotia looks scrumptuous. I wouldn’t have thought Halifax would have such a big city feel.
    Stephanie Craig recently posted..5 Ways Travel Changes in your Thirties (It’s not ALL bad)

  • October 25 2016

    I want to spend a lifetime in Nova Scotia.

  • October 26 2016

    Great shots and I love the postcards idea! Definitely agree with your sentiments about certain experiences and photos not making the cut despite being equally worthy. At least we have the opportunity to remember it from our visit and the photos we keep in our personal collection. Thanks for sharing!
    Brian recently posted..Driving the Icefields Parkway | Part 2: Jasper

  • Love them all – you’re doing a great job selling Nova Scotia to those of us who haven’t been yet!
    Leigh | Campfires & Concierges recently posted..Visiting the Teotihuacan Pyramids in Mexico

    • Christine
      April 11 2017

      OMG you made me miss home all the more. As is said by many,
      You can take a Maritimer out of the Maritimes but you can never take the Maritimes out of the Maritimes. It is soooo gorgeous and it makes you so proud to say , I’m from Nova Scotia!!!!!!!

  • Nat
    November 27 2016

    I love the postcards (and text)! Bring back very good memories of a few days I spent in Nova Scotia last September 🙂

  • November 29 2016

    Stunning photos they could so easily be from Sweden or Norway there are endless similarities

  • Pattie Ryan
    December 30 2016

    First, let me say that your photos just confirm the fact that we want to visit NS and will be doing so in September 2017. It seems that that’s when y’all were there. I’ve a few questions if you don’t mind. I noticed that you included 3 places that you stayed. We’re planning on also staying 2 weeks. Were you able to stay in those 3 places only and do all that you did? We’ve never been there and are totally unfamiliar with the area. Our plan is to fly into Montreal, spend a few days there, rent a car and drive to Quebec and then head to NS. This will be about a 3 week trip in total. Any advice you could give would be greatly appreciated. Looking forward to doing some of the things you showed in the uTube video. GREAT JOB.

    • December 31 2016

      Hi Pattie! I am sure that you will love your time in NS, we sure did. The only accommodation we hadn’t listed here (which I need to add!) is when we stayed in Maitland in order to do the tidal bore rafting. The cottage itself (where we stayed for one night), was booked through the rafting company –> From there we drove to Digby and stayed at only those three places for the rest of our time. I hope that helps. Enjoy!

    • Margaret
      February 22 2017

      Hi Pattie. I live in Nova Scotia and I suggest that you contact novascotia.com as they can assist you with all of your travel plans. I wish you lots of fun! Don’t forget to see the whales on Brier Island.

  • Laureen Stratford
    April 12 2017

    Where is the postcard taken, the one before Digby?

    • April 16 2017

      Hi Laureen, that was taken at Stonehurst (near Blue Rocks).

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