Postcards from Morocco

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Words by Dalene Heck / Photo by Pete Heck

We never expected Morocco to show us so much contrasting beauty and to give us so many incredible memories. (And we were only there 10 days!)

Here are some of our favorite pictures.


Postcards from Morocco

Casual Stroll through the Square

The Walls surrounding Essaouira

Essaouira, Morocco

Winding nets

Medina in Marrakech

Djemma El Fna

Moroccan Landscape

A nice view

Near the Gorges

Time for a Rest

Farty the Camel


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  1. Pete – these are incredible. Seriously, you should be contacting, no wait, the tourist industry of Morocco should be contacting YOU to use your photos.

    Really enjoying photography, aren’t ya? :

    1. Oh yes, had lots of fun in Morocco with the camera. I still have so much more to learn and am just getting started. 🙂

  2. What a clever idea to make YOUR photos look like real postcards. At first, I momentarily thought they WERE postcards (that you’d bought and scanned.) Silly me – you truly have a great “eye”!

  3. What a neat place. I’ve already mentioned how much I like the postcard idea. Morocco is on our list of possibles for this year. Probably only a week, but it looks amazing.

    1. It is quite a unique country, I had no idea how different the landscapes could be. There is so much you can do in a week. Enjoy!

  4. hello Dalene & Peter Heck,
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    I think you have been better days in morocco, agadir you visited? I live almost 44km from Agadir
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  5. Wow these photos are incredible! This is the first time I’ve been to your website and I think I’m going to check out more of your ‘postcard’ pictures.

    Hard to pick a favourite as they’re all good, but I love the effects on the ‘Djemaa-El-Fna’ postcard.

    1. Welcome Elouise and thank you 🙂 I really like long shutter shots too and how the lights curve around the horse and cart in this one. Thanks again for the comment!

  6. Wow guys, I think these photos are some of your best yet! You’re definitely selling me on Morocco – a little beach time in Essaouira and then a camel ride through the desert sounds perfect.

  7. Love these photos. Morocco has been on my travel radar since I was about five, and these postcards just make me want to go there right away.

  8. Amazing. These are absolutely gorgeous. I love the camel shot! And … when are you getting that new camera? I hear this one calling my name and an international meeting to come and get it from you. 😉

  9. Love these! Every one of these photos is stunning and you really seem to capture Morocco! I’ve been wanting to go there and now I do even more!

  10. Love these! And what a great idea putting them into post cards. We haven’t been to Morocco yet, but your photos are moving it higher on our list. For some reason, we keep putting it on the backburner. Maybe we should think again.

  11. Loooooove the pictures!

    I was wondering: what do you think of Morocco when it comes to ‘women friendlyness’?
    I’ve heard from several girls that, especially in the cities, actually, they didn’t really feel at ease and had been called not so pleasant things walking around on the streets there.

    It’s something that’s holding me back from visiting what looks like a beautiful country.

    1. In all honesty Sofie, I wouldn’t travel there on my own. There are times that I felt quite uncomfortable, even when I was on Pete’s arm. The men were not shy to make some pretty bold comments, and stare relentlessly. I don’t know that you would ever be in any real danger, but if that makes you uncomfortable, then I would be wary of trying to make the trip alone.

      1. Yeah, that’s what I’ve heard as well of a female friend who traveled there with her boyfriend. I wouldn’t feel comfortable and I know Boyfriend wouldn’t accept anyone making remarks…

  12. I’m trying to help a poor Moroccan woman out by doing research on how to market her photos of Morocco for postcards and calendars and ran across your page from a search engine link. Your pictures are wonderful and I thought they were pictures of actual postcards that you posted!. You might want to check out or a similar site where customers can order your photos to be made into mugs, postcards, posters etc.

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