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Postcards from Poland, Part One

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Postcards from Poland, Part One

Words by Dalene Heck / Photography by Pete Heck
Our visit to Poland is best described in just two simple words: bitter and sweet.Remnants from its tragic history are never far from sight – we toured more museums and stood in silence at more monuments than we could possibly relay. We walked often with heavy lumps in our throats, choking back tears, and shaking our heads in sheer disbelief. Some of the darkest days in humanity played out on Poland’s soil, and to engage it all in just a few weeks was a substantive shock to the system.

But a good shock, a necessary shock, a disturbance that pales in comparison to the actual events and thus should be experienced by all today such that we never, ever forget.

That a country can pull itself up, live through and then shake off the shackles of communism, and still present itself with such a beautiful spirit is exceptionally admirable. There is no other country in the world that has given us such a dreary history lesson but then was so pleasurable in every other regard.

Obviously, Poland’s impression on us now runs quite deep. Because of that, our traditional postcards “finale” post had to be split into two parts, to accommodate all the beauty that we are so eager to share with you.

This is part one…

We walked often with heavy lumps in our throats, choking back tears, and shaking our heads in sheer disbelief.

Gdansk at Night

Gdansk Square

Tatra Mountains

Warsaw Mermaid

Lazienki Park Poland

Warsaw Poland Statue


Warsaw Tram

Wieliczka Salt Mine

Krakow Castle at Night

Krakow from Above

Krakow Plac Rynek

Many thanks to the Poland Tourism Board for their assistance during various parts of our stay.

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  1. wow, these pictures are just amazing! All of them, together with your words, make me more and more proud of my country! Thanks for that! And you know you have to come back soon, right 😉 ?

    1. Thank you again Kami for showing us some more of its beauty! Of course we are coming back, just a matter of when 😉

  2. #sigh… so in love with these photos and so happy that you got such important and beautiful insights into this wonderful country… thank you!!

  3. I have thoroughly enjoyed every single one of your Poland posts! You captured the country beautifully despite the dark moments and places you visited. Like you said, it’s so important to never forget. It makes me respect and appreciate Poland even more knowing everything they’ve endured yet they remain a strong and beautiful country.

    These photos are stunning.

    Happy travels 🙂

    1. We really appreciate this comment Lauren, and we are happy you think that we have captured its beauty. Such an amazing country, thanks again.

  4. I am obsessed with the chandelier shot. Wow. The definition of bittersweet, huh? So much to look forward to re: Poland’s future. But so important to soak in its history, too….

    1. The salt mine was pretty incredible, especially that everything was made of salt. Another world in there. Thanks Abby!

  5. Your postcards are beautiful. The streetcar pic is especially cool. I may have mentioned before that I’ve long wanted to visit Poland, but your posts have taken it to a new level for all the reasons you’ve mentioned.

  6. You have no idea how happy I am to see these postcards. I am so glad you finally made it to my country. Beautiful, beautiful photo! Especially the one from Krakow!

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