The Irish Manor In Photos (part 1)


Welcome to your tour of… The Manor!


This post could also easily be called Housesitting 301 – The Big Benefits.  And it would go well beyond the usual verbage of it being an inexpensive way to travel.

Our foray into housesitting has gratefully led us here – to an expansive manor on 65 acres in rural Ireland. Parts of the estate date back to the 10th century, when it existed only as a lookout tower for the villagers.  There have been many additions since then, with most of it (and the interior styling) done in the 18th century.


The east-facing front of the Manor.

View from the front door

From the backyard at dusk

The outside view of the ballroom

The garden on the north-west corner of the Manor, where we will be doing lots of work!  A dovecote is beyond the doorway.


A dovecote was used to raise pigeons to be eaten.  It now stores tools for the garden.


The cute pink door to our cottage, attached on the south side of the Manor.


I could fill a whole other post with pictures of all the charming doors and interesting corners.


This used to be a kitchen (you can see where the roof was attached and the remains of a stove), but is now a beautiful courtyard.


There are so many other interesting features across the property.  Here are cherry blossoms along the path to the orchard.


The gate to the orchard.


Old servants quarters, which are now used for beehives.


A river runs through the property, which locals will use for fishing.


Across the river is the “Island Wood”, and it has a structure once used as a tea house.  It’s kinda spooky!


And there’s even a graveyard.  Spookier, still!


Near the graveyard is a Holy Well, maintained and cared for by the locals.


Ancient tools found around the property.


The four hens we are taking care of.  Pete is quite excited every morning to see how many eggs there are – like they are Christmas presents!


Olly, our sweet, four-legged furbaby for two months!  One downside of traveling is that we really miss having pets in our life, so Olly is getting lots of love.


Next week we will show you images from inside the Manor and our cottage!

Have we convinced you of the merits of housesitting yet?  Check out our posts Housesitting 101 and Housesitting 201 on how to get started.


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  • July 8 2011

    really fabulous looking place! Congrats. Inspiration for all of us.
    Michael Hodson recently posted..Lebanon Sunset: Photo of the Day

    • July 8 2011

      Thanks Michael, nice of you to say. We are really excited to be here.

  • July 8 2011

    Wow! What strikes me most is how utterly 180 degrees different the experience must be from Roatan. Vive le différence, yes?

    • July 8 2011

      Si, claro! Pero, hay arbols de palma en Dublin! No se porque? (An experiment gone wrong, I think).

      It is pretty different, but what they both have in common is how GREEN everything is! But, the beer is much better here. 🙂

  • Steph
    July 8 2011

    This place looks amazing, like something out of a storybook! I can’t wait to see the inside.

    • July 8 2011

      It is storybook-like, especially for these humbled North Americans who grew up around buildings that were rarely over 100 years old!

  • Maureen at Vaco-Vitae
    July 8 2011

    Whoa! You two have scored a winner! How do you ever get anything done?? I’d be out and about all day just soaking up the surrounds and taking photos!

    I thought the huge house that Jeremy and I are housesitting in Redmond, Oregon was impressive, but you have us beat by an Irish country mile!


    • July 8 2011

      Impressive old manor + brand new camera = a LOT of pictures being taken, don’t worry about that! The last two days we’ve been housebound because of rain, but that’s okay. Gives our batteries a rest. 🙂

  • Mom
    July 8 2011

    I knew it, I knew it, I knew it……there would be vines covering some part of that manor. It is awesome & can’t wait to see the inside & also your cottage. Loved the pink door, but man I sure wouldn’t want to have been the person who cleaned out the dovecote.

    • July 9 2011

      Oh yes, plenty of vines! Haha, yeah, I wouldn’t have wanted to be that person too! There actually must have been someone who stayed right in there because in the other corner there is a little spot for a stove.

  • July 8 2011

    WOW!! I thought our current housesit in Canada was pretty cool, but I like your manor much better 🙂
    Globetrottergirls recently posted..Eating our way through Central America

    • July 9 2011

      But you’re still in our home country! So it’s gotta be pretty good! 🙂

  • Kim
    July 8 2011

    OMG that place is like a dream come true. Do you feel like the luckiest people in the world? Brian and I are deadset on housesitting after reading all of your posts on it. Housesitting is going to be an important part of our travels. Amazing!
    Kim recently posted..The Greatness Question

    • July 8 2011

      We do feel pretty fortunate. And it is quite an experience already – these small city folk becoming somewhat farmers! But, it’s been good so far!

  • Faith
    July 9 2011

    Wow!! I can’t wait to see inside. This is so amazing and fairy tale like. It instantly reminds me of reading the secret garden. What an amazing experience! This is exactly what I’d like to believe a manor in Ireland would be like 😀

    • July 9 2011

      It’s funny, we kind of came into this blind – well, we had seen pictures, but with any housesitting gig, you don’t REALLY know what it’s gonna be like until you get here. There are definitely some downfalls to living in a place so old, but overall, it’s pretty cool!

  • That’s astonishing. I love that you have a dog for two months – how freaking’ cool is that!?
    Caanan @ No Vacation Required recently posted..The Seven Links Project Meets NVR

    • July 10 2011

      He’s kind of a meathead, but it’s still nice to have a pet again. 🙂

  • July 9 2011

    Wow!! That’s amazing – I’d love to roam the grounds of a place like that. Exciting =)
    Andrea recently posted..Where to Wander in Lisbon

  • July 10 2011

    Wow – so glad that you guys got that new toy (camera)! This place offers so many great photo ops!
    Teri recently posted..Camping Hiatus

  • Alouise
    July 10 2011

    The Manor looks gorgeous. I love the tea house picture. I’m making a note to myself that I definitely have to try house sitting.

  • jill sare
    July 10 2011

    the rainbow shot is amazing. are you allowed to use the “ballroom’?

    • July 11 2011

      Oh yes! Well, it is now an indoor badminton court. Pictures of the inside coming this week!

  • July 10 2011

    Do you need a servant?… we can always kick out the bees, right? Very nice. I love the old Irish tombstone.

    • July 11 2011

      Every mansion needs a butler! And there are some ugly spiders and beetles that Pete could use some help with clearing out of my way.. 🙂

  • July 10 2011

    So awesome!!!!! I want to be you guys!!
    Are you going to start dressing up in old fashioned clothes? that would be at least fun to do for some cool photographs of you around the property! haha 🙂
    Cailin recently posted..Where to stay in Paris

    • July 11 2011

      You are in our brain…check back on Friday for EXACTLY that! 🙂

  • July 10 2011

    Such a beautiful house – like living in another era…
    Sophie recently posted..My 7 links

  • July 11 2011

    Wow looks like you are living in an historical tourist attraction! You can explore that before tackling the rest of the area 😀

  • July 11 2011

    I have to say I would get spooked there but it’s nice to have Olly to keep you company 🙂 Looks beautiful anyway!
    Annie recently posted..My 7 Links: Best of Wayward Traveller

    • July 11 2011

      It is a little spooky, I agree with you there. I’m not sure if Olly would be much help (he’s a bit of a meathead), but he barks really loud at least… 🙂

  • Emily
    July 10 2011

    What an incredible place to call home, even temporarily!

  • July 11 2011

    Wow! How exciting. What a great place to be staying. so totally jealous and really inspired to do the same thing.
    Caz Makepeace recently posted..Lessons Learned from Teaching in Thailand: Respect Knowledge

  • July 11 2011

    Wow – I want to come and visit you. Reminds me of a book called the Secret garden

  • July 11 2011

    Wow, it’s beautiful! I can’t wait to read your stories 🙂

  • Andrew - The Unframed World
    July 11 2011

    Ooooo pretty pictures. My favorite is the white gate.
    I like the … SYMMETRY of it. ^_^

    • July 11 2011

      Haha, can we have TWO entries?

      • Andrew - The Unframed World
        July 11 2011

        Hard to say for sure, it takes a lot of effort to add photos (we’re talking like 3 whole minutes!).

        On an unrelated note, my PayPal balance is a little low… and is linked to the e-mailed I used in this comment…

        I know you’ll make the right decision.


  • July 11 2011

    Wow! It looks like something you’d only see in a movie, or maybe a storybook. So cool that you guys are actually calling it “home” for a while!
    Amanda recently posted..Choosing the Right Accommodation For Your Travels

  • July 11 2011

    OMGGGG!! I have GOT to get in on this housesitting biz!
    Candice Walsh recently posted..On Birthdays, Mid-20s, Amazing Friends & Salmon Festivals

  • Julia
    July 11 2011

    Stunning place. And you get to petsit a cute dog into the bargain – bonus! 🙂

  • Jeremy Branham
    July 11 2011

    What a fantastic house! Looks like a lot of work but I can’t wait to see the inside. Love the garden and the dog! 🙂

  • July 11 2011

    That really seems like a rural place! Nice! I’m sure you’ll have a good time.
    Melvin recently posted..Jordan Unplugged – The Hot Springs of Ma’in

  • Cam
    July 12 2011

    Shut the H@#L up! This is your house sit!!!
    Cam recently posted..Drinking Beer Around the World – Part Nine

  • July 12 2011

    Wow. Looks like quite a place!
    Corey T recently posted..Pauline Frommer Says “Northern Ireland Wins You Over.”

  • Leah
    July 12 2011

    SPEECHLESS! Your location seems so romantic, or maybe that’s just the eye of the camera…

    • July 13 2011

      It is pretty romantic. Some parts of it are definitely worse for wear, but it’s still pretty cool! 🙂

  • Amy @ Nomadtopia
    July 12 2011

    Wow, looks amazing! I don’t think I’ve ever been, let alone stayed, anywhere that looks like that – so cool. Definitely great promotion for housesitting – we’re going to be all over that.

  • Sweet digs my friends. Very Knights of the Round Table meets Narnia…lol…
    Raymond @ Man On The Lam recently posted..Travel on the Fringe: Gay Rodeos, Caravans, and Gypsies Oh My!

    • Pete
      July 15 2011

      Now we just need to find the witch in the wardrobe… 🙂 (Wait, is that a thing?)

  • Joan
    July 19 2011

    How freaking cool and gorgeous! WOW! I’m moving on to the rest of your photos right now…! xo

  • Can I come visit you guys?? Wow… such a cool place to stay for 2 months! I’m beyond jealous. 🙂
    Christy @ Ordinary Traveler recently posted..Around the World Interview Series Visits Scotland!

    • July 24 2011

      Yes, come please! Only just over a month left… 🙁

  • August 16 2011

    Wow!!! That place has GOT to be haunted, is it??? Spooky! At least you have a pup there to bark at the ghosties!
    Erin recently posted..Happy Mother’s Day, 4 More Earthquakes, and Hello Rain!

    • August 16 2011

      Haven’t come across any ghosties yet…but it still freaks me out a little! 🙂

  • June 23 2012

    The Manor looks creepy, though great pictures, keep up the great work.

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