Road Trippin’ on Gozo

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Words by Dalen Heck / Photography by Pete Heck

Gozo is tiny.

Less than 26 square miles, in fact. Yet it is bursting with churches (46 of them!), has just over 30,000 occupants, and is the second largest island in the archipelago that is Malta.

We were determined to see all of it in one day, believing that given it’s small size, this goal would be entirely possible. Boy, were we wrong. There are just too many stunning viewpoints, too much history, too many intriguing little corners that invited us to linger just a little bit longer. But we did the best we could.

And during our one day road-trip around the island, we recorded every step. We wanted to share with you everything we saw and felt: the bumpy roads, the innumerable shades of ocean blue, and the sweet relief felt by splashing in the Mediterranean.

This is Gozo…(well, most of it, anyways)…


While in Gozo we stayed at the beautiful Hotel Calypso. When we weren’t cruising around in our little blue bomber, we were enjoying the hotel’s rooftop patio. The pool was refreshing and the drinks were cheap (perfect combo)! For our full review, please click here.

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  1. Great video guys 🙂 But a facebook like pop up! Argh! They’re starting to appear everywhere! Someone really needs to code one that figures out that I already like the page in question – that would be far more useful!

    1. Hmmm. There is a little “x” button that makes that go away all quick like! Not sure why everyone gets so upset over one click! 🙂

      (We’re looking into it, there is an upgrade, just making sure it works.)

  2. I really enjoyed the little bit of Gozo I got to see while I was there. My friend’s wedding was in one of those 16 churches, and it was gorgeous! You really can’t go anywhere on the island without taking in an amazing view.

  3. Forget the gorgeous blue water, fantastic snaps of you two, oodles of history and funky music…reserved ice cream truck parking?!? WHERE DO I SIGN UP TO MAKE THAT HAPPEN IN YYC?

  4. I like the ice cream truck sign and the cool focus-y trick with the beer. Malta is on our short list for a Christmas trip. Won’t be really warm, but better than here.

  5. Very cool! Did you know that Canadian author AlanBradley lives there? (at least I’m pretty sure he does). His Flavia de Luce books are wonderful!

  6. Great video!

    Thx 4 it, is very helpful when u don’t have time to have a guidebook and prepare the trip with time.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it! A road trip around Gozo is really the best way to see it – you can get on those hop on/hop off buses, but it doesn’t it many of the places that we saw!

  7. Just a quick note about the weather:

    Malta is in the middle of the Mediterranean so yes, it’s hot in summer! It would be weird if it wasn’t.

    That said, not sure when you were here Dalene but you may have hit the early summer heatwave which was in early July.

    Malta is fantastic in spring and autumn which is quite prolonged since we don’t really have a winter here (except for January and February which can be quite rainy/stormy and cold). So anyone intending to visit should keep weather planning in mind too 🙂

    1. We were there in June. Yes, we did expect it to be hot, but as you can see, if it often doesn’t stop me from complaining about it. 🙂 I am too Canadian for that kind of heat! Haha.

      1. I fully agree that it can get way too hot, in fact, I think I may be Maltese by birth but Canadian by nature 😀

  8. Did you know that the remains of a Roman wall can be found under the water a while out at Ramla Bay? If you swim out to it and walk on it, it looks like you’re walking on water from the beach 😉

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