One River

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One River – Exploration and Discoveries in the Amazon Rain Forest explores the countless discoveries that Professor Richard Evan Schultes (one of the most revered botanists) and the author himself Wade Davis found in their journeys along the Amazon basin all throughout South America.

The book is split into 2 adventures, Schultes journey in the 40’s thru 60’s and Davis in the 70’s. From the drug culture of the 1960’s to the power of natural hallucinagens, One River illustrates the power and magic lying within this sacred forest.

The botanists discover countless species of plants, explore and participate in numerous ayahuasca, peyote, and yagé ceremonies. They explore the various types of coca leaves throughout the different regions of Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, and Colombia. They encounter the battle of the oil boom in Ecuador and the impact it has on the sacred land.  And finally, the book tells the fascinating story of how important the search for rubber became during the second World War and how Schutles was employed by the US Government to seek and find new sources.

Both Schultes and Davis faced incredible challenges – they battled malaria and dengue, government red tape, transportation obstacles and the sheer terrain of the harsh jungle.  The book contains numerous photographs from both Schultes and Davis, participating in ceremonies, posing with the locals, or just exploring the beautiful rain forest.   Anyone interested in getting to know South America should read this book to understand the importance this river beholds.

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