We are Pete and Dalene Heck, a Canadian couple who sold everything in 2009 to travel the world. Join us on our journey!

Sleep, Pray, Suffer

Sleep, Pray, Suffer thumbnail

Bond with nature.

On Going Back to Winnipeg

On Going Back to Winnipeg thumbnail

You CAN go home again.

The Mountain

The Mountain thumbnail

View from the top.

The Time in Between

The Time in Between thumbnail

A month off in between chemo rounds. Also: REMISSION!

Arsenic, Anxiety, and MasterChef

Arsenic, Anxiety, and MasterChef thumbnail

28 more days of chemo.

And So We Traveled, Part One

And So We Traveled, Part One thumbnail

We answer the number one question asked of us: Why do we travel?

A Love Story

A Love Story thumbnail

A little history on our relationship and our travels.

Travelers of the Year

Travelers of the Year thumbnail

Could anything else so wonderful happen in our weird little life?