Bloggers Read Mean Comments

Bloggers Read Mean Comments

February 22, 2016

It can’t ALL be about work, ya know?

Fuelled by afternoon margaritas with blogger friends, and somewhere between discussions about guacamole and what Val Kilmer is up to these days, the topic of conversation turned to Jimmy Kimmel’s “Celebrities Read Mean Tweets”.

Those are hilarious, right? So of course, as we were several margaritas in, the idea for “Bloggers Read Mean Comments” was born.

(I should probably preface the final video with some sort of thought on internet trolls and the thick skin that us bloggers have to have in order to endure them, but that would be (a) more work, and (b) less fun.)

And while this should go without saying, this video is definitely NSFW (not safe for work).


Many, many thanks to our brave blogger friends who contributed:

Shannon from A Little Adrift
Liz from Young Adventuress
Katie & Geoff from Wandertooth
Jodi from Legal Nomads
Cailin from Travel Yourself
Brock from Backpack With Brock
Earl from Wandering Earl
Kristen from Hopscotch the Globe
David from Go Backpacking
Dave from What’s Dave Doing?
Diana from D Travels ‘Round
Sherry from Ottsworld
Chris & Tawny from Captain & Clark

(Is it weird that I am disappointed we had no adequate hate comments to contribute to the video?)


P.S. I also wanted to share this photo, which was taken the same afternoon where the idea for this video was hatched. Perhaps it best explains our mindset. 🙂

BOX Oaxaca

P.P.S. Want to read more from behind-the-scenes? Click here.


  1. It’s awesome that they can all turn it around and laugh at the comments. What else can there be done? Haters are gonna hate…especially on the internet. Either way, I had a good laugh! Especially from Brock! I swear I thought he was polish 😉

  2. I love this because I’m living it right now! Have been pretty lucky not to get too many rotten comments over the years, but the past couple of months have made up for it. Let me know when you film a follow up – I want in!

  3. SAD that some people have so much poison in their soul. Those that reap shall sow or in modern lingo, you trolls will, at some point in your life, be the recipient of WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND.

  4. OMG-

    You know you’ve made it when people are critical, right? Amazing people just can’t stop reading things they don’t like, but instead have to get so personal.

    I never made it as a blogger, but when my readership was at it’s highest I did get a number of comments calling me ‘fat’ & ‘arrogant’. I’m going to look back now and ponder how close I was to making it.

    Also, I will work on putting up a lot of really foul, juvenile comments on Hecktic Travels so you guys can be in the next version of this. (Hearing Dalene’s reaction to such ridiculous comments would be soooooo priceless…)

  5. First of all, mean tweeters, get a life!!!
    How awful to have all that nastiness locked up in one body. If you don’t like the blogs or the people doing them, don’t look!!!
    I guess not everyone can be as perfect as you.

  6. It’s LIIIIVEEE! So fun to be a part of this, though my comment was tame in comparison to some of the others. Jeez, Liz 🙁

    Great to get so much time with you two lovelies in Oaxaca!

  7. Omg, these are hilarious! You all are so brave to have read these out loud. My only retort to every one of those trolls would simply be, “Jealous much?”

    Too funny. You all just keep on keepin’ on, because you all rock!

  8. This is great! People should really start to think about different ways of dealing with jealousy, I wander how old some of them are (except the 8 year old! Hilarious).

  9. OMG guys this is hilarious. I should have shared my mean tweet that told me I should quit being such a dick and take more ex-lax, because I had to be constipated to write such garbage. Most just tell me I am too old to be a travel blogger. Great idea! Made my day!

  10. oh man, i laughed really hard at this!! so cool to see how you adapted Jimmy Kimmel’s mean tweets. I applaud all of your bravery for embracing life in a positive way. Many people are only able to feel good about themselves, and bring themselves up, by tearing others down, its sad to see. But this exercise shines a light on hurtful comments, which helps take away their power… and was pretty funny! Thanks for sharing!! Go Travel bloggers!!

  11. Brilliant. Awesome edit! My favourite part is still Dave and how well his line times with the music.
    Thank you so much for including me and my seriously confused audience. Looking forward to episode #2!

  12. Oh Liz. If level of hatery is an indicator of popularity, you’re clearly up there with the Pope these days.

    Raising a glass to you all, and to those people out there with nothing better to do that insult complete strangers on the internet.

  13. I love this – hysterical! Thanks SO much for putting this together. Cracks me up and I love how it doesn’t upset anyone in the least. I always wonder why haters spend so much energy posting to people who don’t care that they hate!!!

  14. Is it horrible that this video made me laugh? I guess mean commenters are everywhere, unfortunately. Better to laugh at them like you have with this video than let them get to you I suppose!!

  15. So hilarious, people are such turds. I had a whole hate campaign against me at one point and at the time I wish I could have stepped back and laughed about how ridiculous it was, but I didn’t and it got to me. I actually even stopped writing for a long time, and I’ve never gotten back the spark I once had. I wish people realised the effect their words can have on people, because most think that Internet anonymity works both ways, and it doesn’t.

  16. Awesome sauce. So funny that we can relate to this. One reaction we got from our RTW trip: “must be nice to be spoiled trust fund babies from rich Asian parents”. Gotta love the reddit community. =P

  17. Oh my word – I want to cry for humanity and laugh at the same time. And yes, agreed – I am also a tad bit envious! Please someone, leave a comment like this on my blog!!

  18. This video is amazing! If you do a follow up, please let me know how I can send you some shots. Signed – the “red haired feminist anti-male supremacist out to fulfill something irrelevantly special.” You know, if I can break away from that full time gig to film something for you.

  19. LOVED this video! I’m always so amazed at the negativity others feel it necessary to spread just for the sake of doing so. If you guys end up doing a part II on this, could you think about adding each traveler’s blog name as they show up? I kept finding myself pausing the video to search the websites to see who was who (outside of the few familiar faces I recognized!) Just a suggestion 🙂

  20. Wow, this was hilarious! And it goes to show that these hate comments are just typed by people seriously limited in their vocabulary and world view. Seriously, a food blogger cannot not eat bread? What logic is that? Anyway, I hope you make more videos like this one!

  21. Oh my goodness – simultaneously hilarious and horrifying! There are some strange people out there, but good to see you brushing (or in some cases, flipping) it off.

    I wonder if you can get a plug-in that will automatically change the c-word to something nicer. I think Liz needs that…

  22. OK, this is HILARIOUS. I applaud every last one of these bloggers for taking one for the team. This is precisely why I quit my gig running Thrillist’s Nashville section; the comments were so malicious and unwarranted, and I didn’t want to subject myself to that anymore! I don’t really get these kinds of comments on my personal blog anymore, but back in the golden years of blogging (2009-2012ish), I had several commenters who would regularly attack my appearance. “Fitting that your site is named after a camel as you look just like one.” Ummm…OK? Thanks?

  23. Love this! People are such a-holes. But this is hilarious.

    So well done that it had me cringing and laughing at the same time. That’s tough to accomplish. Kudos to the brave bloggers who participated.

    As a few people have commented before me, would love to see a Part 2. Heck, why not make it a semi-regular series?

  24. This is hilarious!! While I really have no effing clue why people have to be so nasty, at least you guys can all have a laugh about it!! Keep up the good work!

  25. Sigh. It’s so hard to have any faith in people (even Canadians :), with so much hate in their soul. Congrats on the courage to read these out loud. It was simultaneously sad and hysterical.

  26. OMG! This was pretty damn funny! Just mind blowing what all these haters say!!! Seriously! If you don’t like it, stop reading it, stop watching it.On another note, it just shows how much ignorance and how little good manners some people have. Bravo to everyone on the video for willing to share this.

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