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About Us


“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams.  Live the life you imagined.” - Henry David Thoreau

We are Dalene and Peter Heck - a Canadian couple who sold everything to travel the world.


It was a snowy afternoon in December of 2007, during a drive across central Alberta, Canada when this plan was hatched.  Having overcome a difficult year of personal tragedies and being dogged tired of the uninspiring corporate lives we were living, the excuses and reasons NOT to follow through on this plan were few and weak.

After almost giving up on the dream (thanks to a tanking housing market), the house finally sold in the spring of 2009 and we were soon on our way.  First up: the high altitude city of Sucre, Bolivia for two months of volunteering and Spanish lessons.  From there we worked our way around seven countries of South America before returning home to Canada for a family wedding.

Upon return to Canada, tired and weary of life on the road, we half expected to be lulled into staying and picking up our suburban lives again.  This didn’t happen.  After a few months of rest with a housesitting job in beautiful British Columbia, the wanderlust returned in full force and compelled us to jump on another southbound plane for a 6 month assignment in Honduras.

Nothing like a few months in paradise to reassure these vagabonds that we are onto something grand. We’ve since explored more of Central America, lots of Europe, some of the Middle East, and even our own backyard of North America.

The decision is made.  The time to slow down and settle down is NOT now.  This life is too good.


About Dalene

Dalene was schooled in business and spent her twenties as a corporate climber.  She stopped her soul bleeding in 2008 and has since been enjoying a variety of roles: backpacker, writer, housesitter, event planner, golf pro (shop attendant!), social media consultant, volunteer, videographer, teacher, swimming instructor, and chocolate chip cookie connoisseur.  She aspires to be a full time Arcade Fire groupie/roadie (you’d read a blog about going on the road with the best band in the world, right?)

About Peter

Peter is a dreamer, an optimist, a self-made chef in training, and now a professional photographer.  If you feed him enough Guinness he will try and discuss his conspiracy theories with you (feel free to commence an ‘eye roll sequence’ at this point).  You can usually find him volunteering, teaching, behind a camera or computer, enjoying a beer, a concert, on a mountain, or at the beach.

About This Blog

We are storytellers…and will share tales of our travels from corners of the world you may have never heard of.

We have opinions…and are anxious to hear yours as well.

Follow us as we strive to fulfill our dreams of being digital nomads and making a living while traveling the globe.

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