Welcome to whatever this is

Words by Dalene Heck / Photography by Jeff Cruz

It started with THIS, and now here we are.

You asked for it people. And now it’s here.

(Although I’m can’t real define what “it” is.)

I have a bunch of random notes, scattered on various apps on my phone and laptop. Some are complete nonsense, some are rants. Some are intense declarations of how badly I miss owning a nice pair of (highly impractical for travel) designer boots. Others reflect my thoughts on the travel blogging, and others are barely cohesive ideas on the long term affects of long term travel.

I want to talk about the ways in which travel has ultimately wrecked me and about where we are going next. I want to tell you about one particular photo that we have gotten several inquiries for purchase and why we keep giving it away for free. I want to talk about life as a freelancer, I want a place to answer your questions, and I want to lift the curtain to show you what goes on around here beyond the amazing places we visit.

This place, this “it”, this new blog stream, is going to be where you can find all of that. It will be a catch-all for all the random thoughts, quirky stories, rants, and other stuff that might be worth sharing but doesn’t fit in elsewhere.

At this point, it is still an experiment. It may be weekly, it may be monthly, but it will be current (as opposed to our travel stories that are currently two months behind). Except for this first one, it won’t be shared in our standard RSS or email feeds for the time being, and only accessible via our Real Time Wall and when we post on social media. *UPDATE* Due to the strong response and open rate for this post, we have decided that we will share these posts to our email subscribers. If you wish to receive an update every time we publish a new post, please sign up in the footer of this page.

And guys, I’m counting on you to tell me if this is working or not. If you want to know something, ask. I expect your ideas, your questions, your reactions. (Just please refrain from telling me to “get my head out of my ass” like Pete did once. He learned the hard way that his old baseball coach’s methods for motivation don’t quite work on me.)

While I am excited to start this outlet, I’m also a bit terrified. It’s like a return to my old livejournal days in which I exposed a little of my heart and soul on a regular basis. Except maybe, this time, there might be more than five people reading.

So, here we go. Be gentle.

We’ve got our first one up! Click thru on the graphic below if you want to learn a bit about how we decide where to go next (PLUS we reveal one of the exciting destinations we have coming up).

Please refrain from telling me to get my head out of my ass like Pete did once.

Real Time Wall Graphic


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  • August 24 2015

    I’m anxious to see how your real time blog project goes – and I can’t wait to hear about Molokai and Lanai! I am Hawaii-born, but have never had the privilege of visiting those two islands. Looking forward to hearing your experiences!

    • August 24 2015

      We are SO excited to return to Hawaii after such a wonderful time in Maui. And we could sure use some SUN!

  • lozzas travels
    August 24 2015

    I am a traveller myself. Been away from the UK since 2013. Spent two years in Australia and now I am living in new Zealand on a working holiday also.

    I’ve recently felt I should keep better record of my Travel

    It is very early days and don’t have much experience with writting and making good videos for my YouTube channel.

    So as a would-be blogger and someone that has No interest to return to the 9-5 life I left 2 years agi would be very interested to seen the behind the scenes side

  • Well this is pretty exciting! I’m looking forward to this for sure. Good luck!

    Happy travels 🙂
    Lauren Meshkin @BonVoyageLauren recently posted..Exploring Brixton & Borough Market with Mind the Gap Tours

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