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  • You see that mysterious ‘blue eye’ following you everywhere? Find out why this is an important cultural icon.
  • Public displays of affection are not common (and can make the locals uncomfortable here). Find out how we worked around this.
  • We made a great friend in a 60+ year old Turkish woman who has a remarkable story. Read about it here.
  • The Turkish Baths are a must-do experience. And so we must-did.
  • The Turks sure play some weird games…and dangerous ones too!
  • Our final Postcards from Turkey post, we saved our best photos for last.
  • We loved Turkey so much that we planned a second visit. But it didn’t feel the same! There must be a problem! Find out what happened.
  • As our first few days of being back in Turkey have turned into weeks, comfort has come back. It started to feel like we were at home. Discover what makes it such a familiar place.
  • My best intentions in foreign countries always include trying to learn the local language (a few words at least). In some cases I end up mixing them up. In this case it was Turkish and Spanish.
  • We were able to experience a not so traditional experience in Turkey – A soccer match in a Tea House. I haven’t felt the sensation of sport in a while and the competitive nature it creates. It was a nice reminder.
  • Ever since Pete and I started traveling, we’ve encouraged all we love to come and join us. And she was finally here my mom was in Turkey.
  • The Loss of a Giant: Our Most Difficult House-Sitting Experience So far, here is what happened
  • I think I found a job that might make me re-think this life of traveling. Being a tour guide is a lot of fun.
  • Off beat Turkish holiday – Things to do in western Turkey.